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This clear holler instantly made the dagger in Lang Kun Hall—which was miles away—fly forward and rapidly kill the black light!

The surrounding golden sand flew up as the winds blew!

Xue Xue—who was behind Rong Xiu—immediately shrunk its neck and moved back sensibly.

It finally had the chance to bathe a few days ago and was just cleaned.

It didnt want to become as dirty as before.

The surrounding sandstorm gradually calmed down the next moment, and the Red Moon Desert seemed to have recovered its peace.

Only the burning hot sun was roasting the ground, causing it to be boiling hot.

Rong Xiu stopped in his tracks and looked up.

Other than him, there was nobody else in the vast desert.

A childish and ice-cold voice sounded.

“Someone is bullying Yueer Girlie”

Rong Xiu paused as a golden fire seemed to be burning in his eyes, but it instantly disappeared.

“Its people from Black Demon Hole.”

“Why would they look for her” This was Lan Xiaos voice.

“Why did they go to Tianling instead of staying in their territory”

Rong Xius thin lips curled up, and he laughed lightly.

“That person had already destroyed his physical body many years ago and is only left with a soul.

He needs to keep living off cultivators and maintain his life by absorbing their cultivation.”


The yellow sand moved in front, and a blurred figure appeared in the lake, looking like a four or five-year-old child.

“You know that person” asked Dugu Mobao.

“We met once.” Rong Xiu squinted his eyes, and nobody could guess what he was thinking.

“I just didnt expect his guts to be so big now.”

He even dared to touch Yueer.

Lan Xiao lazily said, “Who cares why he went to Tianling If he wants to attack Yueer, hes going against us.

Diwu, if I didnt recall wrongly, you still had some relations with Black Demon Hole before, right”

“D-dont talk nonsense!” Diwu Zhangze immediately denied it.

“Im not close to them!”

Lan Xiao laughed lightly.

“Not close If youre not close to them, why would they pray to you for ten years I heard that the gifts they give you every year should be enough—”

“Stop!” Diwu Zhangze yelled as his head hurt.

“I was wrong, okay! Back then, I just thought that they were seeking medicine.

Who knew they would do all sorts of secret things Besides, I didnt even help them once!”

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “You didnt help because you were already trapped in this Red Moon Desert!”

If Diwu Zhangze didnt come here, he mightve become one with the people from Black Demon Hole!

Diwu Zhangze sighed deeply. What does that mean! I really have nothing to do with that Black Demon Hole.

I just agreed to meet them because they offered ten years of hard work.

I also didnt do much during that rushed meeting.

After so many years, I never expected them to bring this incident up again at this point!

“T-then, why dont I find Black Demon Holes people and warn them” Diwu Zhangze tried to ask, but he found it weird after some thinking.

“Logically speaking, theres no reason for Black Demon Holes people to go to Tianling… Could it be because of something Girlie has”

She does have quite a few treasures…

“That person was chased out of Black Demon Hole many years ago,” said Rong Xiu lightly.

Dugu Mobao and the rest found it strange.

“Chased out What exactly did he do that even Black Demon Hole cant tolerate” asked Dugu Mobao immediately.

Rong Xiu shook his head.

“You have to ask that person.”

He then moved his feet, and his figure instantly became countless faint shadows.

After half an hour, he finally stopped at the center of the Red Moon Desert—next to the sapphire-blue lake.

He looked in front and smiled slightly.

“Ive already passed your tests, Seniors.

According to the agreement, I can leave, right”

Dugu Mobao snorted.

“You couldve passed the test long ago.

Why must you act as if you were in a difficult position”

Considering the abilities he showed at the later part, he had clearly hidden his abilities!

Rong Xiu smiled, slightly bent his back, and respectfully bowed.

After that, he humbly said, “I just broke through not too long ago, and thats also because of your guidance, Seniors.

If I didnt pass this stage luckily, I wouldve been stuck here for quite some time.”

“You still refuse to admit that youve benefited!” Lan Xiao couldnt help but scold. We originally wanted to make it difficult for this kid, but we didnt manage to make him suffer much.

We even helped him to break through!

This was like throwing a gigantic stone in an attempt to smash the other persons head to teach them a lesson.

However, they didnt expect the stone to land right beside that persons leg and become their stepping stone!

This feeling was too aggravating!

To think that I still thought of so many methods to deal with Rong Xiu previously, but they all benefited him in the end.

Rong Xiu was already immune to such words.

From the day he got together with Yueer, they already disliked him.

Hence, Rong Xiu handled it with ease after much practice.

“Besides… Its also my fault that I didnt take good care of Yueer, causing the few of you to worry about her.”

Dugu Mobao and the rest fell silent for a moment.

Even though they scolded him harshly, they knew how Rong Xiu treated Yueer.

If he had any way, he definitely wouldnt let things escalate to this stage.

After a moment, the water surface rippled.

Dugu Mobao said, “Go ahead! If the girl is hurt again—even an inch of her hair—we wont let you off!”

Rong Xiu cupped his fists.

“Seniors, please take care.

Ill take my leave first.”

Then, he finally turned around, and Xue Xue followed him closely.

The human and the fiend quickly disappeared into the empty space.

Once again, the Red Moon Desert was quiet.

After some time, Diwu Zhangze carefully asked, “We just let him go like that, then… What should we do next”

They couldnt leave the Red Moon Desert and could only temporarily come out once a month.

They were restricted in whatever they wanted to do.

“Yueer Girlie returned to the Imperial City, and we cant help her much…”

“If she cant even handle those nobodies, then weve judged her wrongly,” Dugu Mobao coldly said.

“Thats true, but Girlie was still bullied.

Are we just going to watch on like this” retorted Lan Xiao in extreme disapproval.

“Of course not,” said Dugu Mobao gradually.

“Dont worry.

I have my own plans.”

Lang Kun Hall, Palace, Xi Ling.

The dagger flew out and killed the black light.

Everything happened in just one moment.

Before Chu Liuyue could even clearly see the dagger moving, she heard a miserable cry filled with vengeance by her ear.

Then, everything in front of her suddenly disappeared!

The sinister and cold suppression was instantly resolved!

The pattern on the dagger gradually dimmed before disappearing without a trace.

The dagger then flew back into Chu Liuyues hands.

Chu Liuyue blinked. That aura just now… It was Rong Xiu!


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