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Watching the last ray of black light disappear, Chu Liuyue instinctively wanted to continue attacking.

However, she suddenly heard Shangguan Jings voice.

“Yueer, you mustnt chase it!”

At that moment, the light swiftly left!

Chu Liuyue turned back strangely and saw her ancestors solemn expression. Is he… worried because of the so-calledBlack Demon Hole incident

As the Princess, she still understood the structure of the mainland.

Outside Heavens Canopy were many small countries like Country Yao Chen.

Inside Heavens Canopy were many strong existences like the Tianling Dynasty.

All these dynasties had vast regions, and most of them were in charge of guarding Heavens Canopy.

They were known as the main characters of the mainland.

They did contact and interact with each other, but they didnt really intervene with whatever the other parties were doing.

After all, millions of peoples lives would be lost once such existences fought.

Besides, countries that could have a place within Heavens Canopy had extremely strong warriors to back them up, so they couldnt be easily offended.

But within here, Chu Liuyue had never heard of Black Demon Holes name. Ancestor seems fearful… What exactly is he worried about

However, Shangguan Jing seemed to have no intention of talking about this in detail in front of the crowd as he glanced at Chu Liuyue meaningfully before gently shaking his head.

At this point, a painful moan was heard from below.

Shangguan Wan lay down on the floor and curled up into a ball in pain as the pool of blood below her body kept expanding.

At first glance, it seemed to be faintly black.


Extreme pain!

Her mind was blank, leaving behind the pain she couldnt struggle free from or avoid.

This was because that person rushed out of Shangguan Wans body without a care, causing her force to go out of control and barge around.

This led to her body being rotten, even revealing her scarily white bones.

Her entire body seemed to be roasted by strong fire, and it also seemed to be harshly sliced by thousands and millions of blades.

Shangguan Wan was in so much pain that her vision blurred.

She finally experienced what it meant bybetter dead than alive!

Seeing Shangguan Wans non-human and non-ghost appearance, quite a few people looked shocked and disgusted as they hurriedly moved backward, afraid that they would be tainted by her.

Chu Liuyue watched this scene coldly and nonchalantly.

Then, she walked down the stairs and inched toward Shangguan Wan.

The Long Yuan Sword returned to her hands, and the Tianling Power Staff followed beside her silently.

When Shangguan Wan heard the footsteps, she knew that Chu Liuyue was here.

Her trembling body finally stopped for a moment as she gradually lifted her head.

Gasps could be heard coming from the audience. The uneven scar on Shangguan Wans face actually started rotting!

Blood kept spewing out, covering her face and mixing with her black blood.

This caused her to look like a harsh ghost, and people were very afraid of her.

She was wearing a red bridal gown, so it wasnt obvious when her blood stained her clothes.

Only the pool of blood that kept expanding below her body could show how severely injured she was!

She raised her head with much difficulty as she stared at Chu Liuyue in despair and sorrow.

At this point, she didnt even have the energy to hate or be jealous of Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue looked at her.

“What relationship do you have with the person just now”

Shangguan Wan opened her mouth, and her voice sounded floaty.

“Youre… satisfied now… Just… kill me…”

She knew that she couldnt live past this day.

That person had ruined her bodys last chance of survival, and she was now just a broken shell.

Instead of suffering and enduring countless peoples contempt and scoldings, she would rather die directly!

However, Chu Liuyue didnt care as she bent down and stared straight into Shangguan Wans eyes.

“Im asking you: how much do you know about that person just now”

Shangguan Wan was so arrogant, mostly because of that persons help.

Speaking of which, she should be the one who understood that person the most.

Shangguan Wan laughed in a self-mocking manner, but before her lips could curl up, they drooped.

Her face then darkened as well.

Chu Liuyue took a step back and raised her chin.

“Qi Han, wake her up.”

A figure walked out of the Black Guard troops—it was Qi Han!

He walked straight to Shangguan Wan, pulled her hair, and forced her to look up as his other hand rapidly shoved a pill down her throat.

The entire process was smooth and precise!

Before Shangguan Wan could even yelp in pain, she felt the warm medicinal effects spreading throughout her stomach.

However, this didnt make her feel happy or elated.

Instead, it triggered a deeper horror!

She hurriedly struggled to try to puke the medicine out, but the pill dissolved once it entered her mouth, and she had long swallowed it.

“You have the strength to talk now, right” asked Chu Liuyue lightly.

Shangguan Wan felt hatred and fear as she couldnt help but cry, “W-what exactly do you want! I know you h-hate me… Just kill me!”

I would rather die than endure the pain of being trampled by the crowd!

Chu Liuyue suddenly laughed as her eyes curved, and her expression had a few hints of coldness.

“You want to die How could it be that easy”

To a certain extent, being able to die swiftly was also a type of relief.

Shangguan Wan inflicted so much pain on me.

How can I just let her off easily Back then, I decided to commit suicide and set myself on fire without hesitation because I couldnt endure the duos torture.

However, I dont plan on giving Shangguan Wan such a chance.

She blinked, looked at Shangguan Wan, and said seriously and slowly, “Dont worry.

If you refuse to say it now, youll say it sooner or later.”

A chill ran down Shangguan Wans spine.

At that moment, endless terror overwhelmed her.

“I-I really dont know! I dont know anything! He appeared himself.

I-I was forced!”

However, Chu Liuyue shook her head.

“You dont need to panic.

You can properly tell me again when youve thought it through, lest you waste my time.”

Then, she raised her head slightly, glanced at Jiang Yucheng, and shook her head with much pity.

“Pfft, what a pity.

Your husband hasnt even put in a good word for you since the start.”


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