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Chu Liuyues lashes moved slightly as she looked up at him.

“Not yet.


“Ahem, nothing.

I just… casually asked.” Jian Fengchi clenched his fist, put it by his lips, and coughed.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows and asked, “I remember that you seem to be quite close to Mu Qinghe, right”

Jian Fengchi frowned in his heart. When she talked to Mu Hongyu, she did it in such a friendly and intimate manner.

But when she talked to me, she said her words so formally.

Its as if shes afraid that Ill forget her current identity.

I previously did help quite a bit after all.

Why is she treating me differently now

However, he didnt dare to say this out loud directly.

“Your Majesty, youve recalled wrongly.” Jian Fengchi averted his gaze, and it floated around.

“Your Majesty, dont you clearly know how our relationship is”

Chu Liuyue curled her lips into a smile.


I still remember that when Hongyus mother was ill, Mu Qinghe directly invited you to go to Country Yao Chen to help out.”

If they didnt have a solid relationship, according to Jian Fengchis personality, why would he come so far to treat someone Later on, Mu Qinghe also directly entrusted me to Jian Fengchi and told him to bring me back to Xi Ling.

Every single incident can clearly prove that the duo interacted quite a bit in private and that they trust each other a lot.

Its now too late to say that they arent on good terms.

Jian Fengchis expression froze for a moment. Why did I forget that Chu Liuyue also knows all those things from before and also remembers it clearly!

Seeing that he could not deny it, Jian Fengchi could only explain in a blurry manner,

“Your Majesty, if you must say this… Actually, theres nothing wrong… Mu Qinghe is still the assistant commander of the Black Guards after all.

His status isnt low, and he holds great power.

Isnt it normal for me to interact with him for quite a bit”

Chu Liuyue smiled with deeper meaning. It was fine if Jian Fengchi didnt say this, but because he said it, it further proved that hes guilty.

She slowly said, “Oh, if this is so… When I was the Princess, didnt I hold a higher position and more power than him But you still didnt give me any face Did you change your personality”

Jian Fengchi was stumped, and he couldnt say anything as he knew he was in the wrong.

“Since this is so, you can accompany me to the Mu Residence.” Chu Liuyue raised her chin.

“Coincidentally, I have many things that I want to ask you about.”

Arriving at the Mu Residence and seeing the familiar door, Jian Fengchi felt extremely regretful. Why didnt I hold my mouth back If I didnt take the initiative to talk about this, I definitely wouldnt be forcefully brought over!

The people in charge of guarding Mu Qinghe were still Black Guards, but the previous batch was Mu Qinghes confidants.

Hence, they were all changed.

When the guards standing at the front saw the duo arriving, they were first shocked and were about to bow when they saw Chu Liuyue waving her hands.

“Wheres Mu Qinghe”

One of the guards hurriedly said, “Lieutenant Mu—hes been in the residence all along.

Officer Si Jing is here too.”

Previously, Chu Liuyue sent Si Jing to bring Mu Qinghe back, and he stayed here all along.

Mu Qinghes cultivation base wasnt removed, so only people of Si Jings level could restrain him.

Chu Liuyue nodded slightly and walked in directly.

Jian Fengchi struggled internally and wondered if he should go in when he saw Chu Liuyue turn around and glance at him.

Jian Fengchis heart instantly trembled, and he still obediently followed her in.

The moment they entered the yard, Si Jing heard the noise and directly came out.

“Your Highness.”

The Thirteen Yue Guards were directly under Chu Liuyue, so although she had already ascended the throne, they were still used to calling herYour Highness.

Chu Liuyue was very direct.

“I brought Hong Yao and Young Master Jian over to see Mu Qinghe.”

Jian Fengchi was speechless.

Si Jing glanced at Jian Fengchi strangely. There is nothing strange about Her Highness and Hong Yao coming, but what has it got to do with Jian Fengchi

But he didnt ask further.

“Mu Qinghe is in the practice area in the backyard.”

Even though Mu Qinghe was under house arrest in the Mu Residence and wasnt allowed to go out, he was rather free in this area.

Anyway, a barrier and a Xuan formation were already set up outside, so Mu Qinghe couldnt escape.

Arriving at the practice area, Chu Liuyue saw Mu Qinghe practicing the sword in the empty arena.

Hearing the noise, he stopped his actions and turned around.

When he realized it was Chu Liuyue, there was a surge of emotions in his eyes.

However, his eyes quickly calmed down and regained their usual nonchalance and calmness.

Hong Yao flew over and was pacing back and forth hesitantly in front of Chu Liuyue.

It looked between Chu Liuyue and Mu Qinghe in a very aggrieved and pitiful manner.

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Okay, hes your Master after all.

If you want to go, go ahead.”

With this sentence, Hong Yao happily snuggled against her face and flew toward Mu Qinghe.

Mu Qinghe saw a green figure rushing toward him, and he looked hesitant. Its best if Hong Yao can follow her.

It doesnt seem very good if it is too intimate with me.

However, Hong Yao had been very worried about him these few days.

Now that it finally saw him, it just directly rushed over.

Why would it care about the rest

It directly bumped into Mu Qinghes arms.

Mu Qinghe had no other choice but to hold it.

He then gently patted Hong Yaos head.

Tears welled up in Hong Yaos eyes and were about to drop, but the fiend managed to hold them back in time.

Mu Qinghe glanced at it with a complicated gaze.

It was only a superficial way of explaining that Chu Liuyue left him behind because of Hong Yao.

She definitely wouldnt let anyone that betrayed her off easily.

Logically speaking, he shouldve been executed on that day.

But… no.

She left him alive and didnt punish him at all, just putting him under house arrest in the Mu Residence.

Other than some restrictions in his freedom and the surrounding people no longer listening to his commands, everything here seemed rather similar to before.

He vaguely guessed Chu Liuyues intentions, but the latter didnt come after he waited for a few days.

Until today—she even brought Jian Fengchi.

Mu Qinghes gaze landed on Jian Fengchi for a moment.

Jian Fengchi felt that his back was filled with daggers, and he wanted to run away immediately.

He had always been thick-skinned and rarely revealed such emotions, but he felt that it was extremely torturous to stay in this place for even a single second longer. I… really didnt bring Chu Liuyue over on purpose…

“I left Xi Ling for two years,” said Chu Liuyue lightly.

“Everything changed in Xi Ling City.

I came here today to ask: how did you two become so close”

As Jian Fengchi was too unreasonable and arrogant back then, Mu Qinghe fought with him quite frequently.

Now, in the blink of an eye, the two of them seemed to have resolved their enmity and became friends.

If one said that there was nothing wrong here, she didnt believe it.

Chu Liuyue sat down on the chair at the side as her lips curled up.

Following that, she smiled and said, “Qinghe, you can speak first.”


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