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Zhao Zicheng was stumped and felt that Rong Xiu was joking. Shangguan Yue does have shocking talent as a Xuan Master, but she was also an eighth-grade Xuan Master back then, so she definitely couldnt teach Rong Xiu skills to suppress an eighth-grade Xuan Master.

It seems like he doesnt want to talk about it.

But Zhao Zicheng didnt mind either since a Xuan Masters cultivation was different from that of a warrior.

One normally needed a mentor to guide them.

The mentor-mentee relationship developed would be even more intimate and close.

Perhaps Rong Xiu had his own reasons for not reporting his teacher.

After all, there were indeed too many strong, reclusive warriors in this world that didnt like to show themselves off or casually expose their identities.

Someone that can develop a disciple like Rong Xiu… definitely mustnt be someone simple. Zhao Zicheng cupped his fists and didnt ask further as he turned around and limped to leave.

The back view that originally could be considered tall and muscular had more hints of loneliness to it now.

“Just now, did you say that I taught you” Seeing Rong Xiu walk over, Chu Liuyue squinted her black eyes and asked. I have only recovered to the stage of a sixth-grade Xuan Master and havent crossed the seventh-grade barrier for a long time.

The abilities he previously executed arent things I could teach him.

“I didnt know when I had such an outstanding disciple.

Besides… This disciple is also like me and made an agreement with a legendary fiend,” said Chu Liuyue as her gaze turned.

She glanced at Xue Xue, who was about to pounce over happily from Rong Xius side.

Xue Xue stopped in its actions and couldnt go forward or backward.

Withstanding Chu Liuyues introspective gaze, Xue Xue felt very guilty as it turned its big head and looked left and right. Haiya, I didnt want to hide it from you either! If Master didnt request it, why would I want to lie to you

Rong Xiu smiled.

“Weve played chess together so many times.

Even if I dont want to learn, Ill understand a little.”

Chu Liuyue was dazed and then understood what he meant.

From a certain angle, chess and Xuan formations were extremely similar.

Both tested ones sensitivity and agility.

When she normally played chess, she would mix in some Xuan formations from time to time.

Rong Xius words… seem to make sense. However, Chu Liuyues doubts werent totally dispelled. Even if Rong Xiu was just joking, the top talent and abilities he showed off arent things that can be mistaken.

I dont know when he became so strong as a Xuan Master!

He seemed to hide countless mysteries as he was very ambiguous, and nobody could figure him out.

But when those two eyes looked at her, they were so genuine, clean, and honest that they didnt hide any lies.

For some reason, she felt that he would always be by her side and shelter her from the storms no matter what happened.

Actually, she wasnt someone that easily trusted others.

But in front of Rong Xiu, trust and dependence became her instincts, and everything was taken for granted.

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and looked at Shangguan You.

“Father, I want to talk to Rong Xiu alone.”

Shangguan You could tell that his daughter had something to ask Rong Xiu, so he immediately agreed.

“Anyway, Ive already seen him.

Yueer, your taste is very good.

You can discuss any concerns among yourselves.”

He then patted Rong Xius shoulders with deep meaning before leaving.

Elder Chen Ke originally wanted to go up and ask him a few questions.

Seeing Shangguan You leave, he could only swallow his remaining words and bring the other elders with him.

After walking quite a distance, Elder Chen Ke was still in deep thought. That Rong Xiu doesnt seem to be as simple as he is on the surface…

When everyone in the surroundings left, Chu Liuyue then said, “Lets go back to Shaoyue Palace and talk.”

Rong Xiu walked forward, held her hand, and had a doting smile.


Chu Liuyue shot him a look.

“What are you doing”

Rong Xiu looked over, leaned in closer, and softly laughed.

“Executing my rights as a fiancé.”

The news of Chu Liuyue having Country Yao Chens Seventh Prince as her fiancé grew wings and rapidly spread throughout the palace.

At the same time, the incident of Zhao Zicheng proposing to Chu Liuyue and battling with said fiancé but losing miserably in the end became the talk of the town immediately.

When most people heard the first piece of news, they were purely shocked and surprised.

But upon deeper thought, they found it very normal.

After all, Chu Liuyue was just a woman from a desolated aristocratic family in Country Yao Chen.

Having a marriage alliance with a prince was an elevation of her status.

But the second piece of news didnt seem right!

Who was Zhao Zicheng He was the Zhao familys second young master and the most outstanding talent amongst the Zhao familys younger generation!

Even though he wasnt in Xi Ling these few years, most people still remembered how talented and outstanding he was back then! They heard that he came back after already breaking through the bottleneck to become an eighth-grade Xuan Master!

That person called Rong Xiu actually beat him! How incredible! Doesnt this prove that hes more outstanding than Zhao Zicheng A prince from a… small subsidiary country

These incidents rapidly caused an uproar in Xi Ling, and the nameRong Xiu swiftly became the talk of the town.

No matter how much the waves surged outside, it was calm within Shaoyue Palace.

Chu Liuyue dismissed her subordinates, and only she and Rong Xiu were left in the room.

Oh, and Xue Xue.

Ever since they came in, Xue Xue sensibly found a corner to lie in and put on a wronged and self-repentant appearance.

Looking at how its eyes and ears drooped down, one might even think that it had suffered a great setback!

Who could compare this unlively white lion to the previous legendary fiend that shredded the eighth-grade Xuan formation with one claw!

However, Xue Xues eagerly-repentant attitude made Chu Liuyue more satisfied. Its too obedient compared to its master.

Chu Liuyue looked at Rong Xiu and dangerously squinted her eyes.

“Rong Xiu, do you have nothing to talk to me about”

Rong Xius long lashes fluttered as he smiled and said, “Yueer, what do you want to know”

Hes asking the obvious! Chu Liuyue sized him up with her gaze.

“Then… Lets start with your abilities! Youre already a ninth-grade Xuan Master now, right”

Rong Xius lips moved as he wanted to deny it, but he swallowed the words back when they reached his lips.

Following that, he nodded.

Hearing him admit it personally, Chu Liuyue—who was already prepared before—still had her heart skip a beat. Even I couldnt cross the barrier of a ninth-grade Xuan Master back then, so I didnt expect Rong Xiu to do it much earlier!

“Then, why didnt you talk about it earlier” Chu Liuyues tone had a hint of warning.

Rong Xiu blinked and looked quite innocent.

“You didnt ask.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. I cant retort this!

She took a deep breath and asked, “Then, let me ask you: Other than being a ninth-grade Xuan Master, are you also a heavenly doctor”

Rong Xiu gradually leaned against the chair, and his hand lightly knocked against his table rhythmically.

The next moment, he looked up.

Stars seemed to travel in his eyes as his voice was deep and low.

“What do you think”


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