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Chapter 923: Having You is Enough

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Chu Liuyues brows twitched.

Whatever Rong Xiu means doesnt need to be put in words!

She squinted her eyes.”Then, your heavenly doctor level—”

Rong Xiu thought for a moment before smiling slightly.

“I know a thing or two.”

The corner of Chu Liuyues lips twitched.

Only a fool would believe his words!

“Since when did Mingyue Tianshans disciples become this strong” Chu Liuyue had never personally gone to Mingyue Tianshan, but she knew some things about them.

Mingyue Tianshan was a clan independent of all the countries and had the vibes of an imperious, reclusive hero.

Compared to countries like Country Yao Chen, it was stronger.

This was also why Rong Xiu was directly sent to Mingyue Tianshan when his body wasnt healthy after being born.

That place had warriors that Country Yao Chen couldnt fight against.

But although Mingyue Tianshan was strong, it was still outside Heavens Canopy and couldnt be compared to the Tianling Dynasty.

Therefore, how did this clan cultivate a strong warrior like Rong Xiu

As if seeing through her doubts, Rong Xiu leaned back and looked at her with much interest.

“Yueer, youre born in Country Yao Chen, but you also became a strong warrior that an ordinary person wishes to become.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless at that moment.

After she was reborn and lost her previous lifes Tianjing Yuan meridian, she had to restart everything.

From Country Yao Chen to Xi Ling, she indeed suffered a lot on this journey and was also lucky enough to have what she had today.

If I could do it, why cant others do it Besides, I already knew from the start that Rong Xiu was very dangerous and guessed that he was extraordinary back then.

But its only now that Ive clearly realized that hes even stronger than I had thought!

Chu Liuyue kept quiet for a while before saying, “Rong Xiu, you havent told me how theYour Grace identity came about.”

The moment she said this, the entire room fell silent.

Rong Xiu looked into her eyes, and his phoenix-like eyes seemed to have light coursing through like a spiral that could swallow one whole.

Then, he suddenly asked, “Do you still remember my mother”

Chu Liuyue was confused by his sudden question, but she still nodded.

Everyone knows about Consort Wan, who won over the entire harem in Country Yao Chen back then.

Rong Xiu smiled, but his smiling intent didnt reach his eyes as his voice was extremely light.

“The so-calledYour Grace is my identity in my mothers clan.”

Chu Liuyue had thought of many answers before, but they were all vastly different from this.

His… mothers clan Didnt they say that Consort Wan was from an ordinary family Why—

Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of the day when the Third Prince brought troops to start a rebellion and the harsh battle between Rong Xiu and Emperor Jiawen.

At that time, Emperor Jiawen wanted to break through and enter Heavens Canopy, but Rong Xiu said something… He seemed to say that the last wish his mother had was to prevent Emperor Jiawen from taking a single step into Heavens Canopy!

Right! Thinking of this, everything makes sense! Chu Liuyue widened her eyes.”Y-your mother is from within Heavens Canopy”

Rong Xiu nodded.

“I see…” Chu Liuyue was dazed for quite a while.

I had suspected it before, but many things happened later.

Hence, I just put this incident behind me.

Speaking of this, Rong Xiu can also be considered as someone who was born within Heavens Canopy… His mothers identity was clearly much better than that of Emperor Jiawen.

“Then, you—”

“Back then, my mother was training outside of Heavens Canopy.

She accidentally met my father when she was in danger, and the two of them got together.

When they got married, my mother didnt know about Fathers identity,” said Rong Xiu lightly.

Chu Liuyue pressed her lips against each other.

Even though Rong Xiu explained it very briefly, I can basically guess what happened.

A woman born within Heavens Canopy married someone beneath her status when she married Emperor Jiawen.

Besides, from the many situations I know of, the clan Rong Xius mother was in didnt seem to be an ordinary one.

Consort Wan was young and naive.

After meeting Emperor Jiawen, she thought that he was the one and got together with him despite everything else.

In the end, she didnt expect that she would marry an emperor with a huge harem.

After being lied to, nobody could willingly accept and forgive him.

Its no wonder there were rumors that Consort Wan was still very upset after she entered the palace, even though Emperor Jiawen loved her and doted on her very much.

She only stayed in the palace for a year or two before moving out and didnt return even in death.

As for her background, it should only be something that Emperor Jiawen made up.

“After I was born, Mother sent me to Mingyue Tianshan.

The next few years, the people from the clan found us and wanted to bring my mother and me back.

Its a pity that… Mother had already passed on by then.”

Rong Xiu spoke nonchalantly, and his expression was calm as if he were narrating someone elses story.

“Back then, Mother married an outsider on her own and had already gone against the clan rules.

When she later found out about Fathers identity and discovered that she had become a concubine, she had no more courage to return home and hid from the clans searches until she died.”

Actually, she sent Rong Xiu to Mingyue Tianshan as she didnt want his identity to be exposed.

She thought that she could rest assured if Rong Xiu was sent there, but many unexpected things happened after that.

Of course, she wouldnt know any of this.

Chu Liuyue looked at her man.

His gaze was clearly ordinary—as if he had seen through all of this—but her heart still ached faintly.

“So… All these years, you didnt actually stay at Mingyue Tianshan” she asked lightly.

“En.” Rong Xiu acknowledged.

“Ill come back once in a while, but I wont stay for too long.

I couldnt find the right time to tell you all of this earlier on.

Yueer, are you angry at me”

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart and shook her head.

It was definitely very hard for him to return to the clan with such an identity.

Rong Xiu hated Emperor Jiawen and had completely fallen out with him back then, so he definitely wouldnt want to return to Country Yao Chen.

This is also probably one of the reasons why he prepared everything but chose to leave Country Yao Chens throne to the Third Prince.

As for his mothers family clan… One can just think to know how awkward his identity was.

“Rong Xiu, its been hard on you these few years… right”

From what Rong Xiu previously said, it isnt hard to guess how strict the rules of Consort Wans family clan are.

They were probably reluctant to accept Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu thought for a moment.

“Its fine.”

It was just that there were many people eyeing hisYour Grace position after he took it.

Quite a few people also wanted to rebel, so it was rather troublesome.

Rong Xiu looked up and saw her eyes filled with pain.

He smiled slightly, held her hands tightly, and brought her in close.

The gentle and sweet aura she gave out filled his embrace immediately.

He held her thin waist and buried his head in her shoulders, smelling her faint cloud-like fragrance.

Every empty spot in his heart seemed to be filled.

“Im very well,” he softly said, like a mutter and also a rant.

“I have Yueer.”

Having you is enough.


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