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Chu Liuyue landed lightly like a sparrow as she looked at Rong Xiu opposite her.

Hearing his teasing, she gently grunted.

“You didnt even use all your force, yet you can easily block my attack.

Your words arent very suitable, right”

Earlier, Rong Xiu didnt even attack and just defended.

But even so, she could still feel that his cultivation level was much better than hers!

“To be your training buddy, I need to have some abilities, right If not, Ill just be beaten down directly.” Rong Xiu raised his hand and faced his palm upward.

He then curled his finger slightly and smiled.


Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth tightly as her force crazily surged out, causing her surrounding aura to reach its peak instantly!

A spark of light gradually flashed on her fingertip.

“Lets go—Jingshen Finger!”

Small beatings definitely cant threaten Rong Xiu at all, so I can only put my best foot forward.

A satisfied smile flashed across Rong Xius face.

One had to continuously challenge their limits to elevate their capabilities rapidly and stably.

Coincidentally, he knew best where her limits lay.

Hence, it was most suitable for him to be this person.

The next moment, a golden fire appeared in Rong Xius palm!

After thinking by himself for a long time when he went back, Elder Chen Ke still wanted to find Shangguan You.

Arriving at Yuan He Palace, Shangguan You was reading a book in the room.

Hearing the noise, he looked up.

“You still came in the end.”

He didnt look shocked at all as if he had long expected it.

“Please sit—”

Elder Chen Ke was an elder that had served three rulers, so his status was extraordinary.

Even Shangguan You had to be polite to him.

Seeing Shangguan Yous reaction, Elder Chen Ke knew that they were thinking of the same thing.

Thus, he didnt stand on ceremony and directly sat down.

“It seems like youve also noticed something amiss, Your Majesty,” said Elder Chen Ke openly as he knitted his brows slightly.

“Im afraid… Rong Xius identity isnt that simple…”

How could a mere Country Yao Chens prince have the abilities he previously executed Even if he is extremely talented, it is impossible for him to reach his current cultivation level without sufficient resources and fate.

“Ive seen his father before.” Shangguan You put down the book in his hands and suddenly said this.

“Hes normal and ordinary.”

Even if such a person was lucky enough to give birth to a talented child, it wouldnt be too exaggerated.

However, Rong Xiu had clearly exceeded this standard.

“You mean…” Elder Chen Ke was beyond shocked.

“I keep thinking that Ive seen his aura before.” Shangguan You rubbed his temple.

“But I cant remember in such a short time.”

However, I had a good impression of Rong Xiu the moment I saw him.

Thus, I didnt further question him in person and let Yueer do the asking.

“Elder Chen Ke, what do you think”

Since he came, he definitely had something to say.

Elder Chen Ke hesitated for a moment.

“Your Majesty, I suspect that… Rong Xiu is someone fromthat side.”

Shangguan You paused in his actions and suddenly looked up, a sharp glow flashing across his eyes.

“Elder Chen Ke, you think so too”

“…A ninth-grade Xuan Master is also like a stage-nine warrior, and theyre both very strong.

Theyre just one step away from the higher ground! There might not even be a few such warriors in the entire Tianling Dynasty, yet Rong Xiu reached such a level at a young age… Other thanthat side, who else can cultivate such a character”

Shangguan You stroked his beard and seemed to agree with it.

“That was also what I was thinking.

Back then, Yueer was born with a Tianjing Yuan meridian and was a rare talent that appeared once in a thousand years.

This was why she could reach a cultivation level that a normal person couldnt even reach in their entire lives in such a short period of time.

As for Rong Xiu…”

I couldnt see through him.

“Ancestor should understand these things better, right” Elder Chen Ke had a solemn expression.

“However, it seems like Ancestor didnt really tell her much about the related matters…”

“Ancestor must have his own considerations.

Perhaps he has already told Yueer.” Shangguan You was in deep thought for a moment.

“Now that Yueer has already ascended the throne, many things have been settled.

We can just find a time later on to talk to her about this in detail.”

Elder Chen Ke nodded and curiously muttered, “If Rong Xiu is really fromthat side, why must he appear as Country Yao Chens prince… When Your Majesty was injured back then, she also managed to revive onthat side… Isnt this too much of a coincidence”

There was one point that Elder Chen Ke did not say—if Rong Xius identity was really what they thought of it to be, then… It wouldnt be certain who was marrying up the social ladder.

Shangguan You thought for a moment and waved his hands.

“Forget it.

Its fine as long as Yueer wants him and vice versa.

As for the rest, theres no need to care so much! Right, I asked you to check on Jiang Yucheng previously.

Did you find out anything”

Elder Chen Ke calmed down and straightened his body, his expression becoming stern.

“I really did find quite a few points amiss.

Jiang Yucheng… seems to be secretly contacting some person these few years.

It also seems like he listens to the other partys every command and keeps helping him do things.

However, he has always been doing it discreetly, so I cant find out clearly who exactly the other party is.”

Shangguan You coldly grunted.

“This means that he indeed has a master behind him”


Also…” Elder Chen Ke hesitated for a moment.

“Also what” Shangguan You asked further.

“Also… Mu Qinghe seems to be related to this as well.”

Shangguan You knitted his brows tightly.

“He is Jiang Yuchengs man.

Its normal if hes related to this.”

“No.” Elder Chen Ke shook his head.

“If Mu Qinghe is purely Jiang Yuchengs subordinate, he—logically speaking—would have no right to contact the mastermind directly.

However… this isnt the case.

He seems to have contacted the mastermind behind Jiang Yuchengs back!”


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