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In this month, she battled against Rong Xiu almost every day, and her combat power started increasing at an observable speed.

But every time her abilities strengthened, Rong Xius capabilities would also be elevated.

Hence, he would still suppress her.

He seemed to know very clearly what kind of standard he should maintain his abilities at to unleash her potential to the maximum and not cause harm to her.

However, this was actually the most terrifying part.

This was enough to prove that Rong Xius control over his force was refined to a stage one couldnt fathom.

Chu Liuyue didnt believe it at the start, but she later hopelessly discovered that she really couldnt figure out Rong Xius true abilities.

Every time she thought she had found his weakness and could defeat him, she discovered that he had more up his sleeves.

Hence, Chu Liuyue slowly realized that she needed a long time to win against him completely.

However, this didnt impact her and instead made her fighting spirit even more intense.

Gradually, she realized that this type ofduel was even more effective than the bitter training she previously did at the Red Moon Desert.

Compared to those puppets, Rong Xiu was much better in all areas, and the battle was also more realistic as he could use his force.

Every day and night, Chu Liuyue kept thinking of how to win against him.

In this type of situation, her abilities kept improving unknowingly, and she quickly strengthened herself the whole way!

Hence, she finally touched the barrier to break through after a months time.

Previously, she had already broken through to become an intermediate stage-six warrior at the Red Moon Desert.

If she broke through again, she would be a peak stage-six warrior!

Chu Liuyue held in her breath and calmly conducted introspection.

In her dantian, the six lines quietly floated on her water droplet.

The first five lines were very brilliant, but only the last was slightly dull.

Force entered her body and coursed through her limbs and Yuan meridian before gathering here.

Like a whirlpool, the water droplet kept absorbing the waves of force! At the same time, the five organs were connected, and the aura kept strengthening.

Time quickly trickled past.

At some point, Chu Liuyue finally felt that the time had come as she gathered all the force in her dantian and harshly hit the water droplet.


The two forces slammed against each other ferociously.

A loud sound was heard in Chu Liuyues body, and then a breaking sound was heard!


An invisible barrier broke with the sound.

The next moment, Chu Liuyue clearly saw that the sixth line seemed to have a layer of dust on it wiped away, clearly revealing its brilliant color!


A wave of force exuded from it.

Chu Liuyue suddenly widened her eyes, and her originally bright, black gem-like eyes were burning with two balls of fire!

One as red as the hot sun!

One as transparent as the bright moon!

It seemed as though the two forces had merged completely, and it exploded into a formidable aura!

At this point—peak stage-six warrior!

Shangguan You had just arrived at Shaoyue Palace when he detected a terrifying aura exploding from within.

With that, he hastened his pace and walked in. That force seemed to be coming from Yueers bedroom—

A tall and muscular figure stood outside the tightly shut door—it was Rong Xiu!

At this point, his hand was raised as he set up a barrier outside the bedroom that easily blocked all of the aftershocks.

Like a drop into the ocean, it didnt cause any ripples.

Shangguan Yous eyes narrowed.

Even though he wasnt as talented as Yueer, he was quite capable and had recovered his status as a peak stage-eight warrior after recuperating during this period of time.

If not, he wouldnt have ascended the throne back then.

But upon seeing this scene, he suddenly realized that Rong Xius abilities were definitely above him! And this further proved his previous guess!

Hearing the commotion, Rong Xiu turned around, smiled, and bowed toward Shangguan You.

Shangguan You looked at him with a conflicted gaze.

“Are you… guarding Yueer”

Rong Xiu nodded.

“She just broke through to become a peak stage-six warrior.”

Even though he had already guessed this previously, Shangguan You was still quite emotional when he personally heard this from Rong Xiu.


He looked at the tightly shut door, and his gaze was passionate and proud. I recall that when Yueer came back previously, she was only an intermediate stage-six warrior.

I didnt expect her to break through so quickly.

“Its all because of your help during this period, right” asked Shangguan You as he glanced at Rong Xiu.

He knew that the latter would come at a fixed time to train with his daughter. Rong Xiu definitely had a part to play in Yueer smoothly breaking through.

Rong Xiu smiled with a deep meaning.

“Shes very outstanding.

This isnt something difficult for her.”

He had no intention of claiming the credit for it.

Shangguan You did not speak.

It seemed like a small jump to cross from the intermediate stage to become a peak warrior, but it was actually a huge chasm.

Even the same Dijing Yuan meridian cultivators wouldnt be able to successfully break through without half a year.

Yueers speed was almost the same as when she had her Tianjing Yuan meridian.

During this period of time, he actually went to look for past news about his daughter.

He knew that she reached this stage within a short year, from being born as a good-for-nothing with a damaged Yuan meridian.

In comparison, this was even faster than her previous cultivation speed!


The door finally opened at this point.

Rong Xiu whipped his sleeves, and the barrier immediately disappeared as it formed into countless light points and disappeared in the sky.

Shangguan You couldnt help but glance at Rong Xiu and was even more curious about the latters background and identity.

What kind of strong power can raise such a person… Some thoughts flashed across his mind as Chu Liuyue walked out.

Seeing Shangguan You, she was rather shocked.


Shangguan You looked at her kindly.

“I havent congratulated you for breaking through again, Yueer!”

Chu Liuyues eyes lit up, and she looked delighted as she stepped forward.

“Thank you, Father.

Why did you come here today”

Shangguan You nodded and took out an invitation card from his arms.

“The Beiming Dynasty sent us a letter.”

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat. Here it comes!


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