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Chu Liuyue coughed.

“Mentor Su Jin, c-control yourself…”

Elder Su Jin used to be one of her Xuan Master mentors.

She was already crazy about Xuan formations back then, but she was even more so now.

“Hey, havent you always had a photographic memory Just take it as me begging you, okay” Elder Su Jin clasped her hands together and smiled at Chu Liuyue in a flattering manner, without showing her previous distant and cold aura.


“Su Jin, if you really want to look at it, I can help you too.

Well each remember a portion, okay”

Xiao Ran—who had been very quiet at the side—couldnt help but speak up.

His eyes were filled with desire as he looked at Elder Su Jin with a very gentle gaze.

Elder Su Hui waved her hands to reject him without even turning around.

“No way! How will you remember it more clearly than Yueer”

Disappointment flashed across Xiao Rans eyes.

But the next moment, he still turned to look at the barrier and tried his best to memorize it. Even if I can only help a little, its good enough…

Chu Liuyue laughed in her heart. Xiao Ran was Sheng Yan Harems first elder and the strongest in their clan.

His identity is even higher than Sheng Yan Harems Master.

He has chased Elder Su Jin for 20 years but has never succeeded.

I didnt expect him to not give up even now.

“Master Su Jin, dont worry.

Ill memorize it, but if you want to study it properly, you might need Elder Xiao Rans help from time to time.”

Xiao Ran glanced at Chu Liuyue gratefully.

Why would Elder Su Jin not know Chu Liuyues intentions

She tapped on her former students nose.

“Sneaky! You were an eighth-grade Xuan Master yourself! Why do you not understand it”

Chu Liuyue shrugged.”Its a pity Im not one now.”

Jian Fengchi finally couldnt help but glance at her.

“You have nothing to do with the wordhumble. Please wake up.”

Even though she no longer had her Tianjing Yuan meridian, this wouldnt affect her talent as a Xuan Master at all!

All these years, the most talented Xuan Master he had seen was Chu Liuyue.

If not, Elder Su Jin wouldnt seek her help.

Chu Liuyue was stumped for once and raised her hand to surrender.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Give me 15 minutes.”

Then, she looked up at the intersecting Xuan formation.

The others at the side immediately fell silent as they watched and waited with her.

“Pfft.” A sneer filled with contempt was heard from behind.

“There are really all sorts of arrogant people at this age! This barrier was made by many ninth-grade Xuan Masters in the Beiming Dynasty for over a year.

Normal people will get dizzy by taking a few more glances at it, yet these people are delusional enough to think that they can memorize it… Haha, what a joke!”

Elder Su Jin and the rest turned around and saw a group of people arriving behind them.

The other party also had 11 people.

The person talking was a young woman in her twenties.

She had a cute appearance and was wearing lavish attire.

However, arrogance filled her eyes.

Elder Chen Ke glanced at her, and his gaze landed on the middle-aged man at the front.

This mans appearance was ordinary, and he looked rather stern with a long beard.

There were dragon patterns on his sleeves and collars, which revealed his identity.

“Ruoli, dont be rude,” said the middle-aged man.

It seemed like a scolding, but his tone was very gentle and clearly pampered this woman.

That woman lightly grunted.

“Im just speaking the truth, and I cant stand that some people are acting like theyre a big shot! If not, will there really be people that can memorize this ninth-grade Xuan formation at one glance”

The middle-aged man didnt reprimand her anymore, clearly sharing the same thoughts as her.

He helplessly smiled and shook his head.

“When can you change your direct nature”

“Your Majesty, Eldest Princess is right.

Theyre already behaving in this manner when they just reached the Beiming Dynastys border.

Who knows how overboard theyll be when they reach Lin Zhou” A young man wearing a purple robe helped to chip in.

The middle-aged man shook his head.

“That is true, but were in the Beiming Dynasty now.

Its other peoples territory, so you need to hold yourself back.

No matter what, the other party was also invited over like us.

Why must you make the situation tense”

Then, he looked at Chu Liuyue and the rest again.

Elder Chen Ke took a step forward.

“I am Tianling Dynastys Chen Ke.

Greetings, Taiyu Dynastys Emperor Huai Ren.”

Dantai Chen glanced at him strangely and smiled politely.

“So youre Tianling Dynastys Elder Chen Ke.

You… know me”

Elder Chen Kes expression was calm.

“You once came to Tianling 43 years ago, and I had a chance to meet you then.”

Dantai Chens face suddenly froze. I went to the Tianling Dynasty at that time for a marriage alliance.

At the time, the Taiyu Dynasty was a notch weaker than the Tianling Dynasty, so we had the plan of getting close to them.

But it was a pity I was rejected in the end.

Ever since then, he felt humiliated and had never gone to Tianling again.

Decades had passed, and the Taiyu Dynasty had now exceeded the Tianling Dynasty in regards to overall capabilities.

With all the situations that cropped up previously, they naturally couldnt be compared.

“I see.

That happened so long ago.

I dont really remember it clearly.” Emperor Huai Ren didnt even care about Elder Chen Ke back then, so he naturally couldnt remember the latter after so many years.

“However, I didnt know that the Tianling Dynasty was also coming for Ancient Phoenix Mountains eruption…”

Dantai Chen smiled, but his smiling intent didnt reach his eyes.

“I thought you would be quite busy recently…”

His words had a mocking tone to them.

Elder Chen Kes brows knitted undetectably, and he smiled.

“Thats right.

We have been quite busy lately, but since the Beiming Dynasty sent us an invitation, we must give them face.

How can we not come”

His words meant that they were also invited—like the Taiyu Dynasty—by the Beiming Dynasty.

Since they were all the same, there was no sense of superiority between them.

Dantai Chen was stumped, and his face turned dark. I really didnt know beforehand that the Tianling Dynasty was invited! No matter logically or personally, the Tianling Dynasty doesnt seem to have the right now! However, only the Beiming Dynasty knows the answer to this.

“Tianling Dynasty Its the one where the Heavenly Princess caused a huge commotion” asked Dantai Ruoli.

She specifically emphasized the wordsHeavenly Princess.

Back then, the news of the Tianling Dynasty having a Tianjing Yuan meridian cultivator was spread far and wide.

It was as if it was incredible to have such a talent.

In the end, they also heard quite a few incidents about that Princess.

Most of them mentioned how outstanding she was.

Who knew she would be set up by her own fiancé and sister in the end

What kind ofHeavenly Princess is this Its just a joke!

Elder Chen Ke could hear her mockery, and his expression changed.

Just as he was about to retaliate, Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze, turned to look at them, smiled, and said, “Thank you for your concern, but Im no longer the Princess now.

Im Tianlings Emperor with the year Yuan Xi.

Eldest Princess Dantai, please address me as Emperor Yuan Xi.”


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