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His words were very confident, and everyone in the crowd heard this clearly.

After a temporary daze, waves of gasps could be heard. What did Dantai Chen say! Shangguan Yue has already memorized the ninth-grade Xuan formations by the borders of Beiming How is that possible!

“Oh my god! I didnt hear that wrongly, right”

“Shangguan Yue… Ninth-grade Xuan formations… It must be a joke!”

“I heard that Shangguan Yue used to have an outstanding talent and that she was an eighth-grade Xuan Master…”

“Hmph, there are a few ninth-grade Xuan formations by Beimings borders, and quite a few ninth-grade Xuan Masters from the Beiming Dynasty worked together to form the barrier.

Its extremely complicated! Let alone a Shangguan Yue, even other ninth-grade Xuan Masters would need months to directly memorize the entire formation! How can she possibly do it!”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

Gongsun Xiao also found it ridiculous as he laughed.

“Brother Dantai, what are you talking about”

Dantai Chen looked as calm as usual.

“Brother Gongsun, Ive known you for many years, and you also know my personality.

Do you think Id joke about such matters Shangguan Yue said this herself back then.”

Gongsun Xiaos smile immediately froze as he looked at Chu Liuyue in disbelief.

Dantai Chen poured himself a cup of wine and seemingly said nonchalantly, “Back then, we reached the borders almost at the same time as the Tianling Dynastys people.

Once we walked out of the transportation formation, we heard them talking about this.”

As he spoke, he looked up at Chu Liuyue.

Even though he was smiling, his eyes were filled with a cold gleam.

“If I didnt recall it wrongly… Shangguan Yue, you said that you took 15 minutes back then, right”

If he dares to ask her openly, it should mean that the matter is true!

The noise immediately died down, and countless eyes stared closely at Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue tilted her head and honestly smiled.

“Yeap! Whats the matter”

Whats the matter…

Whats the matter!

She herself said,whats the matter! Who in the world can do such a thing, yet she admitted to it so honestly! Does she really think that exaggerating everything will make her seem more amazing

All the people present were top talents and strong warriors in their respective dynasties, but nobody dared to openly say such a thing!

Seeing her behavior, she even seems nonchalant! Does she even know what shes saying!

Chu Liuyues reply was too direct, causing the crowd to be unable to recover in a short while.

Even Dantai Chen—who wanted to openly ridicule her at first—was dazed for a moment. I originally thought that Chu Liuyue would deny it, but who knew—

“It seems like Emperor Yuan Xi is very confident and has already understood and memorized all those Xuan formations by heart” Dantai Ruoli—who was sitting at the back—finally couldnt hold herself back as she spoke with a mocking expression.

She even specifically emphasized the wordsEmperor Yuan Xi.

Chu Liuyue glanced at her lightly and seemingly smiled.

“I just memorized those Xuan formations.

I wouldnt say Ive remembered them by heart, nor would I dare to say I understand them.

Not to mention others, a day or two is definitely not enough to understand such a top Xuan formation barrier.

But Eldest Princess Dantai, youre not a Xuan Master, so its natural if you dont understand this,” said Chu Liuyue as she leisurely sipped on her wine.

“You!” Dantai Ruoli was stumped. Is she mocking me that Im not a Xuan Master! Does she think she has it all just because she cultivated in all three aspects! The current Shangguan Yue doesnt even have her Tianjing Yuan meridian, and her cultivation seems to only be that of a stage-six warrior.

Even if she can continue her cultivation as a Xuan Master and a heavenly doctor, there is nothing to be arrogant about if her skills arent up to par! Does she really think that she is still that old and outstanding talent!

“Hmph! Im indeed not a Xuan Master, so Im not very clear about all the details.

Im not as good as you, Emperor Yuan Xi—who can memorize ninth-grade Xuan formations just by taking a few glances at them.

Im afraid we cant find a second person with such talent from all the dynasties, right” Dantai Ruoli sneered in a strange manner.

“Wu…” Chu Liuyue seemed to rub her temple as if she had a headache.

“Sometimes, its indeed quite troublesome if one is too outstanding.

Sigh, I actually do envy people like Eldest Princess Dantai sometimes because you wont have so many problems.”

Dantai Ruoli was speechless.

The crowd was speechless.

They had never seen someone boast to this extent.

Dantai Ruoli was so angry that she laughed.

“This means that you really memorized all those Xuan formations”

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“What Cant I”

She then turned around and looked at Jun Qizhi, who was sitting at the top.

“Your Majesty, you wont mind if I take a few more glances at the ninth-grade Xuan formations at your border, right”

What could Jun Qizhi say Those Xuan formations were used specifically to build the border, and anyone coming in and out of Beimings borders is able to see them.

Why cant I let others see it Let alone allowing other people to take a few more glances, even if someone sets up a tent outside and examines them for years on end, it isnt necessary for us to stop them!

“Of course not.” Jun Qizhi coughed as his gaze turned and looked at Jun Jiuqing. Previously, I had only heard Jiuqing mention Shangguan Yue once or twice, and he seemed to admire her very much in his words.

If not, we wouldnt have invited the Tianling Dynasty this time.

However, Jiuqing didnt mention that this woman was actually this arrogant…

Jun Qizhi originally had a very good first impression of Chu Liuyue, but it was now discounted.

But from the corner of his eyes, he saw that Jun Jiuqing was leaning against the chair and watching the people below argue.

The Beiming Crown Princes lips curled up slightly as if he found it rather interesting, and the demonic aura around him subsided by quite a bit.

Jun Qizhi muttered to himself, Jiuqing does seem to be different toward this Shangguan Yue…

On the other side, Chu Liuyue smiled and looked at Dantai Ruoli after receiving Jun Qizhis answer.

“Eldest Princess Dantai, I believe youve heard His Majestys words, right Do you have any other questions”

Dantai Ruoli was stumped and had nothing to say as there seemed to be a ball of fire crazily burning in her heart.

As if noticing her strange behavior, Dantai Chen turned around to glance at her with his eyes filled with warning. Dont forget what place this is! You mustnt cause a commotion!

Dantai Ruoli clenched her fists tightly until her knuckles turned white before she managed to control her anger with much difficulty.

She then forced a smile, revealing a very contorted one.


Actually, I was just pretty curious… After all, not everyone can do such a thing.

Emperor Yuan Xi, I wonder if you can execute it in front of everyone to convince us all”

As long as Shangguan Yue dares to nod, her hypocritical mask will immediately be ripped apart!

Dantai Ruoli stared at her closely, and everyone else quietly waited as if they were equally curious. Is Shangguan Yue as amazing as she claims to be

Chu Liuyue gradually smiled and put down her cup with a bang.

She then looked up slightly, her expression cold.

“My every word is true.

You decide if you want to believe it or not.

Wanting me to execute it in public to prove my words… Are you even worthy of asking me to do so”


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