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A thought flashed across Chu Liuyues mind. His behavior at the banquet was deliberate, but… why

“Your Highness, you…” Chu Liuyue wanted the situation clarified, but Rong Xiu had straightened himself.

“Youve had a busy day.

I wont bother you.” Rong Xiu put his cloak over himself and left.

His tall, dark silhouette disappeared in the night.

Chu Liuyue only sighed with relief after she stared in the direction Rong Xiu disappeared in for a while.

She then curled her fingers.

Just now… Rong Xiu was so close to her, and her heart had begun to speed up.

In theory, she would never let someonedisrespect her like this, but… she did not seem to dislike Rong Xius closeness.

For some reason, she seemed to believe that Rong Xiu would not harm her.

She did not know where her sense of trust came from.

After the heartbreaking betrayal in her past life, she thought that she would never get close to anyone.

However, both Chu Ning and Rong Xiu were able to make her lower her guard gradually.

Chu Liuyue thought about it for a while, but she could not think of anything, so she stopped obsessing over it.

As usual, she sat on her bed and continued to cultivate, taking in the Heaven and Earth Force.

She only lay down to rest after one Heavenly Cycle.

The celebrations at Phoenix Restaurant went on for two more days, but Rong Xiu did not appear again.

This disappointed many who had wanted to take the chance to get close to Prince Li.

However, he was royalty, and it was rare for him to come at all.

Many tried to get information out of Chu Liuyue, but she dismissed them.

They could only assume that Chu Ning and Prince Li had relations, but they did not get anything out of her.

From the way she spoke, Chu Liuyue did not seem like she was familiar with Prince Li.

That was expected.

How could someone of Prince Lis status have dealings with Chu Liuyue Even if she was in Tian Lu Academy and was a prodigious warrior and Xuan Master, there was a huge gap between herself and Prince Li since she didnt have the big families support.

On the other hand, Chu Ning was the Imperial guards Commander in Chief—the Emperors close aide.

Thus, he was of higher value.

However, he was busy dealing with the Fourth Princesss accident and did not appear at the restaurant.

This disappointed many.

The few events coupled together reduced the peoples attention on Chu Liuyue.

Thankfully, Yan Ge was there the whole time, which helped Chu Liuyue a lot.

It was also his presence that suppressed any ideas anyone would have.

No matter what, Chu Liuyue had the backing of Zhen Bao Pavilion and was not to be trifled with.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye, school had reopened.

This was Chu Liuyues first day of classes since she entered the academy.

Quite a number of people were at the academys gates, which made it seem rather lively.

Chu Liuyues descent from the carriage attracted many peoples attention.

The lively entrance quietened.

Countless eyes looked over with mixed feelings.

“Little Liuyue, youre finally here!” Following the excited voice, someone hurried towards Chu Liuyue.

It was Bai Chen.

Chu Liuyue greeted him.

“Teacher Bai Chen.”

He looked at her happily.

“Ive been waiting for you for a while.

Why are you here only now”

“Im staying in school and had a lot of things to pack, so I arrived a little later,” explained Chu Liuyue.

Bai Chen chuckled.

“Your living quarters have been prepared.

Just follow me!”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Thank you for the trouble, Teacher Bai Chen.”

“What trouble! Youre not a popular character in the academy.

Many wanted this chance, but they couldnt beat me! Hehe!”

Everyone had witnessed Chu Liuyues talent.

Though she had chosen to cultivate as a Xuan Master, she had not chosen a teacher yet.

All the Xuan Master teachers were excited.

Everyone wanted a talented disciple!

Today was her first day in school.

Of course, they could not miss the chance to get close to her!

Bai Chen did not have much hope about getting chosen, but he liked Chu Liuyue from the bottom of his heart, so he was happy to be here.

“Everything on this carriage is your belongings, right”


Theyre just daily necessities.”

“Then, Ill get someone to help you…”

Before Bai Chen could finish, a mocking voice cut him off.

“What kind of lousy carriage is this Someone also has the guts to park it in front of the school”

The voice was a little familiar to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue looked around and saw a familiar face.

Lu Feiyan.

She stood from afar, covering her nose as she looked at Chu Liuyues carriage with disdain.

Her arrogance was written all over her face.

“Is this carriage made of rotten wood Why does it smell like mold”

Her gaze swept across Chu Liuyues body as she smiled coldly.

She raised her voice deliberately and spoke to the girls around her.

“Look, that horses fur is patchy and of various colors.

Its clearly a lousy breed.

Will ladies of respectable families use something like this

They nodded in agreement.

“Yaner, shes no longer from a good family.

Of course, she cant compare with us.”

“Yeah! So what if shes a prodigy Shes still just as poor.

What a joke!”

Bai Chens expression changed, and he was about to scold them, but Chu Liuyue stopped him.

“Teacher Bai Chen, I know that carriages cannot enter the academy, but I have quite the number of items.

Could you get someone to help me”

Bai Chen paused and then said, “Of course!

Chu Liuyue smiled as she looked at Lu Feiyan and company.

“Then, you all will do.”


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