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The worse thing is that Chu Liuyue actually used such a precious lennart green box to store the flower tea used for soaking her feet.

She is simply… simply insulting this precious item! 

Lu Feiyan really wanted to ask Chu Liuyue what she was thinking.

However, when she was about to speak up, she saw Chu Liuyues calm expression and heard her light tone.

It was as though everything was very normal and not worth mentioning.

If I blow the matter out of proportion, it would seem as if I am overreacting and am not experienced enough. Lu Feiyans blood boiled, and her chest felt as if it was blocked, making her feel like she was suffocating.

Since when did I—the Big Missy of the Lu family—ever do things such as serve someone She almost exploded once she recalled that the item she held contained the tea Chu Liuyue used to soak her feet.

“Who wants to hold such a rotten…” scolded Lu Feiyan as she acted as if she wanted to smash the box on the floor.

“Big Lu Missy, please be careful.

Even though this item isnt very precious, I might have to trouble Big Lu Missy to compensate for it if its broken.” Chu Liuyue was very gentle and polite as her hand lightly tapped on the wooden box.

Lu Feiyan only felt a heavy force overwhelming her and suppressing her the next moment, causing her to be unable to move.

Since when did Chu Liuyue become so powerful Also, I definitely cant produce enough money to compensate for it. She was shocked.

After much internal conflict, Lu Feiyan finally released her force and said with clenched teeth, “I know! Its just a lennart green box, right Whats there to be happy about”

Jeers could be heard from the crowd.

Lu Feiyans sentence was filled with jealousy.

When she first wore the lennart green bracelet, her chin was about to fly up to the sky.

Besides, Chu Liuyues box was just used to store flower tea.

The two could not even be compared.

Chu Liuyue smiled in satisfaction.

“Big Lu Missy, youre really a sensible person.” After Chu Liuyue finished her sentence, she took out something else from the horse carriage.

“Rainbow glass cup.

This item is very fragile and will crack in extreme temperatures.

May I trouble you to hold this carefully”

“Purple jade fan.

Its currently summer, and its really hot, so itll be good to have a fan with me.”

“Oh, this inkstone is a gold streaked inkstone that cant be directly touched with the hand.

You must cushion it with a pillow made from silver thread.”

Chu Liuyue took out several items and informed the others on the things they had to be wary of at the same time.

The original arrogant Lu Feiyan and the rest were gradually dazed beyond words.

Every single one of the items was extravagant.

They had even only heard some of them and not seen them before.

The originally angered and indignant Lu Feiyans face became even more contorted as she stared at all the items.

Initially, she thought that the lennart green box was the only presentable item Chu Liuyue had, but it was clearly not the case.

Lu Feiyan felt like her chest was blocked, and her face burned as she recalled how she mocked Chu Liuyue earlier about being born in a poor family.

She really wanted to dig a hole and jump into it.

Even a fool could tell who the ignorant one was.

If Lu Feiyan was in this state, the others were even worse.

The few girls were long dazed as they stiffly held the items in their hands, not daring to move casually for fear of accidentally breaking something.

They could not afford to compensate Chu Liuyue.

The crowd, who was waiting to watch a scene, was also stunned.

This Chu Liuyue is too much of a spendthrift…

Didnt she and Chu Ning sever their ties with the Chu family

Logically speaking, their pockets should be tight.

However, it seems like their lives are better than most of the aristocratic families.

Even Bai Chen could not help but take a few more looks at those items.

He said, “Little Liuyue, I didnt know you have so many valuable items.”

These were not things that could be obtained even if one had money.

He wanted some of those treasures, but he could not even find a way to get them.

Chu Liuyue smiled and did not say a word.

How would the original Chu Liuyue have all of these Even the Chu family might not have such treasures.

Actually, she picked those things up from the boxes Second Master Yan gave her.

Just based on how the things I brought out have already attracted so many peoples attention, I wonder how they will react when they find out that I have more at home and that these arent even a tenth of my items.

She was already shocked when she saw that Second Master Yan had sent her so many gifts.

She did not expect an even bigger surprise waiting for her when she opened them.

Every single item in those boxes were extravagant treasures.

The so-calledprized possessions in Zhen Bao Pavilion could not even be compared to them.

Chu Liuyue could not help but re-evaluate Zhen Bao Pavilions wealth and background.

It had already been quite a few days since the Fourth Princesss mishap, but there was no news of the Emperor punishing Zhen Bao Pavilion.

One could already guess quite a bit from this alone.

Zhen Bao Pavilion was much more mysterious than what she thought.

As the Tianling Dynastys princess in her previous life, she used nothing but the best, so the value of these items could not shock her.

However, these things… From the teacups to the ink and brushes used for writing, even the flower tea inside the lennart green box… They were all things she liked very much.

Everything was coincidentally her favorite.



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