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Chapter 1018: There’s An Expert Protecting Him

This time, Huang Xiaolong did not dodge.

As he circulated his godforce, a metallic light formed around his dragon body, forming a wall of supreme metal element godforce that shielded him.

In terms of defense, his supreme metal element godforce had the highest power compared to other elements.

At this time, Chen Wenyuan’s Great Thousand Sword Array attack arrived.

Countless rays of sword qi landed on the protective metal wall, creating sharp sounds and causing sparks to flit through the air.

Having endured several hundred attacks, the metal wall gave way and exploded, allowing the remaining several hundred sword rays to submerge Huang Xiaolong in their midst.

Huang Xiaolong turned his dragon claws as dark element supreme godforce rushed out, striking out an Asura Demon Claw.

The surrounding area darkened, as if the world fell into the darkest Asura hell.

The rays of sword qi were knocked back, but a dozen or so slipped through and landed on Huang Xiaolong’s dragon body, releasing a burst of sparks as they struck his scales.

After the sword rays disappeared, there were several long marks across Huang Xiaolong’s dragon scales.

Chen Wenyuan who had previously succumbed to his killing intent was jolted to his senses watching this, alarm on his face.

He knew very well how strong his Great Thousand Sword Array was, even a late-Fifth Order Heavenly God’s body would end up being perforated like a sieve, but against Huang Xiaolong, it merely left a few faint scratches!

A low dragon growl sounded from Huang Xiaolong.

His long body swayed as his two claws reached for Chen Wenyuan.

Looking at the two enormous dragon claws coming down on him, Chen Wenyuan panicked, quickly recalling the Great Thousand Sword Array back to form a protective barrier around himself.

At the same time, he leaped away from Huang Xiaolong.

The giant dragon claws fell on the ring of sword qi around Chen Wenyuan.

In an instant, blinding light appeared as the protective barrier shook violently, threatening to break.

Chen Wenyuan felt his blood flow in reverse from the heavy impact.

However, the Great Thousand Sword Array’s sword qi also gave Huang Xiaolong quite a wave of pain.

Chen Wenyuan wobbled unsteadily as he tried to retreat further away, then turned into a streak of sword light, wanting to flee.

He was even prepared to give up on the Great Thousand Sword Array.

This Huang Xiaolong was actually so powerful, he had to return and inform his Master! Not to mention the fact that Huang Xiaolong could transform into a primordial divine dragon!

But Chen Wenyuan had barely moved when a bolt of lightning struck him from high air before he could understand what was happening.

The lightning bolt wasn't overwhelmingly destructive, just enough to temporarily numb him, hindering his actions for a while.

However, Chen Wenyuan hadn’t recovered when another lightning bolt fell onto him, adding to his paralysis.

This time, though, Chen Wenyuan clearly saw the thing that controlled the lightning bolt to attack him.

It was none other than the cow that Huang Xiaolong was riding just now!

A little cow dared to attack him again and again, hindering his escape!

Chen Wenyuan was enraged, anger and killing intent erupting in his eyes.

At this time, that little cow mooed at him, then turned around and shook its butt!

Chen Wenyuan was close to vomiting blood from anger, even a little cow had the guts to taunt him! 

Still, he did not lose his reason, knowing very well this wasn’t the time to bicker with a cow.

However, just as he wanted to start running again, a horrifying power swept over him from the back, startling him.

He wanted to dodge at first, but his reaction was still a step too late.

Huang Xiaolong’s dragon claw slammed onto his back.

Like a broken kite, Chen Wenyuan spun in the air, knocking down the surrounding tall trees before crashing to the ground several thousand meters away.

Chen Wenyuan felt as if all of his bones were broken from the impact, piercing pain shot through his body.

He struggled to climb up to his feet, but the sky above him darkened.

Tilting his head to look, Chen Wenyuan saw a giant dragon leg descending on him.

A boom resounded in his ears, then the world before his eyes dimmed as his consciousness slipped away.

Huang Xiaolong dug Chen Wenyuan out from the deep pit, easily digging out his godhead.

He had just dug out Chen Wenyuan’s godhead when the little cow came running over, mooing cheerfully at Huang Xiaolong as its big eyes stared at the godhead he was holding, shining with greed.

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Seeing how you made a move earlier, I’ll give you this godhead.” With that said, he threw the godhead to the little cow.

The golden horned little cow gave Huang Xiaolong a long moo, which could be considered as saying thank you, then pounced happily on Chen Wenyuan’s godhead and crunched noisily.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head watching this, ‘This little one…’

Huang Xiaolong subsequently checked Chen Wenyuan’s spatial ring, which was full of shenbi.

There were at least a hundred million by rough estimation.

Other than shenbi, there was a huge amount of Golden Pearl Divine Pellets and Blue Silk Pills among other high grade divine pellets, not to mention the various medicinal herbs, quite a few of them were ten-million-years-old and above.

There was a bright sunny smile on Huang Xiaolong’s face looking at them, ‘Who knew this Chen Wenyuan was so loaded!’ But recalling the fact that Chen Wenyuan was a core disciple of the Elephant Genesis Sect and Zhao Chenyuan’s disciple, this much wealth was granted.

Chen Wenyuan had been cultivating for more than a thousand years, so it wasn't such a surprise that he accumulated this much wealth.

After burning away Chen Wenyuan’s corpse, Huang Xiaolong cleaned up the surrounding scene before bringing little cow away.

After leaving the area, he found an obscure valley, dividing the pills and herbs between himself and the little cow.

Sitting cross-legged inside a cave in the obscure valley, Huang Xiaolong placed two hundred Golden Pearl Divine Pellets in front of him.

“Moo moo!” Looking at the two hundred Golden Pearl Divine Pellets in front of Huang Xiaolong, the little cow was drooling with desire.

“You definitely have a share as well.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled wryly as he flicked more than a dozen Golden Pearl Divine Pellets towards the little cow.

The golden horned little cow opened its mouth and swallowed everything in one go, then it stared at Huang Xiaolong again with pitiful eyes, calling out moo-moo at him.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong’s heart pained as he flicked another dozen pills to the little cow.

Only after giving it close to a hundred Golden Pearl Divine Pellets did the little cow stop mooing.

It then went and sat down satisfiedly on the side, starting to cultivate just like Huang Xiaolong.

Puffs of air came out from the little cow’s nose, becoming denser as they accumulated, and soon, the whole cave was shrouded in a misty white fog.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong no longer paid it any attention.

Consuming the two hundred Golden Pearl Divine Pellets in one go, he too started cultivating.

As one person and one cow refined the Golden Pearl Divine Pellets from Chen Wenyuan’s spatial ring, inside one of the palace halls of the Elephant Genesis Sect, Zhao Chenyuan was staring in disbelief at Chen Wenyuan’s shattered life token.

His eldest disciple was dead!

Who could tell him what happened!

‘Was there an expert protecting Huang Xiaolong That’s it, with Huang Xiaolong’s astonishing talent, the Barbarian God Sect would definitely would send an expert to protect him.’

Zhao Chenyuan’s expression turned gloomy even as hesitation crept into his eyes.

“Punk, I’ll let you live a few more days.

Two years later is the joint training of the three sects’ inner disciples, I want to see who can protect you at that time!” Zhao Chenyuan sneered.

Time flowed by.

Two months passed in the blink of an eye.

By now, the person and cow inside the cave had finished refining all the good things inside Chen Wenyuan’s spatial ring.

Huang Xiaolong smoothly advanced to mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm, close to reaching peak mid-Second Order.

As for the little cow, its size grew again.

The mysterious lightning symbols on its golden horns had increased in number and became even clearer.

Even now, Huang Xiaolong could not see through the little cow’s strength.


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