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The present Barbarian God Sect masters and disciples were fidgeting with nervousness looking at Huang Xiaolong.

In a split second, hostility filled the air.

Everyone was on edge as if a battle was about to break out at any moment.

Gu Lings cold sneer broke the tense atmosphere, “Pan Jue, what evidence you have that Wang Dafeng and Fan Yuan were killed by Huang Xiaolong Then I\'ll say that Wang Dafeng and Fan Yuan are both killed by your Elephant Genesis Sects Zhao Wuya! The Elephant Genesis Sect and the Great Whale Sect may have lost a lot of disciples, but do you think none of my Barbarian God Sect disciples died inside!”

Zhao Wuya only found out about Wang Dafeng and Fan Yuans death not long after he was sent out from the Ice Hail Ruins, and now, hearing Gu Ling accusing him of killing them,  Zhao Wuyas temper exploded.

Just as he was about to refute, Pan Jue raised a hand to stop him.

Unexpectedly, Pan Jue smiled instead, “Sect Chief Gu is too serious, I am only asking casually, you need not be so nervous.” Saying this, he glanced in the direction of Grand Elder Su Bei, instructing, “Continue.”

“Yes, Sect Chief.” Su Bei respectfully complied.

Soon, the remaining two Barbarian God Sect disciples results were out; both of them collected more than five thousand Crimson Flame Beads.

This signaled the end of this terms joint training.

With eighteen thousand nine hundred and thirty-two Crimson Flame Beads, Huang Xiaolong successfully took the first place, while Zhao Wuya ended up in the second place.

Ranked third and fourth were also disciples from the Elephant Genesis Sect like Zhao Wuya, and finally a Great Whale Sect disciple was in the fifth place.

Other than Huang Xiaolong, there was another Barbarian God Sect disciple in the top ten ranking, at the tenth place.

Although only two of them were from the Barbarian God Sect, it was enough to keep Gu Ling smiling from ear to ear throughout the day while Pan Jue and Wuyues expression hadn\'t ease at all as everyone waited for the overall results.

Over a hundred and forty disciples collected three thousand and above Crimson Flame Beads.

When the list of the top one hundred disciples came out, Gu Ling once again erupted in hearty laughter, for the Barbarian God Sect actually had fifty-three disciples in the top one hundred.

Such good news was on the same scale as Huang Xiaolong winning the first place, out of his expectation.

Only Huang Xiaolong knew the actual cause of this result.

He had killed Wang Dafeng and other late-Third Order Heavenly God Realm disciples from the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect, giving the Barbarian God Sects disciples a higher chance of dominating the top one hundred.

After the joint training ended, Gu Ling had no intention of staying a moment longer than necessary.

Bidding farewell to Pan Jue and Wuyue with a huge grin on his face, he signaled to the Barbarian God Sect group and sped away from the Windless Mountain Range.

As for the rewards for the top one hundred disciples, they would be sent to the respective sects, given out by each sects Ancestor.

Watching Huang Xiaolong leave, following behind Gu Ling, an unnoticeable light glimmered in Pan Jue and Wuyues eyes, dark and vindictive.

Only they themselves knew what they were thinking.

While Huang Xiaolong and the others rushed back, inside the Nine Heavens Palace on the Barbarian God Sects Black Steel Cliff, Cao Feng was screaming at several Barbarian God Sect female core disciples, “What the f*ck are you lot still standing here for That cow just ate my Fantasm Godhead! Kill that despicable damn thing, kill it—!”

She spent a fortune and great effort to get that Fantasm Godhead a few days ago at an auction, it was the godhead of a fallen peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

Cao Feng planned to extract the godforce inside it to refine the Hundred Moons Sacred Pill, but before she could extract a strand of godforce, this damn cow broke into her cultivation dwelling and swallowed her Fantasm Godhead!

“Senior Sister Cao Feng, I think this cow is that Huang Xiaolongs mount.” One of the core female disciples voiced her suspicion, “Should we report this matter to Grand Elder Cao Yang before...before we do anything”

Cao Fengs anger rose at that female disciples words, “Huang Xiaolong! So what if its Huang Xiaolong I am Chen Haos woman, need I fear an insignificant inner disciple like him Do I have to swallow and bear with this, pretending that nothing happened!”

The several female core disciples fell into silence.

Cao Feng scoffed, “Moreover, Ive already heard that the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect disciples are planning to kill Huang Xiaolong inside the Ice Hail Ruins, Im certain he\'s already dead!”

Hearing this, the apprehension hanging in these female core disciples heart vanished completely, beginning to attack without scruples, ruthlessly besieging the little cow.

However, what startled these female disciples was the fact that this ordinary mount of Huang Xiaolongs was actually more powerful than they had imagined.

Half an hour passed, yet they still werent able to kill the damn cow.

More importantly, all of them were Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators.

Whilst feeling shocked, Cao Fengs anger soared, “Useless wastes, you lot cant even kill a small cow!” She spat in anger, unsheathing her Fire Phoenix Divine Sword before stabbing it toward the little cow.

Sword qi surged out, leaving sword marks on the surface of surrounding mountain walls and causing dust to rise high in the air.

Cao Feng was a Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm core disciple, and even though she was only an early Sixth Order, she was stronger than others of the same cultivation realm, definitely not a level the other present female core disciples could compare with.

In an instant, the sword qi attack struck across the little cows body, but nobody expected that Cao Fengs enraged attack would merely leave a light cut across its back, no more than several drops of blood seeping out.

The little cows blood was a purplish red in color, with unusual tiny lightning streaks moving on the surface.

The defensive ability of little cows hide was quite formidable.

Although Cao Fengs sword attack did not really injure it other than that light scratch-like wound, the little cow still felt a burning pain.

Its lips curled, letting out a resounding moo of fury.

If anyone here was familiar with the little cow, theyd know this meant it was really angered this time. 

Lightning crackled around its two golden horns, causing them to be shrouded in an expanding golden light filled with destructive power.

Lightning force whipped out at Cao Feng and the group of female disciples.

On another side, Chen Hao who was in his cultivation dwelling received a report on the final results of the three sects joint training.

Hearing the result, Chen Hao could hardly believe his ears.

“You, you, what did you say Repeat it again!” Chen Haos eyes were wide with disbelief as he jumped to his feet.

Just now, this Sky Dragon League disciple told him that Huang Xiaolong took the first place!

“League Leader, I just received a message, Huang Xiaolong took the first place in this times joint training.” That Sky Dragon League disciple dared not hide anything.

Chen Haos face turned grim in an instant.

Huang Xiaolong didnt die! Not only did he not die, he even took the first place!

“What about Zhao Wuya Did all the disciples of the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect grew up eating **! There were so many of them, yet no one managed to kill Huang Xiaolong! They even let him take the first place!” Chen Hao threw his image out the window, roaring madly.

That disciple shivered like a withered leaf, not daring to make a sound.

A long time passed before Chen Hao managed to calm down, asking the Sky Dragon League disciple, “When will Huang Xiaolong and the Sect Chief return”

“They will be arriving in an hours time.” That Sky Dragon League disciple cautiously replied.

“League Leader, in fact, it doesnt really matter even if Huang Xiaolong took the first place in the three sects joint training.

In the chief disciple competition a decade later, he still won\'t be your match!”

Chen Haos anger subsided slightly after hearing this.

Just like this Sky Dragon League disciple said, no matter how great Huang Xiaolongs current achievement may seem, he wasn\'t really a threat.


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