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Huang Xiaolong used his core disciple identity token and easily passed through the Celestial Immortal Manors restrictions.

Stepping inside, he felt as if he had been submerged in an ocean of spiritual energy, a comfortable sensation filled him.

Beneath the Barbarian God City were buried five high rank grade four spiritual veins.

These five high-grade spiritual veins formed a Five Elements Spiritual Energy Gathering formation which continuously attracted spiritual energy of the five elements from nature.

It was then processed and integrated by the formation before being sent out to various residences.

Huang Xiaolongs Celestial Immortal Manor was located at the heart of the five spiritual veins.

He took a quick tour around.

The courtyard had a stone mountain and garden pond, evergreen grass, flowers, and fruit trees that added a sense of tranquility.

Thestone mountain was piled up using waterfire spiritual stones, while the pond was actually a miniature Divine Jadeite Spring.

The grass and flowers were spiritual plants at least several million years old.

No doubt, the spiritual fruit trees were of the rarer kind in the Divine World.

The manor was divided into thirty-two rooms, with a front hall, great hall, back courtyard, and other common rooms, and also a training field.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in appreciation, quite satisfied with the overall environment.

Although the previous Sanctity of Order Manor on the Stone Lion Peak was also not bad, the gap was too obvious compared to this Celestial Immortal Manor.

Stepping out from the Celestial Immortal Manor, Huang Xiaolong made a trip back to the Stone Lion Peak.

Even though he wouldn\'t be using his old manor anymore, Xiaoniū was still there waiting for him.

He was going to pick up the little cow.

‘I wonder how Xiaoniū is doing. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

However, he was dumbstruck when he walked inside, stumbling upon the little cow performing a series of body exercises with its butt high in the air!

The movements looked strange in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, some of them enough to cause a nosebleed.

But Huang Xiaolong soon noticed that every time the little cow completed a series of movements, a fine strand of lightning force would emerge from space, drilling into its body.

This lightning force was extremely hard to detect.

Moreover, after absorbing it, the lightning symbols on the little cows golden horns became marginally brighter.

Naturally, the little cow had noticed Huang Xiaolongs arrival, but it still continued with its exercises, ignoring him.

Sensing this, Huang Xiaolong shook his head with a wry smile.

Looks like the little cow was upset for being left at the Barbarian God Sect for so long and now it was sulking.

Still, Huang Xiaolong understood from watching those movements that it was practicing a kind of ancient body refining technique, hence, he did not disturb it.

A while later, the little cow finally stopped.

Breathing foul qi out from its nostrils, Xiaoniū sighed comfortably, taking time to stretch its legs before turning to look at Huang Xiaolong and harrumphing coldly.

Huang Xiaolong put on a helpless smile, “Aiyo, who was it that angered my Xiaoniū Was it that Cao Feng again”

The little cow rolled its eyes at Huang Xiaolong, “It was Gu Ling, please go and cut off his lower part.”

Huang Xiaolong instantly broke out in cold sweat.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs scared expression, the little cow snickered with glee, “Lets see if you dare to abandon me here again for long.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled widely, “No, no, of course not.

Next time, even if I have to stay in the sect, I wont abandon you here.”

“Thats more like it.” The little cow tilted its head proudly, then moved onto another subject, “I heard you comprehended all the heritage tablets in a hundred days.

Cant you keep a low-profile once in a while, always attracting troubles.” Totally the demeanor of an elder admonishing a wayward child.

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless, patting the little cows head, “Such cheek, call me Master!”

The little cow pouted, reluctantly called Huang XiaolongMaster.

“Come on, Ill bring you to our new place.” Huang Xiaolong leaped onto the little cows back.

“New place” The little cow repeated, its large eyes sparkling.

Roughly an hour later, the two reached the Celestial Immortal Manor and the little cow pranced joyfully, raising a cloud of dust in the process.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head watching the little cows antics.

After watching for a while, he called the little cow over and gave it the large pile of godheads he had requested from Lu Zhuo.

Huang Xiaolong then went off to cultivate, leaving a happy little cow crunching on godheads.

On the way back to the Barbarian God Sect, the Ancestor told Huang Xiaolong about his two bets with Ren Changhai and Zhu Huan. 

Lu Zhuo had generously given him one of grade four spiritual veins.

Apart from that, he also gifted a large number of ten and twenty-million-years old herbs, various divine pellets, and godheads to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong now had four grade four spiritual veins besides the four top grade two spiritual veins that he found in the Zhenyu Sects treasury.

However, he planned to first refine that drop of blood essence from the Ancient God Realm Blood Phoenix.

After being removed from its container, a glistening drop of ruby red blood half the size of a man\'s fist hovered in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Although there was Lu Zhuos seal on this drop of blood essence, Huang Xiaolong could still feel waves of terrifying heat from the Blood Phoenixs innate fire element. 

This fire element force resembled a great volcano; when it erupted, it would destroy everything in its path.

Although Huang Xiaolong was confident of his own strength, he dared not be reckless.

Circulating his godforce, he carefully made a small hole through the seal.

In a split second, fire element force rushed out like an ocean through the small opening.

Huang Xiaolong hurried to focus himself, putting all of his effort into absorbing the energy within the drop of blood essence.

He felt as if he were plunged into a burning furnace and his flesh was melting, there wasn\'t even an inch on his body that didn\'t feel a scorching heat.

In fact, the common practice before refining the Blood Phoenixs blood essence was to consume ice element spiritual herbs, as it would greatly reduce the violent surge of fire element force.

Refining the blood essence directly like Huang Xiaolong had never been done before.

Then again, there was a great benefit in doing so, he could fully absorb all the energy from the blood essence.

Using ice element spiritual herbs to reduce the violent effect more or less hindered the absorption as well.

Half a month passed.

The drop of blood essence had reduced by half, yet it still exuded a fascinating luster.

In this half a month, hot air and burning flames were a constant companion for Huang Xiaolong.

At one point, the shadow of a coiling blue dragon emerged above his head, together with a flying blood phoenix.

The dragon and phoenix slowly merged.

Another ten days went by.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong finally absorbed the last bit of blood essence.

Opening his eyes, he firstly checked his internal condition, immediately noting that his strength had risen significantly, bringing him a large step closer to late-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm.

To his delight, he sensed that his True Divine Dragon Physique had become stronger as well.

The brilliant halo around his three supreme godheads overlapped, becoming tougher than before, extending even further.

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from his room and spotted the little cow crunching godheads in the training field.

He then called out, “Xiaoniū.”

The little cow obediently trotted over to Huang Xiaolongs side.

“Lets go out for a walk.” Huang Xiaolong said in a good mood.

Thinking back, he had yet to see this Barbarian God City.

Hearing that they could go out, the little cow was extremely enthusiastic.

With that, a human and a cow left the manor, strolling casually around the city.

In the last few months, the little cow seemed to have stopped growing.

Its body remained much the same, without any great changes except for the increase in lightning symbols on its horns.

“I heard the Cao Familys young lord is getting married two weeks later.

Many experts of the three sects are making their way over for the wedding banquet!”

“It is said that the bride ascended from the lower realm, a great alluring beauty, and she has a unique physique to boot!”

As Huang Xiaolong was looking around, not far ahead of him, several core disciples voices entered his ears.


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