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The longer the Heart Devil Blood Curse remained in the body, the more powerful the backlash would become.

As her condition prolonged, in less than a decade, Saint Mother Yao Chi was headed toward certain death.

At that time, even the antidote wouldnt have any effect.

A hoarse, furious growl came from Huang Xiaolong.

His supreme godforce formed a blade, stabbing down from the crown of Cao Jinchengs head.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand and stabbed down again, repeatedly.

In a few seconds, Huang Xiaolong stabbed more than a hundred times.

In the end, Cao Jinchengs head exploded, shattering into several hundred pieces.

Looking at the mess he made, Huang Xiaolongs killing intent still wasn\'t fully vented.

“Xiaolong.” Saint Mother Yao Chi called out softly, filled with worry.

Only then did he regain some degree of sanity and calmness.

“Master, I…” Huang Xiaolong was just about to say something when Saint Mother Yao Chi had pressed her lips over his.

Withdrawing a while later, she shook her head, “No need to say anything, I know.

Let leave this place first.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, understanding that it was best not to linger.

He somewhat cleaned up the scene and took away Cao Yang, Cao Jincheng, and the others spatial rings before leaving the hall.

Not long after he and Saint Mother Yao Chi left, the Elder guarding over the Cao Family ancestral hall noticed that Cao Yang, Cao Munan, and Cao Jinchengs life tokens had shattered.

In the blink of an eye, the whole Cao Family main residence fell into chaos.

A similar scene was taking place at the Barbarian God Sect as Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfeis life tokens shattered.

An hour later, Huang Xiaolong and Saint Mother Yao Chi appeared at the a foothills of a faraway mountain, riding on the little cow.

Saint Mother Yao Chi sat in front while Huang Xiaolong in the back.

Even though they were separated by layers of clothes, Huang Xiaolong could feel the suppleness of Saint Mother Yao Chis skin.

He was especially discomfited by her well-rounded butt.

Although they were enveloped in an intimate atmosphere, Huang Xiaolong was in no mood to let his thoughts stray in that direction.

Occupying his mind was the Heart Devil Blood Curse in Saint Mother Yao Chis body.

At the moment, Huang Xiaolongs brows were all scrunched up.

“Xiaolong, in fact, ones life and death are destined, you dont need to worry about me.” Saint Mother Yao Chi went on, “Since I could still see you again here in the Divine World, even if I really die later, I will be content.”

Being alone in the vast Divine World for several hundred years, Saint Mother had always thought she would never see Huang Xiaolong again.

Now that she was able to see him again, to her, this was already having her wish fulfilled.

“Master, dont worry,” Huang Xiaolong reassured Saint Mother Yao Chi, “I will definitely find a way to lift the Devil Heart Blood Curse in your body.”

Saint Mother Yao Chis head lowered, her voice barely audible, “Later on, just call me Yao Chi.” She blushed slightly after saying this.

Huang Xiaolong stilled, but very quickly joy shone from his eyes as he nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

“Erm, actually, that Devil Heart Blood Curse is not so hard to lift.” Just as the atmosphere gravitates towards affectionate, the little cow suddenly spoke.

Both Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi were stunned silly for a moment, then turned to look at the little cow with disbelief.

“Xiaoniū, what, what did you say You know how to lift this Devil Heart Blood Curse!” Huang Xiaolongs voice rose a notch higher due to the excitement.

The little cow snorted proudly, “Hmph! Who do you think this cow is A mere Devil Heart Blood Curse is nothing difficult for me.”  

Huang Xiaolongs eyes widened in annoyance, “Why didnt you tell us earlier!” Still, the joy in his voice was clear.

The shadow of sadness between Saint Mother Yao Chis brows was swept away as she smiled.

“Did you even bother to ask me” The little cow retorted immediately without giving any face, turning its head back to glare at Huang Xiaolong.

Its cow tail swaying unhappily.

“How, then, can we lift the Devil Heart Blood Curse” Huang Xiaolong wasnt interested in debating with Xiaoniū right now, asking urgently.

“I know there is a kind of divine pellet called Reverse Incarnation Pill that can lift it.” The little cow answered.

“Reverse Incarnation Pill.” Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi repeated the name under their breath.

“Correct, this Reverse Incarnation Pill can completely cure all the effects of the Heart Devil Blood Curse, moreover, it can increase ones vitality.” Xiaoniū continued, “However, this Reverse Incarnation Pill is ancient and hard to concoct, not to mention that the ingredients required all are chaos herbs!”

Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi were astounded.

The Reverse Incarnation Pill refinement actually needed chaos herbs! 

The rush of joy they were feeling moments ago dissipated, doused over with icy water.

“What kind of chaos herbs” Huang Xiaolong pulled his thoughts together, asking the little cow.

The little cow subsequently explained all the ingredients needed to refine pill.

There were over a thousand ingredients, and each of then must be ten-million-years-old and above.

The five essential herbs were the Golden Radiant Needle Mushroom, Blue Flaming Heart Fruit, Nine Petals Spiritual Lightning Lotus, Deep Sea Crystal, and Enigmatic Yang Thistle.


The hope brought by the Reverse Incarnation Pill in Yao Chis heart vanished upon hearing that it required more than a thousand chaos herbs.

In her opinion, with her and Huang Xiaolongs capabilities, it was impossible to gather the required ingredients.

She had been in the Divine World for several hundred years now, therefore, she had some understanding of medicinal herbs.

Every single one of the thousand names uttered by the little cow was extremely precious, especially those five essential chaos herbs that she had never even heard of.

Not to mention her, most likely, even a force like the Barbarian God Sect couldnt gather all the required herbs in a short few decades.

Huang Xiaolong was frowning as he listened, then rummaged through the herbs he took from the Zhenyu Sects treasury.

There were over five hundred ingredients mentioned by the little cow inside.

Subsequently, he went through Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei, Cao Munans, and other spatial rings, finding a couple dozen more ingredients that he required.

Now, he had six hundred and twenty-one of the ingredients required to refine the Reverse Incarnation Pill.

Other than the five essential chaos herbs, they needed to find more than six hundred kinds of ingredients on the list.

More than six hundred!

Huang Xiaolongs mind raced as he brought Yao Chi to the Lin Family Fort.

Among the remaining six hundred herbs, he knew that the Barbarian God Sect had a few, but before that, he needed to make the necessary arrangements for Yao Chis safety.

He planned to have her stay at the Lin Family Fort for the time being.

While Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi were heading to the Lin Family Fort, Chen Hao who had been rushing to the Cao Family from the Blood Phoenix Forest was standing in the back hall, looking ashen, fearful, and confused.

There was a hint of denial in his eyes.

Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei, and Cao Munan were dead!

Moments ago, when the Cao Family Grand Elder told him, Chen Haos initial reaction was that the Grand Elder must be joking!

However, several minutes later, Chen Hao finally realized that it was no joke!

Standing there, his brain was in a mess.

It was high noon, but he felt cold to the bones. \'Who was it Who killed Cao Yang and the rest WHO!!\'

News about the deaths of the current Cao Family Patriarch Cao Munan and three Barbarian God Sect Grand Elders spread through the Green Cloud Island like wildfire.

All forces big and small heard the news, including the Great Whale Sect and Elephant Genesis Sect.

All of a sudden, the entire Green Cloud Islands tranquility was shaken, causing doubt and suspicion to sprout.

Only a hidden few were gloating at the news.

“Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, Huang Junfei, and Cao Munan have been killed.

What do you guys think about this matter” Within the Elephant Genesis Sects great hall, Ren Changhai asked Sect Chief Pan Jue and the present Grand Elders.


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