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Chapter 112: The Yang Family’s Arrival!

Two days passed quickly and Huang Xiaolong came out of practicing from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda’s space.

Advancing into the mid-Ninth Order, the battle qi in his body continuously quenched his flesh, muscles, tendons, and skin along with the addition of the Golden Linglong Body physique cultivation technique, Huang Xiaolong’s outer defense was tougher than an old cowhide.

His tendons were very flexible, stretching out quite some length and they were able to burst out in terrifying, explosive power.

Coming out from the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, Huang Xiaolong headed to the Fei Mansion’s hall; along the way, the servants and guards who saw him would salute him respectfully, calling him Young Lord.

Some beautiful maids blushed shyly when they were performing their salutes to him.


Today was Fei Ming’s wedding day, and from top to bottom, the Fei Mansion was filled with cheer and liveliness.

There were also red firecrackers in the Spirit Martial World, and on this day, the main door of Fei Mansion had firecrackers exploding endlessly, livened up the atmosphere of a joyous occasion.

When Huang Xiaolong entered the main hall, Fei Rong, Fei Ming, and the guest Patriarchs were chatting in an amiable atmosphere.

When they noticed Huang Xiaolong coming in, Fei Rong, Fei Ming, and the Patriarchs quickly got up from their seats nervously with fear and trepidation, as if there were burning coals under their butts.

“Greeting Young Lord!” Fei Rong and Fei Ming hurried to salute.

The band of Patriarchs was flashing brilliant smiles as they followed suit: “Young Master Huang, hello!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, asking “Where’s Fei Hou” when he did not see Fei Hou’s silhouette amongst them.

Fei Rong took a step forward and swiftly answered: “Father is inside the inner courtyard; if Young Lord is looking for Father, I will go in and call Father.”

“No need-- I‘ll go look for him myself.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and left the main hall.

After Huang Xiaolong had left the main hall, everyone had an obvious expression of relieved, especially the pair of father and son, Fei Rong and Fei Ming.

There was an evident film of sweat on their foreheads.

While Fei Mansion was bustling in the joy of the occasion, in the Yang Mansion’s secluded secret chamber, a clear hum reverberated and a silhouette came crashing out from the entrance while laughing maniacally.

A strong breath enveloped the entire Yang Mansion, scaring all the individuals inside.

Yang Zheng and Yang Zhanfei that had been waiting outside the secret chamber were ecstatic.

“Father!” “Grandfather!” Calling out, the two of them hastened their steps to come in front of that person.

The person that came out from the secret chamber was none other than Yang An’s grandfather, Yang Dong.

A Xiantian Second Order!

Yang Dong’s feet touched the ground, his eyes swept the surrounding, and asked: “Where’s An’er Why don’t I see An’er!”

Yang Zheng and Yang Zhanfei, father and son, hesitated.

“What is it!” Yang Dong scowled.

“Father, Yang An was beaten, and heavily injured! Right now he is bedridden, and because of that, he is not able to welcome Father coming out of closed-door practice!” Yang Zheng stepped up and explained.

“What” A sharp light shimmered from Yang Dong’s body as his terrifying aura pierced through the sky, and brutality gleamed in his eyes: “Who was it, who was the one who did it”

“It was people from the Fei Mansion!” Yang Zhanfei cuts in.

“Fei Mansion Is it Fei Hou, has he returned” Yang Dong asked.

In Yang Dong’s opinion, regarding the Fei Mansion, Fei Hou was the one only person that has the ability to hurt Yang An.

Yang Zheng shook his head: “Fei Hou has indeed returned, but it wasn’t Fei Hou.

Instead, it was a kid surnamed Huang, about fifteen to sixteen years old.

Fei Hou came back with him!”

“A kid with Huang as a surname” Yang Dong was stunned and unexpected, “No older than sixteen!” Someone that young defeated Yang An

Yang Zheng nodded: “Yes, and the strange thing is, Fei Hou referred to this kid as Young Lord.

Also, Father, Fei Hou has broken through Xiantian realm.”

“Oh, he broke through into the Xiantian realm” Again, this was out of Yang Dong’s expectation, “So he already advanced into Xiantian realm-- no wonder he dared to hurt my grandson, this Yang Dong’s grandson.

Not putting my Yang Mansion in your eyes just because you’re a Xiantian now If I remember correctly, today is Fei Hou’s grandson wedding day right”

“Yes, Father!” Yang Zheng confirmed it.

“Let’s go! Both of you come with me to Fei Mansion; we’re sending them a big gift!”

Yang Zheng and Yang Zhanfei were thrilled, and it showed in their faces.

With Father leading, this time that Fei Hou will surely die! Yang Zheng snickered in his heart.


Thus, led by Yang Dong, a huge group of people from the Yang Mansion headed to the Fei Mansion in a dignified manner.

Before departing, Yang Dong made a trip to the green spring to see his grandson, Yang An.

When he saw Yang An’s chest seemingly sunk in from being beaten, the wrath and killing intent in his heart was inflamed.

The entire way, the Yang Mansion’s people terrified everyone on the streets to the point that they would scurry away or hide after spotting them from afar.

Only after the Yang Mansion people left far away would the passersby come out from hiding.

“It was people from the Yang Mansion! From the looks of it, they are going to the Fei Mansion!”

“There is a good show coming, and today there is a wedding going on in the Fei Mansion.

Perhaps blood will flow today!”

“Let us go and have a look!”

A group of pedestrians followed Yang Dong and his party from some distance behind, heading in the direction of Fei Mansion.

At first, there were only a few people, but the people following behind increased as time passed by, and in the end, it was a sea of heads bobbing behind Yang Dong’s group, about several hundred, yet it was still increasing.


Fei Mansion.

Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou were sitting in the main hall, talking with the current Patriarchs of other families when from the direction of the Fei Mansion’s main door came two tragic shrieks and shocked uproar.

At this time, a spooked Fei Mansion guard ran into the main hall; he quickly blurted out towards Fei Hou: “Old Master, the people from the Yang Mansion is here, Yang Dong’s leading them!”

“Yang Dong!” The Patriarchs that came for the wedding banquet were startled.

Yang Dong represented a Xiantian Second Order expert!

Moreover, Yang Dong was known for his protectiveness; once, a Duke’s son beat up a Yang Mansion’s guard and this Yang Dong actually went to the Duke’s mansion in person asking for an explanation.

He even let that guard beat the Duke’s son until he was half dead, and even though the Duke complained to the King, however, the matter was left alone and unresolved.

This time, the one injured was Yang Dong’s most precious grandson, Yang An.

This time Yang Dong came, most likely….!

He finally came!

Fei Hou’s expression turned cold; he had been preparing for Yang Dong’s arrival the past two days.

“Young Lord!” Fei Hou turned around to look at Huang Xiaolong.

“Let’s go out and see!” Huang Xiaolong said and stood up.

Fei Rong, Fei Ming, and the Patriarchs all stood up, following Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou out from the main hall.

Reaching the main entrance, what welcomed them was a ground full of injured Fei Mansion guards, and in front of the entrance, some Fei Mansion guards were battling with the Yang Mansion guards with battle qi crisscrossed in the air.

Yang Dong, Yang Zheng, and the Yang Mansion experts stood watching on the side.

Both ends of the streets were crowded with a large audience.


The moment Fei Hou came out, Yang Dong’s gaze fell on his body, and sparks of fire ignited when Fei Hou and Yang Dong’s eyes collided.

After a moment, Yang Dong shifted his gaze onto Huang Xiaolong.

His eyes glinted like sharp blades, and killing intent exploded.

When Fei Hou, Huang Xiaolong, and the rest came out, the fighting guards from both sides stopped and retreated to the side.

Then, Yang Dong and Yang Zheng stepped to the front.

“Punk, you are that surnamed Huang rascal” Yang Dong fixed a cold stare at Huang Xiaolong, “I don’t care what your identity is; since you injured my grandson, you must pay a price.

My demand is not unreasonable; as long as you’re willing to cut off both of your arms, I can spare  your life.” Then, Yang Dong looked at Fei Hou: “Otherwise, not only will you die today, even the entire Fei Mansion will be buried together with you!”


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