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Master, in front! Xiaoniū excitedly cried out.

Before Huang Xiaolong understood what the little cow was talking about, it sped off on the other Cloud Devouring Divine Beast.

He then hurried after them.

The little cow led Huang Xiaolong through undulating mountain peaks, stopping in front of a dense primeval forest.

Towering trees with reddish foliage filled their sights.

All of them were flaming fir trees, each of them as thick as ten adult men\'s embrace.

Their leaves glowed red, resembling dancing flames.

Huang Xiaolong had yet to step inside, yet he already felt waves of scorching heat blowing at him.

The flaming fir trees were the Divine Worlds fire element holy trees.

Even though they weren\'t rare, they weren\'t commonly found either.

Their tree bark was extremely hard, one of the precious treasures used to forge divine armor, whereas the leaves were used by Ancient God Realm masters to refine fire element divine pellets.

“This stretch of flaming fir trees seems peaceful, but someone placed a super big Pill Blending Furnace Grand Formation here.

If we enter recklessly, well become even less than mincemeat.” The little cow said to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly shocked.

If the little cow didn\'t tell him, he really wouldn\'t have known that this stretch of flaming fir trees was covered by an enormous Pill Blending Furnace Grand Formation. 

He had previously read about this formation in the Golden Dragon Gates library.

Once it was activated, it attracted heaven fire, earth fire, and heart fire.

Three types of flames would circulate inside the formation, incinerating all trespassers into ashes in an instant.

Taking the Fortune Gate Grand Elders as an example, a slight mistake and they too wouldn\'t be able to escape the fate of being burned to death.

A while later, the little cow led Huang Xiaolong into the flaming forest.

After half a day of moving forward and backward, left and right, the two of them finally passed through the Pill Blending Furnace Grand Formation, safely arriving at the center region of the forest.

In front of Huang Xiaolong was an enormous palace covering an area of several hundred li.

The palace buildings had been constructed using various kinds of fire element trees.

“Divine Phoenix Wood, Yang Dragon Wood, Sky Yang Wood, Sea Fire Heart Tree, Golden Crow Mulberry Tree, …” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed one name after another.

Needless to say, the cost of building such a place was beyond exorbitant.

Each kind of divine wood could only be found in large scale auction houses, and most of these trees, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t even recognize.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow arrived at the square in front of the frontmost palace building.

Erected at the center of this square was a small odd-shaped tower.

This small tower was about two average mens height, with a slightly twisted body.

It was filled with cracks and holes as if someone vented their anger on it…

“Pill Blending Tower” The little cow looked at the small odd-shaped tower and its eyes lit up.

It then tsked and said, “I didnt expect a Pill Blending Tower to be here, but it\'s a pity, what a pity ah!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow for an explanation.

Xiaoniū then explained, “This Pill Blending Tower is a bizarre and wondrous divine artifact.

As long as you can collect sufficient ingredients and place them inside, the tower will turn them into divine pills!”

“Turn ingredients into divine pills!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes widened in astonishment.

Wouldn\'t this mean that the person who owned this tower would never have to worry about pill refining failure

“Thats right,” The little cow nodded, “Unfortunately, judging from its condition, it was half destroyed by a powerful master.

It would be quite hard to fix it.”

But Huang Xiaolongs eyes sparkled as he asked, “Can it also refine chaos spiritual pills”

He was searching for herbs to refine the Reverse Incarnation Pill for Yao Chi, but this was still a chaos spiritual pill.

Even if his cultivation advanced to the Ancient God Realm, he had no confidence hed be able to successfully concoct it.

 But if this Pill Blending Tower could refine chaos spiritual pills, then he might have a way.

The little cow answered, “It naturally can.” It then stared at Huang Xiaolong unblinkingly, “You plan on using this Pill Blending Tower to refine that Reverse Incarnation Pill I have to remind you again, this tower is basically junk now; forget about refining chaos spiritual pills, right now it cant even compare to the pills an average Heavenly God Realm cultivator refines.”

“Is there any way to restore it Huang Xiaolong asked.

 “There is a way,” the little cow spoke slowly before shaking its head, “I In order to fix this Pill Blending Tower, we need a chaos grade five-colored heaven refining stone, but they have been missing for many years.

Although it isn\'t as hard to find as the grandmist aura, it still won\'t be easy.

Another thing is, the grand formation inside this tower is more or less destroyed and is even harder to repair, requiring more than a dozen types of chaos spiritual liquid.”

Huang Xiaolongs face twitched, ‘Your mother, looks like my thoughts were too simple. 

Chaos grade five-colored heaven refining stone!

More than a dozen types of chaos spiritual liquids!

Then again, having hope was better than no hope at all.

Even after hearing this, Huang Xiaolong still put the Pill Blending Tower into his Asura Ring.

Later, in the future, he would find a way to collect the five-colored heaven refining stone and the chaos spiritual liquid.

Following this, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow approached the main entrance of the palace.

Immortal Phoenix God Faith!

These words were written above the entrance in majestic ancient text.

“Do you know anything about this Immortal Phoenix God Faith palace” Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow.

The little cow Xiaoniū crisply replied, “I do not.”

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the little cow in surprise.

“You really think I know everything ah” The little cow snorted.

Huang Xiaolong smiled sheepishly as the two of them entered the palace riding on the Cloud Devouring Divine Beast puppets.

The Pill Blending Tower actually fell into the hands of this Immortal Phoenix God Faith.

It seems this wasn\'t some insignificant force.

Once inside, the two of them arrived at a spacious hall.

On the main wall was a drawing depicting the rebirth of a phoenix, rising from the fire.

The lines of the phoenixs feathers glowed like embers, looking extremely life-like and full of spirit.

The other walls were also filled with drawings of phoenixes in various forms.

At a glance, Huang Xiaolong counted one hundred and eight wall drawings.

“These drawings form a complete cultivation technique for a fire phoenix.” The little cow determined after observation.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, he too saw through these wall paintings moments ago.

Each of the one hundred and eight wall paintings contained one attack move.

The one hundred and eight moves were profound, causing ones battle prowess to rise significantly after practicing them.

However, this wasn\'t Huang Xiaolongs main concern.

He continued to walk further in.

Since this Immortal Phoenix God Faith could lay out the Pill Blending Furnace Grand Formation and even obtained the Pill Blending Tower, then… they should have a lot of divine pellets in their treasury, right

Huang Xiaolong was in a hurry to raise his cultivation.

After walking through the front hall, he and the little cow came to another spacious room.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes widened the moment he stepped inside, amazed and excited as he looked at the walls.

The rooms walls were built from a kind of crystal that Huang Xiaolong did not recognize.

Inlaid on the surface of those crystal walls were divine pellets emitting a soft golden glow, each of them resembling a radiant sun with a circle of glorious flames.

Chaos spiritual pills! These shining pellets were definitely chaos spiritual pills, their grade even higher than low-grade chaos spiritual pills!

Even the little cow broke out in laughter looking at the numerous round pellets on the walls.

Some time later, it shouted, “His nursemaid!” Although it sensed there was an ancient cultivation dwelling within the flaming fir tree forest, especially considering the alarming concentration of fire element energy, it never expected to find this many fire element chaos spiritual pills.

However, right at this time, powerful energy fluctuations came from outside.

“Someones trying to break in!” Huang Xiaolong recovered from his astonishment.


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