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“Master!” The little cows cry brought Huang Xiaolong back to the present.

Huang Xiaolong looked over to where the little cow and the Black Baboon were and flew towards them.

However, when he appeared in front of the little cow, Xiaoniū was staring blatantly at Huang Xiaolongs lower body, screaming all of a sudden: “So big!”

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied for a second, then he shyly looked downwards.

His face instantly turned red.

When his body was modified by the purple grandmist aura, the robe he was wearing was burned to ashes.

For a moment, Huang Xiaolong had forgotten that he was completely naked.

He then quickly took out a new robe from his Asura Ring and put it on.


Even after he put on clothes, the little cow did not remove its sight from his lower part; smacking its mouth.

Huang Xiaolong helplessly smacked the little cows head, “Have you seen enough”

The wide grin on the little cows face made Huang Xiaolong roll his eyes.

He then changed the subject by asking the little cow how long he had been in a coma.

Hearing that it had been a year and two months, Huang Xiaolong was relieved.

Luckily, he could still make it back before the All-Islands Great War started.

A little over a year ago, Huang Xiaolong had no grasp of getting first place in the All-Islands Great War, but his chances of winning after advancing to late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm were much higher.

As for how to leave this independent space, Huang Xiaolong got the answer from the purple grandmist aura dragon, thus he wasn\'t as anxious.

At this moment, he was in no hurry to leave, for he planned to cultivate in this independent space for a while.

A day later, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow finally left.

Flying out from that independent space, they were still within the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow flew straight toward the Vientiane World without stopping to rest.

After obtaining the purple grandmist aura, he faintly sensed a few other sources of grandmist aura in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, but they would have to wait until he returned.

The purple grandmist aura he obtained was sufficient to comprehend and refine for a few years.

However, the purple grandmist auras energy was too shocking, refining and comprehending it would pose quite a problem.

Huang Xiaolong told the little cow about the purple grandmist aura dragon hovering outside his godheads.

The little cow contemplated the problem and said, “Ill teach you a secret technique you can cultivate that allows you to bind the purple grandmist aura dragon to your godhead.

Every time you cultivate, the purple grandmist aura will slowly spread out, merging with your godhead and True Divine Dragon Physique.

This way, you will no longer need to worry about it.”  

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up; this way, he really didn\'t need to worry about the purple dragon.

Otherwise, the grandmist aura dragon lingering inside him was akin to the divine retribution lightning, Huang Xiaolong was especially worried it would wreak havoc.

Hence, as they traveled back to the Vientiane World, Huang Xiaolong learned the technique from the little cow.

This secret technique was actually easy to cultivate, which was why he successfully bound the purple grandmist aura dragon to his three supreme godheads a month later.

As he cultivated, the purple grandmist aura continuously flowed out from the purple dragon.

It could be said that Huang Xiaolongs strength was rising on a daily basis.

Once a person\'s cultivation reached late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, it was much harder to advance.

Oftentimes some late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm masters\' cultivation would only see a slight increase in a hundred years.

But Huang Xiaolongs effort in a single day was better than other late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators hundred years of effort.

While the two of them were rushing back to the Green Cloud Island, a group ofesteemed guests reached the Barbarian God Sect.

Lu Zhuo was cultivating when he heard the servant boy report thay the Ouyang Clan had come to visit.

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling rushed out, leading a  group of Grand Elders to welcome them.

Amongst the dozens of neighboring islands, the Ouyang Clan represented supreme authority.

Their clan wasn\'t only the number one force, but also thebig brother.

A genuine hegemon existence.

The Giant Tribe before was powerful, but compared to the Ouyang Clan it was nothing but an infant beside an adult.

The Ouyang Clan Patriarch and Ancestor were both Seventh Order Ancient God Realm masters.

In the last hundreds of millennia, the Ouyang Clan had nurtured numerous geniuses.

Currently, ten or so of their disciples had been accepted into the Fortune Gate and were extremely valued by the Elders there.

Leading the five guests from the Ouyang Clan, Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling invited them to sit.

This sudden and unexpected visit from the Ouyang Clan confounded Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling.

Inwardly, they tried to guess the purpose of this visit.

“Lu Zhuo, Gu Ling, we\'ll go straight to the point.

We came for the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.” After they were seated, the Ouyang Clan Grand Elder Ouyang Xun did not go about in circles, stating their intention upfront.

“The Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast!” Lu Zhuo and Gu Lings expression tightened immediately.

Neither of them guessed that the Ouyang Clan came to their Barbarian God Sect for that Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

Grand Elder Ouyang Jiang added, “We heard that one of your female disciples has a Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.”

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling didn\'t speak.

The female disciple Ouyang Jiang mentioned was none other than Yao Chi.

For Huang Xiaolongs sake, the Barbarian God Sect gave Yao Chi the identity of a core disciple.

“Wed like to buy that Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast, name your price.” Ouyang Xun said.

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling shouted \'not good\' in their hearts.

Lu Zhuo secretly took in a deep breath before shaking his head, saying, “My apologies, this matter, it isn\'t for me to agree.”

The sharpness in Ouyang Jiangs eyes gleamed hearing Lu Zhuos words, “Not for you to decide That female disciples name is Yao Chi, am I right Isnt she a core disciple of your Barbarian God Sect As the Barbarian God Sects Ancestor, youre telling me it isn\'t for you to decide”

In the eyes of these Ouyang Clan guests, Lu Zhuo was rejecting them.

The Ouyang Clan never expected a rejection, and judging from Lu Zhuos tone, there wasn\'t the slightest hesitation! Since when did others dare to reject their Ouyang Clan in this manner!

Gu Ling couldnt help saying, “If it was another matter, we would agree, but this is related to the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

We really are not the ones to decide.

Ouyang Xun chuckled sinisterly, releasing a whelming pressure from his body, his tone icy, “Lu Zhuo, Gu Ling, to tell you two the truth, it is our Young Lord who wants the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

Today, no matter what, I will take it away.

I know your Barbarian God Sect, the Giant Tribe, Great Whale Sect, and Elephant Genesis Sect have already made a pact, but let me tell you, destroying these four forces is as easy as it gets for our Ouyang Clan.”

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling felt hopeless, who would have thought it was the Ouyang Clan\'s Young Lord who wanted the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beast.

The Ouyang Clan\'s Young Lord was equivalent to half a Patriarch of the Ouyang Clan.

Still, Lu Zhuo firmly shook his head, “My apologies, this matter is not for us to decide.”

Ouyang Jiang lost patience, his palm slammed onto the chair next to him into dust.

Sneering, Ouyang Jiang said, “Since you cannot make a decision, well make it for you.”

Ouyang Xun and the other three Ouyang Clan people also stood up.

Ouyang Jiangs divine sense spread out, covering the entire Barbarian God Sect mountain range in the blink of an eye, immediately discovering the Black Flame Sea Emperor Beasts location.


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