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In the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, Huang Xiaolong looked at the Spirit Lake Cult\'s now dead Chen Weiping, Sun Fangliang, and several others without any emotion.

With a light flick of his finger, he collected all their godheads and spatial rings into his Asura Ring, and with another flick of his finger, nine fireballs fell on the Spirit Lake Cult disciples, erasing all traces of them from the world.

Chen Weipings death would definitely raise an alarm, however, Huang Xiaolong was not afraid of others finding anything.

He then turned around and approached the Ghost Buddha Depository\'s steel door.

Raising palm, he pressed it onto the Great Buddhas palm on the steel door surface, sending out endless pure Buddhism godforce from his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead.

Immediately, the Great Buddha emitted a dazzling golden light, causing the entire door to shake violently.

This continued for more than fifteen minutes when, all of a sudden, the steel door opened, revealing the Ghost Buddha Depository within.

The moment the steel door opened, overwhelming waves of Buddhism energy and divine pellet aura rushed out.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help taking a step back, but his eyes lit up with joy.

Judging from this, it was certain there were high grade divine pellets inside, moreover, Huang Xiaolong was certain they had been refined by that famous Lord Gui Fu, the Ghost Buddha Sect\'s Chief from a million years ago.

Huang Xiaolongs body flickered into a blur, passing through the steel door.

The door then closed by itself before the Great Buddha glimmered in bright golden light and the entire hill disappeared. 

Looking in from outside, there was only darkness, but once Huang Xiaolong passed through the door, he arrived at a bright natural valley that was filled with rare herbs and divine trees.

Merely counting the divine trees, there were almost a hundred of them.

These divine trees were laden with various spiritual fruits that emitted a golden halo. 

Even with Huang Xiaolongs knowledge, he could only recognize a few of them, not to mention the thousand kinds of herbs growing and covering the valley ground.

A large portion of them was at least fifty million years old.

“That is… a chaos spiritual herb, Sun Moon Essence Thistle!” Huang Xiaolong suddenly shivered with excitement, his feet stopped moving as he looked at a corner where inconspicuous small thistles grew.

 Four small thistles, each with five petal-like prickles.

They were deep blue, yet gave off a glimmer resembling sunlight and moonlight.

Huang Xiaolong merged three steps into two, hurrying to the corner where the Sun Moon Essence Thistles grew.

With great care and tenderness, he picked the four small thistles and kept them away inside his Asura Ring.

Just these four Sun Moon Essence Thistles were a good reason for countless experts to fight until blood would flow into a river.

After putting away the thistles, Huang Xiaolong started harvesting the fifty-million-year-old herbs on the ground, transferring them all into his Asura Ring.

As for those numerous spiritual fruits hanging on the trees, although he couldn\'t recognize most of them, just by the thick spiritual energy coming from them, it wasn\'t hard to discern that they were all rare and precious spiritual fruits.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong took some of every kind.

After all, once he entered the Fortune Gate, he would be able to check their library for any information about these spiritual fruits.

The valley was surrounded by mountains, their peaks reaching into the clouds.

It seems the small hill outside was just an illusion, but Huang Xiaolong had to praise the cleverness of the technique.

Even he did not see through the illusion before he entered.

On the four sides of the mountain walls were four caves.

After pondering, Huang Xiaolong first flew toward the cave on the eastern mountain wall.

The startling waves of divine pill aura had come from the northern mountain cave.

The caves stone door was opened, thus Huang Xiaolong was able to enter without any hindrance.

Inside the cave was a space similar to a hall about a hundred square meters.

Placed inside was an odd-shaped cauldron, its right half was golden and the left half was black.

On the golden side, Buddha luminance surged, whereas the black side of the cauldron had thick ghost qi roiling about.

There was also a jade drawer in the hall, a mix of scattered jade bottles seemingly casually thrown on it, from which the startling Buddhism energy originated.

Huang Xiaolong walked to the jade drawer and picked up one of the bottles.

His divine swept over it and discovered that inside was not a pill, but a Buddha!

A golden Buddha in a cross-legged posture, a real flesh and blood Buddha that emitted Buddhism energy.

Detecting Huang Xiaolongs divine sense passing through his body, the little golden Buddha inside opened his eyes; two glaring golden lights shot out from his eyes.

A sharp pain jolted Huang Xiaolongs mind.

Shocked, he swiftly retrieved his divine sense.

In this split second, cold sweat dampened his back.

The golden Buddha inside the jade bottle had no doubt been refined by Lord Gui Fu.

In a short period of a million years, these Buddhism element divine pellets had developed their own consciousness and their high cultivation had enabled them to take human shape.

At least Seventh Order Ancient God Realm

If it wasnt for the restrictions placed over the jade bottle that blocked most of the golden Buddhas attack, Huang Xiaolong would have suffered heavy injuries

A while later, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention to the other jade bottles on the drawer.

Inside every one of them was a small golden Buddha.

Each of their cultivation varied, some more powerful than others, but Huang Xiaolong was shocked to discover that one of the golden Buddhas\' cultivation was close to the Ancestor God Realm!

Huang Xiaolong pressed down the excitement in his heart as he swept all the jade bottles into his Asura Ring, including that Ghost Buddha Divine Cauldron.

There were over thirty bottles, and Huang Xiaolongs cultivation could rise significantly with them.

However, he planned to consume them after breaking through to the Ancient God Realm once the All-Islands Great War ended instead of right now.

These Buddhism divine pellets energy was too shocking; it would be safer for him to consume them after his breakthrough.

Huang Xiaolong came out from the eastern mountain cave, arriving at the southern cave.

Inside was the body of a middle-aged man in a sitting position.

Buddhism energy flowed from this his body, yet it contained layers of cold ghost qi.

Without the need to guess, Huang Xiaolong confirmed that this middle-aged was the Ghost Buddha Sect\'s long lost Patriarch, Gui Fu.

He then noticed a ring on Gui Fus left hand finger, its surface carved with intertwined Buddhas and devils.

Huang Xiaolong bent down and saluted Gui Fus body, then a force from his hand sucked that ring into his palm.

On Huang Xiaolongs palm, the ring felt warm one moment then cold the next, faint Buddhism energy and ghost qi penetrated his skin from the ring.

This Ghost Buddha Ring was similar to the Ghost Buddha Cauldron, forged with materials from the Buddha World and Ghost World, which was why both of them could possess Buddhism energy and ghost qi at the same time.

Other disciples might not be able to withstand the Buddhism energy and ghost qi entering their body at the same time, but Huang Xiaolong, with his three supreme godheads, has nothing to be afraid of.

Huang Xiaolong peeked into the Ghost Buddha Ring.

There was a tally inside, and judging from the inscriptions on it, it should be the Ghost Buddha Sect Chiefs belonging.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Gui Fu, and after some contemplation, he moved the corpse into the Ghost Buddha Ring.

However, the Ghost Buddha Sect Chief Gui Fu was an Ancestor God Realm master before his death, Huang Xiaolongs plan of refining his body into a puppet would require him to breakthrough to the Ancestor God Realm as well.

Coming out from the southern mountain cave, Huang Xiaolong took another look at the northern and western caves.

These two caves contained some ancient techniques as well as some rare items collected by the Ghost Buddha Sect Chief.

These rare items ranged from Divine World iron and ores, ancient divine beasts bones, and Buddha Pearls to Buddhism weapons.

Huang Xiaolong took everything with him.

Taking another look around and determining that there was nothing else, he left the Ghost Buddha Depository.


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