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The moment Huang Xiaolong\'s voice fell, the square abruptly quieted down.

 Tan Lin suddenly laughed out loud, You say that I, Tan Lin, a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm possessing both the Dawn Radiance unique physique and Illusionary Godhead, cannot win against a mere peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm Even an Ancestor God Realm master would die laughing from this joke! 

At the end, Tan Lin\'s last laughter was even louder.

The Twin Cities Sect disciples in the distance joined in the laughter.

In the midst of their laughter, Huang Xiaolong spoke again, I will give you three moves!

Tan Lin\'s eyes were icy cold.

The Twin Cities Sect disciples were stunned, and so was everyone else before they burst into laughter.

Oh, my mother, this punk nearly made me piss my pants from laughing, does he think he\'s Zhou Xu He actually dares to give our Senior Brother Tan Lin three moves

Even if it were Zhou Xu, he still wouldn\'t dare to say this kind of thing! This punk went too far bluffing, damn!

Senior Tan Lin, abuse him to death!

Abuse him to death!

Several Twin Cities Sect disciples excitedly clamored.

The experts around the square area were shaking their heads at Huang Xiaolong\'s bluff, all thought Huang Xiaolong was arrogant and ignorant.

Earlier, when Zhou Xu gave Tao Ming a three move handicap, it was because he had the strength, yet this Huang Xiaolong was stealing Zhou Xu\'s trick Was he trying to attract the public\'s attention with a claptrap Did he even have Zhou Xu\'s strength

That Huang Xiaolong definitely did not possess Zhou Xu\'s strength!

Even the five Fortune Gate Ancestors watching from the void were slightly frowning, thinking that Huang Xiaolong was being arrogant.

This brat probably can\'t withstand ten strikes from Tan Lin, yet he dares to give him three moves first. Black Ice Ancestor harrumphed sharply.

A person with this kind of attitude will have a limited future! 

Lightning Hammer Ancestor laughed instead, This brat is similarly as arrogant as I was when I just entered the Fortune Gate, he resembles the past me.

Sky Sword Ancestor chimed in All of us have emperor rank godheads, a little arrogance is granted.

But this brat who only has a high grade king rank godhead is overly rampant, too ignorant!

On the stage, Tan Lin wasn\'t laughing at all.

He was enduring, enduring so much that he looked uncomfortable to say the least, until he exploded in laughter together with the other Twin Cities Sect disciples.

After laughing for a while, Tan Lin was the first to stop.

A cold cruel light was reflected in his eyes, Seeing your ignorance, I won\'t go all out! Both of Tan Lin\'s arms extended to his side as he rose into the air, hovering above the stage.

Streams of white light flocked toward Tan Lin from the surroundings, gathering around him.

First from around the square, then from outside the square, then the entire Fortune City area!

All the light element force that existed in Fortune City was gathered around him.

People at the square immediately felt a kind of pressure.

A very strong Dawn Radiance Physique! His physique\'s abilities have completely awakened, right They must have, to be able to display such a strong light gathering ability! 

It shouldn\'t be, right A completely awakened Dawn Radiance Physique could gather the entire Vientiane World\'s light element energy, that is what I\'ve heard! Then again, even if Tan Lin\'s Dawn Radiance Physique hasn\'t fully awakened, it\'s enough to defeat Huang Xiaolong!

Some experts were talked excitedly.

In the distance, ecstasy was shining from Ouyang Yunfei\'s eyes as he spoke, Senior Brother Tan Lin is so strong! Huang Xiaolong, youre dead for sure!

Ouyang Bin, Ouyang Xuguang, and the rest of Ouyang Clan\'s group were ecstatic.

Light element speckles continued to gather around Tan Lin\'s body from all over the place, causing the stage to become brighter and brighter.

Huang Xiaolong seemed to have lost his brilliance now that all eyes were on Tan Lin.

A long time later, the bright speckles gathering around Tan Lin finally stopped.

Like a giant radiant sun, he looked at Huang Xiaolong below with a hint of contempt.

All of a sudden, Tan Lin attacked.

His body suddenly turned surreal before disappeared from space.

He had truly disappeared as if he was completely non-existent.

This is the Illusionary Godhead\'s power! 

I didn\'t think Tan Lin had already comprehended his Illusionary Godhead\'s power! No wonder he\'s the Twin Cities Sect\'s number one genius!

Everyone was astonished.

Tan Lin who employed his Illusionary Godhead\'s power, reached Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye, without a shadow or ripple or energy.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong in front of him, brutality filled his eyes, thinking, \'You can go to hell, punk!\' His two fists struck accurately on Huang Xiaolong with a boom.

The stage shook, causing the air to continuously burst.

Rays of dazzling godforce condensed into a terrifying fist force, slamming toward Huang Xiaolong akin to two ancient great mountains.

He too wanted to defeat Huang Xiaolong in one strike, to make him understand that what he said about three moves was a ridiculous joke.

Tan Lin didn\'t believe that Huang Xiaolong would be able to withstand these two fists that condensed a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm\'s light element godforce!

Those spectating crowd outside the square was heavily shaking their heads when they saw Tan Lin suddenly appear so close to Huang Xiaolong.

Gasps of nervousness sounded from the crowd.

Some Second Order, and even late-Second Order Ancient God Realm cultivators were shocked.

Tan Lin\'s attack showed his unfathomable strength, even they would suffer heavy injuries if hit!

When Tan Lin\'s fists were moments away from reaching their target, Huang Xiaolong suddenly raised his arms, reaching out and grabbing Tan Lin\'s fists that were akin to ancient great mountain s in his palms.

The tempestuous light element godforce from moments ago was gone like water doused over fire, vanishing entirely.

Everyone watching was dumbstruck.

The Twin Cities Sect\'s experts and disciple were agape like idiots as Tan Lin\'s fists were fixed in the air.

Following that, as if he was throwing out rubbish, Huang Xiaolong flung him away.

Tan Lin rolled head down and butt up until the edge of the stage.

Not a sound could be heard around the square.

Hidden in the void above, none of the five Fortune Gate Ancestors spoke, each of them having a complicated and strange expression on their faces.

Zhou Xu\'s eyes widened all of a sudden at the sight, his eyelids twitching for a second.

On the stage, Huang Xiaolong looked at Tan Lin who he had thrown away, saying, I said I\'ll give you three moves, so you still have two more moves.

Please, at least take out the strength you used to drink milk.

Take out the strength you used to drink milk!

However, no one was laughing after hearing this.

No one could believe what they had witnessed earlier.

Just now, one of the three emperor rank godhead disciples, Tan Lin, was thrown away by a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm like he was throwing rubbish!

Tan Lin got back up on his feet.

Although he was thrown away, Huang Xiaolong had controlled his strength, hence Tan Lin wasn\'t injured.

Sensing the strange gazes from every corner staring at him with disbelief, Tan Lin suddenly roared toward the sky.

When he stopped, his eyes had completely turned white, and his entire body emitted dazzling white light.

From afar, he could be described as a cracked human-shaped sun.

Tan Lin\'s aura rose continuously, becoming many times more powerful than earlier.

In the crowd\'s eyes, there was a ball of light in each of Tan Lin\'s palms that expanded rapidly as earth yellow light rippled within.

This is the Twin Cities Sect\'s Great Earth Divine Arts that reached the ninth level, the Great Earth Soil Light! An expert exclaimed.

The Great Earth Soil Light spinning in Tan Lin\'s palms caused the surrounding square to quake, as if there was a giant beast underneath that wished to break free.


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