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When Myriad Flames Ancestor, Black Ice Ancestor, and the others heard that the big movements were due to Huang Xiaolong breaking through to the Ancient God Realm, everyone was shocked.

Sky Sword Ancestor exclaimed in shock, I heard that Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion the day after the apprenticeship ceremony, does that mean this kid has been in seclusion for four months

Four months!

The usual Fortune Gate genius disciples took about two months to break through.

Even Li Lu only took a bit over three months.

Blood Knife Ancestor nodded with a smiling face, Isn\'t that so At first, Senior Brother Golden Brow and I thought something happened, who would have thought this kid still wouldn\'t come out after four months.

The fact that he needs so much time may be related to his True Dragon Physique.

At this time, Zhu Yi, Zhu Feng, Wang Wei, Li Lu, Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and Luo Yunjie also came.

They too were astonished.

They could see the rays of blinding light piercing the sky from the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace, growing more powerful as they covered the surroundings.

The dragon might became more robust.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed.

Watching the movements growing bigger still as Huang Xiaolong attempted to break through, Zhu Feng, Wang Wei, Zhou Xu, and Tan Lin didn\'t look so happy.

Lightning Hammer Ancestor looked at the light that was still growing brighter above then and couldn\'t help sighing, Looking at this situation, Huang Xiaolong can probably advance directly to late-First Order Ancient God Realm.

\'Late-First Order Ancient God Realm!\'

Even Li Lu only reached mid-First Order when she broke through.

Everyone was inwardly shocked, but no one said anything.

A second passed before Black Ice Ancestor spoke, With Blood Knife Ancestor\'s spirit blood pool and that Ancestral Dragon Fruit, if he couldnt breakthrough to late-First Order Ancient God Realm, it would be really strange. Adding, I didn\'t expect Junior Brother Blood Knife to be so generous, even willing to take out that Ancestral Dragon Fruit to help your disciple break through.

Obviously, Black Ice Ancestor thought the Ancestral Dragon Fruit was taken out by Blood Knife Ancestor.

Hearing Black Ice Ancestor\'s word Blood Knife Ancestor snorted, I am generous, but aren\'t you the same When Li Lu that girl wanted to break through to the Ancient God Realm, I heard you even took out the Divine Snow Jade Purifying Mind Fruit you\'ve kept on you for ages. 

Black Ice Ancestor\'s actions were understandable.

At that time, when Li Lu wanted to breakthrough, Blood Knife Ancestor did not allow her to enter the spiritual blood pool, and Black Ice Ancestor was still holding a grudge due to this.

Black Ice Ancestor wanted to argue, but the bright sky suddenly darkened.

Everyone looked at the sky in a daze.

They saw dark clouds swirling in the depths of the dark sky.

In the blink of an eye, the dark clouds spread over several li and were still expanding at a frightening rate.

Flickering streaks of lightning snaked through the dark clouds.

This...! Huang Xiaolong\'s Ancient God Realm\'s tribulation cloud is so big! Myriad Flames Ancestor exclaimed.

The clouds have already exceeded twenty li in diameter!

  Over twenty li!Sky Sword and Lightning Hammer both exclaimed.

When Li li broke through, her tribulation clouds only reached twenty li.

Huang Xiaolong\'s Ancient God Realm tribulation clouds expanded to over sixty li in diameter before they eyes finally stopped expanding, slowly roiling in the sky.

Golden Brow and Blood Knife Ancestor were astounded.

Although the dark clouds stopped expanding, the streaks of lightning continued to condense, stronger and more powerful.

Earlier, the lightning streaks were just string thick, but soon grew to arm-sized thick and were still growing.

Seeing this, Li Lu\'s heart tightened with worry.

Even Huang Xiaolong\'s tribulation lightning was double the size of the average cultivator.

If the streaks of lightning continued to become more powerful, could Huang Xiaolong withstand this Ancient God Realm tribulation

If the first breakthrough attempt failed, the second time would be harder, and the chances of it happening the third time were even smaller.

Wang Wei, Zhu Feng, Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, these four peoples\' initially ugly expressions began to relax, inwardly feeling schadenfreude.

Within the palace, Huang Xiaolong was still sitting cross-legged above the spiritual blood pool, enshrouded within a cocoon on bright light.

The Ancestral Dragon Fruit was now only half its original size.

Huang Xiaolong\'s three supreme godheads were still frenziedly absorbing the Ancestral Dragon Fruit, the purple grandmist aura dragon, as well as the spiritual blood pool\'s energy.

Five months passed. 

Huang Xiaolong\'s three supreme godheads shone brighter than ever.

Every ray of light was akin to sharp chaos blades that would even cut the average First Order Ancient God Realm cultivators into pieces were they to approach.


High in the air, Golden Brow and Blood Knife\'s frown deepened. \'Still hasn\'t broken through\'

The rolling dark tribulation clouds above had reached eighty li in diameter, moreover, the streaks of lightning were now four meters thick.

Myriad Flames Ancestor, Sky Sword Ancestor, Lightning Hammer Ancestor, Fortune Gate Chief Zhu Yi and others couldn\'t hide the astonishment from their eyes.

This kind of Ancient God Realm tribulation lightning had already exceeded their scope of understanding.

 What the damnation is that kid doing! Blood Knife Ancestor was anxious and irritated at the same time.

Did Huang Xiaolong have any chance of successfully breaking through under such tribulation lightning

Black Ice Ancestor sighed, What a pity, Huang Xiaolong\'s True Dragon Physique attracted such heaven-defying Ancient God Realm tribulation lightning.

Such a genius, yet he cannot even break through to the Ancient God Realm.

If this matter spread out, others will laugh at our Fortune Gate!

Blood Knife Ancestor\'s face sank, Black Ice old hag, if Huang Xiaolong succeeds in breaking through, what will you do

Black Ice Ancestor laughed and said, Among the treasures in my Black Ice Treasure, you can pick one as you like.

Then again, if Huang Xiaolong fails to advance, I don\'t want anything else, just your spiritual blood pool will do!

Blood Knife Ancestor gritted his teeth and shouted: Deal!

When the other Ancestors saw this, a few of them shook their heads, yet there was nothing they could say.

Golden lights flickered across Golden Brow Ancestor\'s eyes.

Time slowly passed, and soon, six months had gone by.

The dark tribulation clouds had expanded to a hundred li in, whereas the lightning streaks were now five meters thick.

However, if Myriad Flames Ancestor and others paid slightly more attention, they would notice the dark tribulation clouds were 499,999 li.

Tribulation clouds rolled, covering the sky above the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace.

Lightning streaks occasionally broke the darkness as they continued to gather their strength.

Even Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, Luo Yunjie, and Li Lu who were standing several hundred Li away felt apprehensive.

Li Lu was extremely anxious.

Watching the terrifying streaks of lightning dancing within the dark clouds, Black Ice Ancestor\'s lips curved into a smile.

Another ten days passed when, all of a sudden, the tribulation lightning that had been brewing inside the clouds flashed.

Numerous streaks of tribulation lightning howled, striking madly at the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace where Huang Xiaolong was.

The sky above the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace seemed to have lost its brightness for a moment, leaving only a destructive flash of lightning.

One could only rely on oneself when facing Ancient God Realm tribulation lightning, that was also why Golden Brow and Blood Knife couldn\'t interfere.

Their eyes stared fixedly at the destructive streaks of lightning falling onto Huang Xiaolong like a galaxy river from the ninth heaven.


Horrifying booms continuously rang with the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace before spreading out.

The entire Thousand Spirit Mountain shook slightly.

The tribulation lightning seemed endless, falling down from the dark clouds to the ground, causing the shaking of the Thousand Spirit Mountain to grow increasingly powerful.


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