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That spiritual blood pool took tens of thousands of years of effort to form, collecting numerous divine beasts\' blood essence and chaos spiritual herbs!

For many years, Blood Knife himself was reluctant to use the spiritual blood pool.

Yet now, more than half of its energy was absorbed by Huang Xiaolong!

Blood Knife Ancestor\'s heart felt as if it was cut into a dozen pieces, so painful that he almost collapsed.

Erm, Second Master, are you alright Watching Blood Knife Ancestor\'s face twitched in pain, Huang Xiaolong asked in embarrassment.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong\'s question, Blood Knife Ancestor let out a generous laugh, saying, It\'s nothing, nothing.

There\'s not much confidence we initially leaving this blood pool around, it\'s just right that you used it to break through to the Ancient God Realm!

Recalling the fact that he had won the bet with Black Ice Ancestor and could now enter her treasury to pick one thing, Blood Knife\'s heart was slightly appeased.

One of the treasures inside Black Ice Ancestor\'s treasury was sufficient to compensate for his spiritual blood pool.

Thinking of this, Blood Knife Ancestor looked at Huang Xiaolong with a strange gaze.

He really couldn\'t understand, how did Huang Xiaolong absorb more than half of the spiritual blood pool\'s energy

He knew very well how astounding such amount of energy was.

In Blood Knife\'s opinion, even a Tenth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator would explode from that much spiritual energy.

However, Huang Xiaolong was fine!

Was his variant True Dragon Physique monstrous to this extent!

Myriad Flames Ancestor, Lightning Hammer Ancestor, and the others were so looking strangely at Huang Xiaolong.

Their gazes were no different than looking at terrifying fierce beast that had just hatched from a giant egg.

Facing these people\'s strange gazes, Huang Xiaolong was unusually calm.

He wasn\'t afraid of Myriad Flames Ancestor or other Ancestors discovering his three supreme godheads.

Regardless, in the future, he would push everything out of the ordinary onto his variant Five Elements Godhead.

Your True Dragon Physique swallowed more than half of the spiritual blood pool\'s energy You managed to break through to peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm because you refined the Ancestral Dragon Fruit Clearly, Black Ice Ancestor could not accept these as truths, and her face darkened as she barked, Huang Xiaolong, you dare conceal the truth in front of the Gate Chief and us Ancestors, do you know your sin!

Blood Knife Ancestor retorted in anger, Old hag Black Ice, even if my disciple broke through to Third Order Ancient God Realm, it has nothing to do with you, does it Is he obligated to explain to you in detail how he broke through! Sneering, he added, Is it because you lost the bet that you\'re venting your anger on my disciple

Feeling slightly guilty, Black Ice Ancestor spoke even louder, Nonsense! Huang Xiaolong is our Fortune Gate\'s number one genius disciple, I asked the the details of his breakthrough out of concern, worried there might be something wrong with his True Dragon Physique.

In a short nine months, Huang Xiaolong swallowed more than half of the spiritual blood pool\'s energy, as well as the Ancestral Dragon Fruit, am I right Are you all saying there is no problem with this

Doubt lingered in Myriad Flames Ancestor, Lightning Hammer Ancestor, and others\' faces.

Indeed, there was something fishy about this.

Golden Brow Ancestor\'s eyes flickered, but just as he was about to speak, Huang Xiaolong \'s voice sounded, Big Master, Second Master, since Black Ice Ancestor does not believe me, disciple is willing to let Black Ice Ancestor inspect whether there is any problem with my True Dragon Physique and Five Element Godhead.

Huang Xiaolong extended his hand with a calm expression.

He truly wasn\'t afraid that Black Ice Ancestor would find anything.

Seeing this, both Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor kept silent.

Black Ice Ancestor walked up to Huang Xiaolong and a blue light flickered from her hand, entering Huang Xiaolong\'s body through his palms.

It then arrived at his consciousness.

Similar to the time on the battle stage when several Ancestors inspected his godhead, there were five godheads hovering in Huang Xiaolong\'s consciousness; metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

A while later, Black Ice Ancestor found nothing suspicious after inspecting his entire body.

However, it shocked her how much stronger Huang Xiaolong\'s True Dragon Physique was after advancing to the Ancient God Realm.

Huang Xiaolong was currently a peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm, but perhaps not even a Sixth Order Ancient God Realm\'s physique was as strong as his.

In front of others, Black Ice Ancestor dared not do anything underhanded to Huang Xiaolong.

In the end, she could only retrieve her godforce unwillingly.

 Watching this, Blood Knife Ancestor\'s face split into a wide grin, How is it, old hag Black Ice, did you discover anything

Black Ice Ancestor merely snorted.

Curious, Lightning Hammer Ancestor, Myriad Flames Ancestor, Sky Sword Ancestor also went up to check Huang Xiaolong\'s condition.

Without exception, all of them inwardly praised his True Dragon Physique.

Watching their reactions, Golden Brow, Blood Knife, and Zhu Yi also felt curious, and went up to inspect Huang Xiaolong as well.

Freak, you kid is a freak ah! Blood Knife Ancestor exclaimed at Huang Xiaolong.

Perhaps not even the third ranked Great Sage Divine Physique is as monstrous as your variant True Dragon Physique!

\'Great Sage Divine Physique!\' Huang Xiaolong exclaimed inwardly.

He knew that first among the three thousand unique physiques was the Heaven\'s Dao Physique, possessed by the Son of Heaven\'s Dao, but the second and third ranked physiques were never known to him.

Now he found out that the third was named Great Sage Divine Physique!

In the past, during the Battle of the Heavenly Court, we had seen a peerless genius disciple who possessed the Great Sage Divine Physique! Blood Knife Ancestor recalled with excitement about the past.

Immediately, Huang Xiaolongs interest was piqued, Battle of the Heavenly Court Second Master, what is this Battle of the Heavenly Court

Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, Luo Yunjie, as well as Li Lu were looking at Blood Knife Ancestor, it was obvious the four of them didn\'t know about it either.

Zhu Yi took over the conversation, saying,Originally, we planned to leave this matter for when you advanced to the Ancestor God Realm, but telling you all this now isn\'t a bad thing.

In short, this Battle of the Heavenly Court is a gathering of our Divine Worlds hundred million world surfaces\' elite disciples where they battle for a spot in the ultimate competition for first place!

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Zhou Xu, and others were flabbergasted.

The Divine Worlds hundred million world surfaces\' elites!

The All-Islands Great War not long ago was just the battle between geniuses of a single mainland in the Vientiane World.

At that time, a trillion monstrous genius disciples from the entire Divine World\'s surfaces would come together to compete, what a scene that would be!

Wang Wei and Zhu Feng revealed longing expressions.

In fact, we do not have the qualifications to participate in the Battle of the Heavenly Court. Golden Brow Ancestor said added, In the past, it was our Master Ancestor who participated, which is why we\'re lucky enough to follow and spectate the battles.

Huang Xiaolong and the others were astounded, even Golden Brow Ancestor wasn\'t qualified to participate in the Battle of Heavenly Battle! Golden Brow Ancestor was the previous Fortune Gate Chief, his strength unfathomable.

His cultivation was most likely above Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm!

Not even a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm is qualified to participate in the Battle of the Heavenly Court. As if he saw the doubt in Huang Xiaolong and the others\' eyes, Golden Brow Ancestor went on, That\'s why you all knowing this now is useless, however, all of you are geniuses with emperor rank godheads

 If you work hard and cultivate well, and if luck allows it, perhaps you can breakthrough to the realm we did not.

At that time, you will be able to participate in that battle!

However, breaking through to that realm was easier said than done.

Even emperor rank godhead disciples merely had a bigger chance.


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