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Huang Xiaolong nodded at Luo Yunjie as a greeting, then looked at the Sans Devil Stele.

However, the viewing terrace wasn\'t big, and both Zhou Xu and Tan Lin took the center space, which also blocked Huang Xiaolong\'s path.

Seeing that Zhou Xu and Tan Lin had no intention whatsoever to make room for him, Huang Xiaolong sneered before walking straight up between them.

Before Huang Xiaolong\'s cultivation broke through to the Ancient God Realm, his True Dragon Physique\'s strength was already overwhelming, and now, after his breakthrough, his body\'s toughness was comparable to a chaos spiritual weapon.

Just this simple action of slipping between Zhou Xu and Tan Lin sent both of them flying off the terrace.

Both Zhou Xu and Tan Lin exerted quite an effort to stabilize their bodies.

The sharp pain in their shoulders felt as if the bones were broken. 

“Huang Xiaolong, you…!” Zhou Xu and Tan Lin were trembling in anger.

“I what” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent cold voice asked, “You want to fight Will the both of you come together, or one by one”

Zhou Xu and Tan Lins faces turned red at Huang Xiaolongs words.

In the end, the two of them could only glare at Huang Xiaolong, but their feet didnt move even half an inch.

Judging from Huang Xiaolongs freakish breakthrough to peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm earlier, he could probably casually pinch them to death, they naturally wouldnt find trouble for themselves.

Huang Xiaolong stood there, looking at the dark stele that seemed to absorb all light, suddenly feeling a closeness to it.

This kind of feeling appeared out of nowhere.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback by this sudden feeling. ‘This...! Could this stele be related to Hells Asura

The closeness Huang Xiaolong felt earlier came from his Asura King bloodline.

He slightly pondered the matter, then his palm reached out to touch the Sans Devil Stele.

The black surface felt cold under Huang Xiaolongs palm, yet other than coldness there was nothing.

Huang Xiaolong activated his bloodline, causing Asura blood force to flow from his palm into the Sans Devil Stele.

The result was unexpected to Huang Xiaolong, for the stele remained as before, unresponsive.

Watching this, Zhou Xu chuckled sinisterly, “Huang Xiaolong, seeing your serious expression just now, I really thought you had a way to refine the Sans Devil Stele.

Who would have expected you to be just like us, the Sans Devil Stele doesnt give a damn who you are!”

Tan Lin snickered and chimed in, “Maybe he will do it a while later When he refines the Sans Devil Stele, hell surely attract the Ancestors and Gate Chief!” His tone was heavy with ridicule.

Ignoring the two of them, Huang Xiaolong continued to study the Sans Devil Stele.

Just now, the feeling that came from his Asura bloodline couldn\'t be wrong.

Was the lack of response because his strength was insufficient

On the spot, Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Supreme Godhead spun at high speed.

Darkness element godforce rushed out endlessly from his palm into the black stele.

In the next instant, the Sans Devil Stele that had stood there silently for countless millennia suddenly burst out in a dazzling black light.

Zhou Xu and Tan Lins laughter died abruptly, staring at the black stele with mouths agape.

Luo Yunjie was astounded as well.

“Th-theres a reaction from the Sans Devil Stele!”

The black rays of light coming from the Sans Devil Stele grew increasingly stronger, exuding a cold darkness and a bloodthirsty aura that spread outward.

The terrace Huang Xiaolong was standing on started to shake.

Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and Luo Yunjies bodies quivered as they watched the cold dark energy inching towards them, all three quickly backed away in fear.

“What is happening here!” A sonorous voice demanded.

A golden light first streaked across the sky from the Assembly Shrine.

This was Golden Brow Ancestor.

Subsequently, Blood Knife Ancestor, Lightning Hammer, and others arrived in a group.

When the Ancestors and Gate Chief arrived and saw the dazzling black rays of light from the black stele and feeling that dark and bloodthirsty aura, they were all shocked.

“How come...

the Sans Devil Stele!”

All eyes fell onto Huang Xiaolongs body like arrows.

“Xiaolong could actually cause the Sans Devil Stele to react!” Blood Knife Ancestor came to his senses and exclaimed in excitement.

Golden Brow Ancestor too was so excited that his golden brows quivered, “This kid, if he really can refine the Sans Devil Stele, then…!”

Zhu Yi and the other Ancestors expressions were different from Blood Knife and Golden Brow.

Others might not know, but they certainly did.

Anyone who could refine this Sans Devil Stele would not only obtain a top rank chaos grade artifact but also the treasures that Blue Lion Ancestor left behind two hundred million years ago!

Blue Lion Ancestor, other than his astounding strength, his hobby was to explore different perilous lands.

Hence, when he was still alive, he found a lot of rare and precious treasures, one of which was precisely this Sans Devil Stele.

In the past, before Blue Lion Ancestor passed away, he had left word that any future disciple that could refine the stele and solve its mystery could inherit the treasures he left behind.

Thinking of this, Black Ice Ancestors expression was slightly ugly.

For so many years, she had been studying the Sans Devil Stele, intending to refine it.

Amongst Blue Lion Ancestors treasures, there was something she really wanted.

But now, if Huang Xiaolong really managed to refine the Sans Devil Stele...!

Ignorant of others thoughts, the Sans Devil Stele became increasingly bright, waves of dark energy rushed out like a fountain, spreading further.


Huang Xiaolongs silhouette flickered in and out of view with the Sans Devil Stele under the black light.

Suddenly, an enormous blood-red eyeball emerged from the back of the stele.

As the enormous blood-red appeared, the indescribable power coming from it made Golden Brow Ancestor and the others feel dread.

“Xiaolong, watch out!”Blood Knife Ancestor who was sensitive towards dark energy shouted.

Before Blood Knife could warn him, Huang Xiaolong was hit by a blood-red light from the eyeball.

Like a broken kite, Huang Xiaolong was knocked backward, crashing on the square in the distance.

“Xiaolong!” This was the scene Li Lu who just rushed over saw.

Her beautiful face paled as she shouted Huang Xiaolongs name.

In a flicker, she arrived at his side, holding him and feeding him healing pellet.

Xiaolong, are you alright!” Golden Brow Ancestor and the rest also reached Huang Xiaolongs side.

Golden Brow Ancestor quickly sent a ray of golden light into Huang Xiaolongs body, inspecting his condition.

Huang Xiaolong slowly stood up, shaking his head, he said, “Im fine.”

Although the enormous blood-red eyeballs attack was strong, he had the Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead which could purify all kinds of dark energy, he would naturally be alright.

Looking at the Sans Devil Stele again, Huang Xiaolong frowned; he didnt expect his efforts to come to naught in the end.

The enormous blood-red eyeball that appeared at the crucial moment was no doubt the steles spirit.

Currently, his strength was insufficient to suppress the enormous blood-red eyeball, but he had a ninety percent chance of refining it if his cultivation reached the Ancestor God Realm.

When Black ice Ancestor saw that Huang Xiaolong failed, she inwardly breathed in relief.


Two days later, Huang Xiaolong and Li Lu were walking on the streets of Fortune City.

“Luer, you really dont want to follow me to Green Cloud Island” Huang Xiaolong asked.

In the last two days, his injuries caused by the Sans Devil Steles blood-red eyeball had completely healed and he decided to return to Green Cloud Island in a day or two.

Li Lu hesitated, but shook her head in the end, “My Fortune Divine Art has reached a crucial period, Master won\'t allow me to leave the Fortune Divine Kingdom for too long.”

Huang Xiaolong pulled a face at Li Lu.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu laughed.

“Enough you, you and I are in the same sect now, there will be a lot of opportunities to meet.”

As they walked, they arrived at the entrance of Myriad Gods Manor.


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