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Law enforcement patrol team leader Peng Rong was astonished by seeing Ma Yihai\'s miserable state, especially because he knew Ma Yihai\'s identity and status.

Peng Rong\'s gaze followed Ma Yihai\'s venomous gaze towards Huang Xiaolong.

Because Peng Rong was standing behind Huang Xiaolong, he couldn\'t see his face, but he had a feeling that Huang Xiaolong\'s back looked familiar…

Right at that moment, Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder at Peng Rong.

Peng Rong finally got a good look of Huang Xiaolong\'s face.

A thunderclap shook Peng Rong\'s mind.

Huang, Huang Xiaolong!

Ma Yihai may not have recognized Huang Xiaolong; but it was impossible for Peng Rong to not recognize him, since Peng Rong was a Fortune Gate\'s core disciple as well as the leader of a law enforcement team.

During the last All-Islands Great War, his patrol team was on duty around the square.

He had seen each of Huang Xiaolong\'s stage battle up close.

Huang, Huang Xiaolong! Peng Rong stammered awkwardly. 

Ma Yihai and the shop\'s guards were dazed for a moment after hearing Huang Xiaolongs name from Peng Rong\'s mouth.

Their eyes widened in shock as they turned to look at him.

Huang Xiaolong! Ma Yihai was stupefied in disbelief while panic gripped his heart.

\'He is Huang Xiaolong! How was that possible!\' This Fortune Gate inner disciple was actually Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong\'s indifferent gaze swept over Peng Rong\'s face briefly, but then he ignored him and returned his attention to Ma Yihai.

There was dread in Ma Yihai\'s eyes.

But before he could utter a sound, a force from Huang Xiaolong\'s hand pulled Ma Yihai in front of him .

Thats when Ma Yihai suddenly felt someone prying into his memories.

With Huang Xiaolong\'s powerful soul force, he soon finished scouring Ma Yihai\'s memories.

Huang Xiaolong frowned as he found out that Ma Yihai was telling the truth.

Ma Yihai truly did not know the identity of the person who had asked him to cause trouble for Yao Chi, as he had concealed himself when they had their meeting.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently slashed out with his Mulberry Sword, splitting Ma Yihai into two; right in front of the Fortune Gate law enforcement patrol team.

Seeing Ma Yihai die so horribly left the Fortune Gate law enforcement patrol team ashen.

Peng Rong didn\'t look good either.

Ma Yihai was a Ma Family Island\'s core disciple, but now he was killed right in front of Peng Rong.

If this matter were to spread out, Ma Family\'s Fortune Gate Elders wouldn\'t spare him at any cost! 

Huang Xiaolong merely turned around and said to Yao Chi, Let\'s go. He left bringing along Yao Chi and the four Barbarian God Sect female core disciples with him, as if nothing had happened.

Peng Rong hesitated.

\'Stop Huang Xiaolong from leaving!\' But his limbs trembled when he thought of Huang Xiaolong\'s backing, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor.

In the end, Peng Rong could only watch Huang Xiaolong leave.

The rest of the law enforcement patrol team naturally did not dare to stop Huang Xiaolong either, since Peng Rong had let him leave.

Back in Myriad Gods Manor, Huang Xiaolong was in a bad mood.

Any man would be angry after knowing that his woman was nearly stripped naked on the streets.

More than once there was a cold glint in Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes.

Disciples, Elders, and even Grand Elders of islands\' forces who had allied with Barbarian God Sect were consecutively killed, and now, someone targeted Yao Chi.

Huang Xiaolong was certain that these two matters were connected.

\'Dragon Origin Sect Twin Cities Sect Wangu Clan, maybe Or other forces\'

If it were some other forces, perhaps they aimed to make him suspicious of Dragon Origin Sect, Twin Cities Sect, and Wangu Clan to escalate the conflict between him and them.

Watching Huang Xiaolong\'s heavy expression and silence, Yao Chi felt like a child who had done something wrong.

She stood silently not daring to make any noise.

Yao Chi had assumed Fortune City to be safe; which is why she had only brought the Barbarian God Sect female core disciples with her and had left Xie Xuan and other Nefarious Devil Tribe experts to guard the manor.

Nefarious Devils like Xie Xuan and Xie Ying were born with a tall and burly physique, therefore they were too eye-catching which made it inconvenient for Yao Chi to take them with her everywhere she went.

Who\'d have thought something like this would happen

Huang Xiaolong was still angry but when he saw Yao Chi\'s lowered head and cautious manner, half of his anger disappeared.

In a couple of days, I\'d be heading to the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain with Masters for the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle.

In the next few months, I\'d worry less if you would stay inside the manor. Huang Xiaolong went on as a way of explanation, Dragon Origin Sect or Twin Cities Sect could be behind the incident today.

Yao Chi nodded, Alright.

Huang Xiaolong comforted her, After I return from the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle, I\'ll accompany you for a month.

Yao Chi\'s head jerked up but her expression was a little dazed.

She let out a peal of laughter after confirming Huang Xiaolong was not angry anymore, Thats a promise and there better be no regrets later!

Huang Xiaolong laughed, whoever breaks this promise is a big scoundrel!

Yao Chi pouted. 

A big dummy! Huang Xiaolong revised, but Yao Chi\'s lips pouted higher.

A big lecher! Looking at Yao Chi\'s cherry lips pouting so high,he found them especially enchanting and couldn\'t resist himself moving closer to her.

Following that, muffled grunts of protests echoed in the main hall.

Huang Xiaolong stayed at the Myriad Gods Manor for three days, but on the fourth day he was summoned back to Fortune Divine Kingdom by his two Masters.

Get ready! Tomorrow we\'ll set off to the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain. Blood Knife told Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong acknowledged by answering yes.

We already know about the incident from a few days ago at Ma Family\'s shop. A golden light flickered in Golden Brow Ancestor\'s eyes as he said that, Don\'t worry, we\'ll take care of it. Although the main target of this incident was Huang Xiaolong, he was their personal disciple, and any action against him was equivalent to provoking the two of them as well.

We will have Li Chaosheng take care of that little doll Yao Chi, since she is our disciple\'s future wife! So, you don\'t need to worry about her safety.

Do your best in the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle. Blood Knife Ancestor added.

Huang Xiaolong\'s joy was obvious from his face.

Li Chaosheng was one among the more powerful and influential Fortune Gate Grand Elders.

If Li Chaosheng was willing to look after Yao Chi from time to time, she would definitely be safe.

I thank two Masters. Huang Xiaolong said gratefully.

How is Yao Chis...

that doll\'s talent Golden Brow Ancestor asked suddenly.

Huang Xiaolong didn\'t expect Golden Brow Ancestor to ask this.

Despite not knowing Golden Brow Ancestor\'s intention, he honestly answered, Yao Chi has the top king rank Profound Spirit Godhead and she has the unique Ice Jade Physique ranked into the top one thousand.

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor exchanged a glance and each saw their own surprise mirrored on the other\'s face.

Neither of them had expected Yao Chi\'s talent to be so high.

This level of talent was possessed by only a rare few within several hundred thousand Fortune Gate disciples.

How about this— after the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle ends, I will arrange for Li Chaosheng to accept Yao Chi as his personal disciple.

What do you think Golden Brow Ancestor spoke seriously.

There were a few ways Fortune Gate accepts new disciples, one was through the All-Islands Great War.

Another way was an Elder or Grand Elder accepting personal disciples on their own accord.

However, the disciple\'s talent must meet Fortune Gate\'s requirements.

Yao Chi\'s talent sufficiently met Fortune Gate\'s requirements to become a Grand Elder\'s personal disciple.

Huang Xiaolong was truly happy to hear that Master Golden Brow Ancestor would arrange Li Chaosheng to accept Yao Chi as his personal disciple.

How could he not agree with such a good thing He knew that Yao Chi would be beyond the moon when she would hear this news.

Moreover, after Yao Chi becomes Li Chaosheng\'s personal disciple, Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect would have to think twice if they wanted to make a move against Yao Chi.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong was beaming as he walked out of his Master\'s cultivation palace.

Back in Cosmos Palace, Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t wait to send the news to Yao Chi through their communication talisman.


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