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Black Ice Ancestors face looked slightly better after Li Lu withdrew her hand from Huang Xiaolongs, but she still continued looking at him frostily.

If her gaze could kill, Huang Xiaolong would have been already dead, pierced a hundred times over.

However, Huang Xiaolong who was on the receiving end of Black Ice Ancestors frosty look completely ignored her.

Black Ice Ancestor had always found him displeasing from the very beginning and she had also been trying to match Wang Wei and Li Lu, therefore, Huang Xiaolong did not find it necessary to endure her negative attitude towards him.

As the group flew onwards, the sky gradually darkened.

As they had plenty of time, Golden Brow Ancestor decided to stop and rest for the night on a deserted island and continue on their journey the next day at dawn.

Sitting beside Li Lu around the bonfire, Huang Xiaolongs thoughts drifted to the time when he had fought the mysterious Fang Chu, in the lower realm.

Until now, he had always wondered, who could have been Fang Chus main body And what was his status

Since Fang Chu was an avatar, his main bodys cultivation realm must have been at least the Ancestor God Realm or above.

Additionally, Fang Chu also had the Five Element Godhead, in other words, he would have had five avatars in total; but Huang Xiaolong had killed one of them, there were four more avatars left… Huang Xiaolong wondered how strong were these remaining four avatars

“Li Lu, come over here.” At a bonfire further away, Black Ice Ancestor called Li Lu over with a sullen face as she watched Huang Xiaolong and Li Lu sit close together.

Li Lu looked at Huang Xiaolong with a troubled expression. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly in reply, as he did not want to cause Li Lu any trouble by sandwiching her between him and Black Ice Ancestor.

Taking the cue from Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu stood up and walked over to Black Ice Ancestors side.

Zhou Xu and Tan Lin were sitting across from Huang Xiaolong and gloated as they watched the scene.

“Huang Xiaolong, a few days ago in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, I heard Wangu Ziyi say that he was going to defeat you in five strikes!” Zhou Xu taunted.

“Five strikes Thats not right!” Tan Lin was dramatically shocked.

“Our Junior Brother Huang Xiaolong is our Fortune Gates All-Islands Great War first place disciple; arent five strikes too less Wont he be able to withstand more than five strikes from Wangu Ziyi”

The two made fun of Huang Xiaolong as they followed up on each others sentences.

Wu Qianer, Guo Yuanhui, Tao Ming, and the others did not dare interject; but Luo Yunjie was different.

“In front of Wangu Ziyi...

I say that you two wont be able to stand even one strike from him!” Luo Yunjie sneered at Zhou Xu and Tan Lin.

Zhou Xu harrumphed in anger, “Luo Yunjie, are you looking for trouble now Do you think you can eat a few pieces of meat being Huang Xiaolongs dog”

Tan Lin snorted, “ Ill roll you into a meatball on the battle stage!”

Luo Yunnjie sneered disdainfully, “Considering the two of you, Tan Lin, you still dont have the strength to roll me into a meatball!”

Tan Lin laughed out loud, “I know youve succeeded in condensing the fire of the dan dragon, so what I dont believe in the slightest that you can block my sword intent!” 

“Sword intent! The fourth level of Sky Sword Ancestors Sky Sword Canon!” Wu Qianer, Guo Yuanhui, Tao Ming, and other disciples were genuinely shocked.

“Correct, the fourth level of Sky Sword Canon.” Tan Lin admitted smugly, “Moreover, I have broken through to mid-Third Order Ancient God Realm, therefore, even if you are a mid-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator you still wont be able to dodge my sword intent!”

Wu Qianer, Guo Yuanhui, Tao Ming, and the others were astonished.

Tan Lin had actually broken through to mid-Third Order Ancient God Realm in such a short time!

Tan Lin was very satisfied with Wu Qianer and the others expressions, and his pride ballooned, prompting him to throw Huang Xiaolong a provocative look, “Huang Xiaolong, shocked, arent you Dont worry, on the battle stage, I will be merciful towards you.I will only make you kneel on the stage, just like what you did to me the last time!” Tan Lins face was a little distorted by the end of his words.

When he recalled how Huang Xiaolong had made him kneel on the stage in front of various Fortune Mainlands sects and families, an overwhelming killing intent soared in his heart.

But due to Fortune Gates rules that forbade disciples from killing each other, Tan Lin couldnt kill Huang Xiaolong.

On the other hand, humiliating Huang Xiaolong was not a problem at all.

The incident where Huang Xiaolong had cut off Ma Yihais arms and legs had been contained, therefore, Tan Lin, Zhou Xu, and the other disciples did not know about this, or else he wouldnt be so smug and have the guts to taunt and provoke Huang Xiaolong to his face.

After all, Ma Yihai had been a mid-Fifth Order Ancient God Realm master.

Even though Tan Lin was as strong as he believed and was confident in the power of his sword intent, had he known about Ma Yihais incident, he wouldnt taunt Huang Xiaolong time and again.

It was impossible for Tan Lin to disregard the cultivation gap between him and Ma Yihai who was a mid-Fifth Order Ancient God Realm master and kill him like Huang Xiaolong did.

Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to be bothered with Tan Lin and Zhou Xu.

He reached out and picked up the meat roasting on the bonfire and handed a piece to Luo Yunjie saying, “This roast black dog meat is f*cking fragrant!”

This roast black dog meat is f*cking fragrant!

Anger rushed to Tan Lins head watching Huang Xiaolong ignore him in such a blatant manner. 

“Lets drink some wine.” Huang Xiaolong said as he took out the Blazing Wine that he had bought at the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal Citys Blazing Restaurant.

Both he and Luo Yunjie each grabbed a wine jug and gulped to their satisfaction.

“This wine is f*cking good.” Huang Xiaolong said delightfully.

Tan Lins face turned green as he shook in anger, but Zhou Xu pressed a hand on Tan Lins shoulder and reassured him, “No hurry, there is only a little over a month left until the Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle, so let him be proud for a few more days.”

Tan Lin harrumphed coldly in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

He took a piece of meat from the bonfire and bit into it; but no matter how good it tasted, he found it completely bland.

The night passed peacefully.

Early the next day, the Fortune Gates group resumed their journey.

For the next few days, the group continued travelling in a similar pattern—flying during the day and resting on deserted islands at night, until the sixth day when they finally reached the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain. 

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, and the other disciples were amazed as they looked at the great mountain that was taller and wider than they could ever imagine, floating above the Blood Sea.

Though Huang Xiaolong didnt know how big this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain was, he was sure that it was not smaller than the Green Cloud Island.

It was astonishing that there was actually such an enormous island floating in the air! To top it off,there was nothing in the surrounding that was propping it to stay there! After realizing this, Huang Xiaolong wondered how this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain could remain levitated.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but think that there was a great mystery to this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain, and things were not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

In truth, this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain reminded Huang Xiaolong of the Heavenly Mountain in the White Tiger Galaxy in the lower realm.

The Heavenly Mountain was a divine artifact.

But what about this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain, what was it exactly Also, what was the connection between this Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain and the petrified divine elephant in the Ten Thousand Divine Elephant Kingdom.

Lot of questions swarmed Huang Xiaolongs mind.

Shortly after, Golden Brow Ancestor led everyone to descend at the slope of the mountain.

In the distance, there was a metropolis twice the size of Fortune City.

“The New Disciples Battles battle stage is at the peak of the Ten Thousand Elephant Mountain, so well go there on the day of the competition.

Until then, well stay at the Golden Wheel City.” Golden Brow Ancestor stated.

No one objected to Golden Brow Ancestors plan.

They flew in an orderly manner to the Golden Wheel City metropolis in the distance.

Since this was the ten disciples first time visiting the Golden Wheel City, Golden Brow Ancestor briefly told them about the City along their way.

They learnt that the Golden Wheel City was built by the joint efforts of Fortune Mainland, Eternal Mainland, Dark Elf Mainland, Primal Chaos Mainland as well as the sea tribes.

Hence, the Golden Wheel City had five City Castellans that were sent by each force as their representatives.

A while later, the group entered into the Golden Wheel City.

The Fortune Gates City Castellan named Wang Shi had been waiting for them at the city gates with a group of people.

Wang Shi was a Fortune Gate Grand Elder, an old man of average features. 

But Huang Xiaolong felt that Wang Shi seemed a little hostile when he looking at him.


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