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With Fortune Gates deep foundation, they indeed did not need to dread a mere     Guo Family.

Moreover, the Vientiane World Fortune Gate was just a branch, if the Guo Family was to attack Fortune Gate, the Fortune Gate headquarters would not sit still.

“But, Xiaolong, in this half a months time, if there is nothing important, you better stay inside the residence.” Golden Brow Ancestors tone changed as he advised Huang Xiaolong.

“The Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle is around the corner, so focus on your cultivation.”

Huang Xiaolong obediently complied.

In truth, even if Golden Brow Ancestor have not suggested it, Huang Xiaolong had already planned to focus on his cultivation until the day of the Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle.

Close to twenty thousand golden beads were enough to support his cultivation.

Also, he aimed to successfully cultivate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium before the start of the New Disciples Battle.

Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, and other Ancestors cautioned Huang Xiaolong over several things before they allowed him to leave, whereas Black Ice Ancestor was sullen the entire time and didnt utter a single word.

Back in his own courtyard, Huang Xiaolong once again practiced his sword skills for a while and returned to his room at midnight.

Inside his room, Huang Xiaolong took out ten golden beads and swallowed all of them in one go before he began cultivating.

These golden beads were formed at the core through countless millennia of condensation.

An average Seventh Order Ancient God Realm cultivator would usually swallow only one golden bead for cultivation, therefore, swallowing ten golden beads like Huang Xiaolong had done was unprecedented.

The instant the ten golden beads entered Huang Xiaolong\'s body, abrupt scorching streams of energy erupted within him.

These were akin to magma entering his internal organs.

The four divine fires spirits inside Huang Xiaolongs body came to life—azure dragon, vermilion bird, black tortoise, and white tiger were opening their mouths, and greedily swallowing the fire spiritual energy rushing towards them.

At the same time, his three supreme godheads spun as the fire element spiritual energy flooded into his three supreme godheads like roaring waves.

In an instant, the purple grandmist aura dragon and Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell started shining radiantly.

Huang Xiaolong soon entered an ethereal state.

By the time he woke up, the sun had already risen.

‘These golden beads can really strengthen the soul! Huang Xiaolong exclaimed inwardly at this discovery.

After one night of cultivation, not only his True Dragon Physique was stronger, but his soul had also improved significantly.

It was almost comparable to the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell nurturing his soul with moon essence for the duration of a whole month.

‘These golden beads are worthy of being spiritual energy beads! Huang Xiaolong was in a good mood.

In fact, there was a visible difference, as Huang Xiaolong had swallowed ten golden beads simultaneously.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong hadnt yet fully utilized the Moon Jade Spiritual Heavenly Spiral Shell, otherwise, the moon essence absorbed from the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell was far more nurturing than the golden beads.

Huang Xiaolong walked out from his room.

Under the warm sunshine, Huang Xiaolong practiced his fist and palm technique.

His current techniques had surpassed the original Great Void Divine Fist, Earthen Buddha Palm, and Absolute Soul Finger.

He combined the strengths of the palm, fist, and finger techniques from Barbarian God Sect, Golden Dragon Gate, Immortal Phoenix Palace, and the Ghost Buddha Depository, creating some unpredictable and more powerful new techniques.

Some days ago after Huang Xiaolong had destroyed the Ouyang Family and Demon-Buddha Clan\'s headquarters, he had gotten the two forces\' secret techniques manuals.

He had integrated these into his new fist, palm, and finger techniques.

After a while, Huang Xiaolong stopped practicing as he heard footsteps.

Even without looking, he knew it was Luo Yunjie who had come to visit.

As expected, moments later, Huang Xiaolong heard Luo Yunjie\'s unique sonorous voice, Brother Huang, look what I brought!

Huang Xiaolong saw Luo Yunjie carrying two jugs of a good quality wine as he turned around.

A feeling of speechlessness filled him.

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “S houldnt you be focusing on cultivation If not sooner or later your Master will make you face the wall!”

When they were still in the Fortune Divine Kingdom, Luo Yunjie had always looked for Huang Xiaolong to drink wine with him.

Due to this,Myriad Flames Ancestor had punished him by making him face the wall for a whole month.

Luo Yunjie grinned, “If I can drink and talk with Brother Huang about the world, I am willing to take two months of punishment.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, Luo Yunjie doesnt have many hobbies, one was alchemy refining, and the other was wine.

Wine was their mutual hobby though.

The Heavenly Dan Island placed utmost importance on alchemy refining and Luo Yunjie was the Heavenly Dan Islands number one genius in alchemy refining among the younger generation, needless to say Luo Yunjie was quite skillful in alchemy refining.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong gained a lot of knowledge whenever he got to discuss about alchemy refining with Luo Yunjie.

Then again, Huang Xiaolongs alchemy refining speed astounded Luo Yunjie.

After a few cups of wine, a soft golden light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs palm as he took out thirty golden beads from his spatial ring, and soon after that waves of fire appeared in the yard.

Luo Yunjie dazedly looked at the thirty golden beads in Huang Xiaolongs palm.

After some time passed and Luo Yunjie finally reacted, “Damn, you actually found thirty golden beads!”

Thirty beads

Huang Xiaolong laughed.

“These are for you.”

Luo Yunjie shook, stammering, “For, fo-r me All!” He looked at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Only then did Luo Yunjie was certain Huang Xiaolong was not playing a joke on him.

His hands quivered as they reached out to receive the thirty golden beads from Huang Xiaolongs hand.

For a second, Luo Yunjies eyes turned red and it looked like he was crying.

Huang Xiaolong teased, “Whats a big sturdy guy like you crying like a damsel for Its just thirty golden beads.

Theres nothing to cry about.”

Originally, Huang Xiaolong wanted to give Luo Yunjie a few hundred golden beads, but that sum was a little alarming, and no secret can remain hidden forever.

If the matter were to leak out, itd bring him unwanted troubles.

“Good brother, come, drink!” Luo Yunjie smiled with ease.


Unsaid words were passed through the wine.

In the blink of an eye, three days came and went.

In these three days, Huang Xiaolong swallowed ten golden beads to cultivate every night, while comprehending the grandmist aura.

His strength had increased quite a lot.

All of a sudden, as Huang Xiaolong was comprehending the grandmist aura, purple light enshrouded his body.

His three supreme godheads quivered, emitting ripples of purple light, and inside his godheads, his godsea was shining a radiant purple.

Huang Xiaolongs heart raced with insane joy.

After years of tireless efforts, his godheads godforce was now completely integrated with the purple grandmist aura.

His Grandmist Parasitic Medium cultivation was successful!

He was the third person in the whole Divine World who had successfully cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

He calmed down after a while and began circulating his godforce following the first stage of Grandmist Parasitic Mediums cultivation method.

In an instant, his three supreme godheads\' godforce flooded through several unique meridian points in Huang Xiaolong\'s body.

His three supreme godheads began spinning faster. 

Huang Xiaolong immediately noticed that his three supreme godheads\' were spinning thirty times faster than before! This meant that the speed at which his three supreme godheads would absorb energy was thirty times faster.

Now, he would be able to refine thirty golden beads at one time, instead of ten!

It was shocking for Huang Xiaolong when he had refined ten golden beads simultaneously, but now, he was lost for words to express his feelings, as he could refine thirty golden beads simultaneously.

Huang Xiaolong took out thirty golden beads and swallowed all of them together for the purpose of refining them.

The night passed and Huang Xiaolong had completely refined all thirty golden beads\' energy.

Huang Xiaolong radiated with vigor as he estimated that he could break through to late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm, Fifth Order, Sixth Order and even Seventh Order Ancient God Realm faster than he had previously anticipated!

Now that he had successfully entered the first stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium, repairing the Pill Blending Tower was his next goal.


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