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As uncomfortable as their hearts felt, they did not dare to say a word in front of everyone.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly sneered, and then turned his attention to the center battle stage, praying that these two wont meet him on the stage in the top ten battle, or hed pack them up nicely.

Since the last few years, these two clowns have been jumping too much.

Do they really think that after cultivating so-called azure dragon sword qi or the fourth level sword intent, Huang Xiaolong is a soft persimmon that they could squeeze and mold as they liked

In truth, the scene where Huang Xiaolong sent You Wuxin flying off the stage with a punch was still replaying inside Zhou Xu and Tan Lins minds.

That scene made their hearts unable to calm down for a long time.

A God Realm master who had obtained the Ghost Domain King\'s inheritance as well as successfully cultivated the Ghost Domain\'s Ghost Body, was actually sent flying by Huang Xiaolong with one punch! 

Confident as they were, they knew there was a large gap in strength between them and You Wuxin.

If they were to come across Huang Xiaolong on the battle stage, the results… 

The more Zhou Xu and Tan Lin thought about it, the more uneasy they felt.

Now, the third match of the second round had begun.

This match was between Wangu Ziyi and Luo Yunjie!

Luo Yunjie had a bitter expression on his face.

Everyone had thought that Huang Xiaolong had bad luck when he had drawn You Wuxin as his opponent, but as compared to Huang Xiaolong, Luo Yunjie felt his luck was a hundred times worse when he drew Wangu Ziyi as his opponent.

“His mother.” Luo Yunjie swore under his breath as he looked at Wangu Ziyi standing opposite to him.

If his opponent wasnt Wangu Ziyi, based on his strength, he had a high chance of getting into the top ten.

Now, there was no hope at all.

In truth, he already could imagine his miserable ending in a little while.

“Luo Yunjie.” Wangu Ziyis mouth split into a smile, “I know you are Huang Xiaolongs good friend.

We met in the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City, right”

Luo Yunjie sneered, “Wangu Ziyi, you can stop with your damn nonsense, and make your move!” As soon as he finished saying that, flames danced on the surface of Lou Yunjes body as his Treasure Fire Godhead spun as fast as it could.

Wangu Ziyi laughed when he saw Luo Yunjie play with fire in front of him.

Wangu Ziyis figure flickered as Lou Yunji attacked him.

The spectating crowd saw white flames appear from Wangu Ziyi\'s body, furthermore, within the white flames was a black glow.

White qilin flames! 

On top of that, it\'s evolving into black qilin flames!

Everyone watching was flabbergasted.

From low-grade to high-grade qilin flames, it starts from red flames, blue flames, golden flames, white flames, black flames, and then purple flames.

Even some Wangu Clan Elders had merely reached white qilin flames in their cultivation, therefore, never did they imagine Wangu Ziyi to have reached the stage of white qilin flames that were in the process of evolving to black qilin flames!

Although it was only a small portion of black flames, they were still black qilin flames nonetheless! Such a talent was really the first in tens of thousands of Wangu Clan history!

Wangu Ziyi pushed his palms outwards, and the white qilin flames surged toward Luo Yunjie and collided with Luo Yunjie\'s treasure fire; akin to water meeting a scary fire, Luo Yunjie\'s treasure fire evaporated in an instant.

In the next moment, Luo Yunjie was struck by Wangu Ziyi\'s palms. 

Luo Yunjie screamed in pain as he was knocked out of the stage.

His chest was scorched black with qilin flames still burning his flesh, and spreading rapidly to the other areas of his body.

Luo Yunjie was entirely inflamed in the blink of an eye.

Everyone on the Fortune Gates viewing stage became very anxious.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong reacted.

His lightly clapped his palms and his frigid force enshrouded Luo Yunjie.

Wangu Ziyis white qilin flames were suppressed and then extinguished completely.

This scene shocked the spectating crowd.

Firstly, they were shocked because Luo Yunjies Treasure Fire Godheads fire was defeated easily by Wangu Ziyis qilin flames, and secondly, Huang Xiaolongs frigid force actually suppressed Wangu Ziyis qilin flames!

Wangu Ziyi was inwardly shocked. 

He knew very well how powerful his qilin flames were.

Although he had not reached the black qilin flames stage, he had touched the edges of advancing to the black qilin flames.

To top it off, an average ancient divine armor would be incinerated in an instant by his current white qilin flames, without exception.

“Huang Xiaolong, you actually dare to interfere in the stage battle, and blatantly violated the stage battles rules!” Wangu Ziyi sharply reprimanded.

“City Castellan Wang Shi, how are you going to judge this matter as a Fortune Gate Grand Elder”

“Thats right, Huang Xiaolong must be punished for violating the rules, revoke his participation qualification!” 

“Cancel Huang Xiaolongs participation qualification! Wang Shi, even if you are a Fortune Gate Grand Elder, are you going to cover up for Huang Xiaolong in this situation!” 

Immediately, experts who belonged to Eternal Mainland forces clamored loudly, swaying the crowd.

Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly, “Wangu Ziyi, I dont think you are an idiot to this extent.

Luo Yunjie flew out of the battle stage, the battle between you two had already ended.

May I know which rule have I violated in rescuing him Are you the Wangu Clans number one idiot, who dont even know the stage battle rules”

“If you are not clear about the rules, I can recite them to you one by one.” 

Fortune Mainlands experts exploded into laughter hearing Huang Xiaolongs words. 

“Wangu Clans number one idiot! Haha!” Some Heavenly Dan Islands disciples deliberately laughed louder than everyone. 

Huang Xiaolongs words really helped them vent their anger. 


Even some Dark Elf Mainland and Primal Chaos Mainlands experts laughed unrestrained.

Wangu Ziyi was Wangu Clans number one genius disciple, yet he was now labeled as Wangu Clans number one idiot by Huang Xiaolong—this was really new and refreshing. 

Looking at the laughing faces from various forces experts, as strong as Wangu Ziyis will was, his face turned purple like an eggplant.

Glaring at Huang Xiaolong, killing intent erupted in his eyes.

However, he couldnt find any reason to retort, as Huang Xiaolong was right. 

Huang Xiaolong ignored Wangu Ziyi, and quickly fed Luo Yunjie a few healing divine pellets and channeled light element godforce through his palms into Luo Yunjies body to speed up his healing.

However, Huang Xiaolong had to admit the qilin flames were indeed overbearing.

In a mere few breaths time, Luo Yunjies entire body was burnt and it was not so easy to heal him completely.

Looking at Luo Yunjies dire state, killing intent rushed to Huang Xiaolongs heart.

At first, he had some scruples for crippling Wangu Ziyi, but now, there was none. 

Huang Xiaolong helped Luo Yunjie back to the Fortune Gates viewing stage.

Before Huang Xiaolong turned away, his piercing gaze fell on Wang Shi.

When Wangu Ziyi had used the battle stage rules as an excuse to disqualify Huang Xaolongs participation, Wang Shi had kept his silence instead of defending him despite knowing he did not violate any rules.

This was beyond hostility—this was pure loathing.

The competition went on, and soon the second round of matches came to an end. 

Participant who successfully entered the top ranks were Fortune Gates Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, and Tan Lin; Wangu Clans Wangu Ziyi, Wangu Dongchen, as well as a disciple named Wangu Huang; two disciples from Dark Elf Mainland; and two disciples from the Primal Chaos Mainland.

“Now, all the top ten disciples, please come to the stage to draw lots for the third round matches.” Wang Shi instructed.

Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Wangu Ziyi, and the other seven disciples descended onto the stage.


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