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Huang Xiaolong was speechless at the sight of the little cow\'s tail swinging left and right as it basked comfortably in the sun.

As if sensing his gaze, the little cow turned its head and saw Huang Xiaolong staring at its butt.

It shyly shifted its butt away while saying, Xiaolong, you are so hateful, why are you staring at my butt!

Huang Xiaolong nearly vomited all the divine pellets he had eaten in the last few days at the little cow\'s words.

\'What is this!\' Even if he really wanted to do something, he won\'t be interested in a cow for a partner! Moreover, it was a super ancient old cow that had lived for millions of years!

But Huang Xiaolong didn\'t know how to refute the little cow—he was indeed staring at its butt just now.

Xiaolong! Yao Chi happily called out at this moment, fluttering out like a butterfly from the main hall to rescue Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong inwardly sighed in relief and quickly turned towards Yao Chi.

Huang Xiaolong returned to the main hall together with Yao Chi and sat down as they talked about the recent events of the Myriad Gods Manor.

Huang Xiaolong informed Yao Chi that Grand Elder Li Chaosheng was going to officially accept her as his disciple in a day or two.

Yao Chi\'s eyes were red-rimmed when she heard that, and said, Xiaolong, thank you.

You are my Master, why are you thanking your disciple Huang Xiaolong joked.

Who\'s your Master, hmmph Yao Chi glared threateningly at him.

Then who are you to me Huang Xiaolong asked playfully.

A hue of pink crept up Yao Chi\'s cheeks at Huang Xiaolong\'s question, and she raised her delicate fist as if she was going to punch him.

Huang Xiaolong grinned as he dodged her attack.

One ran and the other chased in the main hall.

Yao Chi chased Huang Xiaolong in the beginning, but in the middle, their roles were reversed and now Yao Chi was fleeing from Huang Xiaolong instead.

Li Lu and Yao Chi had different temperaments; Li Lu was cold and proud, a pure ice beauty, while Yao Chi was elegant with a layer of charm.

At times, Huang Xiaolong was more at ease being with Yao Chi.

Early the next day, Huang Xiaolong brought Yao Chi straight to Li Chaosheng\'s cultivation palace on the Fortune Gate grounds.

When they reached Li Chaosheng\'s cultivation palace, Li Chaosheng had just finished refining a batch of pills.

He went out to welcome Huang Xiaolong, after a subordinate notified him of Huang Xiaolongs arrival.

Disregarding everything else, just Huang Xiaolongs identity as Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestors personal disciple was enough for Li Chaosheng to personally greet Huang Xiaolong; not to mention, Huang Xiaolongs unimaginable achievements in the future were based on his own talents.

“Brother Huang,” From a distance, Li Chaosheng called out to Huang Xiaolong with a big smile.

Li Chaoshengs enthusiasm had exceeded Huang Xiaolongs expectations and he returned the goodwill, “Elder Brother Li.”

“This must be Brother Huangs wife” Li Chaoshengs gaze fell on Yao Chi, and added a word of praise, “The two of you make a really beautiful pair.”

Yao Chi was a little nervous, but respectfully saluted, “Greetings Grand Elder Li.”

Li Chaosheng smiled, “What Grand Elder Li Call me Elder Brother Li just like Xiaolong, but from tomorrow onwards, after the apprenticeship ceremony, you have to call me Master!” Then he said to Huang Xiaolong with humor, “Wouldnt that mean that Im a generation older than Xiaolong and I can take advantage of my seniority”

The two men laughed good-naturedly.

A moment later, Li Chaosheng led Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi to the main hall and everyone took a seat.

After some perfunctory words, their topic moved to Yao Chis apprenticeship ceremony.

According to Huang Xiaolong, it was unnecessary to hold Yao Chis apprenticeship ceremony grandly, and a simple ceremony was sufficient.

Li Chaosheng nodded as he listened to Huang Xiaolongs opinion.

Yao Chis apprenticeship ceremony was held the very next day.

Li Chaosheng had invited several Fortune Gate Grand Elders who had good relationships with him to witness the ceremony.

Merely a dozen people attended the ceremony, simple and low-key.

Huang Xiaolong was naturally one of the attendees.

Because of Huang Xiaolongs presence, the Grand Elders who attended the ceremony were overly enthusiastic towards Yao Chi, causing her to feel flattered and flustered.

After the apprenticeship ceremony ended, Huang Xiaolong stayed a couple of days in the Myriad God Manor.

Before he left, he reminded Yao Chi to cultivate diligently at Li Chaoshengs side. 

With that, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Fortune Divine Kingdom on the little cow.

Back in the Fortune Divine Kingdom, his first destination was not his Cosmos Palace.

Instead, he headed to the Sans Devil Stele terrace at the Assembly Shrine with the little cow.

Huang Xiaolong stood in front of the Sans Devil Stele, while the little cow craned its neck from left to right, and from front to back as it studied the black stele.

Throughout this time, it did not say a word, but Huang Xiaolong could notice that its expression grew increasingly solemn.

This went on for half an hour.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help asking, “How is it”

Only then did the little cow stop, and said slowly, “If Im right, this should be the Devil Worlds Blood Eye Devil Stele!”

“Blood Eye Devil Stele!” This reminded Huang Xiaolong of the giant blood eye that had appeared when he had first attempted to refine this Sans Devil Stele.

The little cow nodded solemnly, “Yes, I am certain this is the Blood Eye Devil Stele.

The Devil World has Six Great Devil Steles, and this Blood Eye Devil Stele is one of them.

There is a legend in the Devil World that these six devil steles were forged by Ni Wutian using countless chaos devil crystals, and the person who gathers all the six devil steles could obtain the Heavenless Devil Art that Ni Wutian inscribed within!”

“Six Great Devil Steles!”

“Ni Wutian!”

“Heavenless Devil Art!”

Huang Xiaolongs head spun at this barrage of information.

The little cow laughed, “Thats right, this Heavenless Devil Art is the most powerful technique in the Devil World, whereas the Grandmist Parasitic Medium that you are cultivating right now is the Divine Worlds number one technique.

These two techniques are equally powerful.”

This piece of information astounded Huang Xiaolong.

“Not long after the Ancient Heavenly Emperor, the Devil Worlds strongest person, Ni Wutian, also disappeared.

No one knows where Ni Wutian went.” The little cow went on, “There are suspicions whether the Ancient Heavenly Emperor and Ni Wutians disappearances are connected.”

Huang Xiaolongs tone also turned serious, “Both the Ancient Heavenly Emperor and Ni Wutians disappearances, around the same time, was most likely just a coincidence and nothing else; there is no direct connection.” According to the broken memories he had seen inside the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell, the Ancient Heavenly Emperors disappearance was not related to Ni Wutian.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently asked, “Do you have a way to suppress the Blood Eye Devil Steles weapon spirit” He looked at the little cow nervously. 

Watching Huang Xiaolongs nervous behavior, the little cow harrumphed, “You think I\'m really that great ah This is one of the Devil Worlds Six Great Devil Steles, so do you think its weapon spirit is that easy to suppress”

Even though Huang Xiaolong had more or less expected this reply, he couldnt help feeling disappointed.

“In fact, this Blood Eye Devil Stele is incomplete.” The little cow said.

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded,What does that mean

“This is only the upper part of the whole Blood Eye Devil Stele.” The little cow went on, “There is a lower part to it.

If this is a complete Blood Eye Devil Stele, there should be two blood-eye weapon spirits.

Only one blood eye weapon spirit appeared the last time you tried to refine it, am I right”

Now that the little cow mentioned it, Huang Xiaolong remembered that there was only one giant blood eye weapon spirit at that time.

“If it wasnt for this stele missing its lower half, youd have surely died when you recklessly tried to refine it the last time!” The little cow emphasized.

“Since this Blood Eye Devil Stele is incomplete, and has suffered a great deal of damage, right now, its power is less than one-tenth from what it used to be.

Therefore, after you break through to Ancestor God Realm, maybe then you can refine this half part of the Blood Eye Devil Stele with the help of my purple lightning!”

Inwardly, Huang Xiaolong was glad, but at the same time he was also confused.

Who could actually damaged the Blood Eye Devil Stele to this extent And where was its lower half

Two hundred million years ago, Fortune Gates Blue Lion Ancestor had found this upper half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele in a devil land.

Could that missing lower half l be still found there


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