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Whether the lower half of the Blood Eye Devil Stele was at the same devil land where the upper half was found, could only be determined after Huang Xiaolong would refine the upper half of the stele upon breaking through to Ancestor God Realm. 

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow left the Blood Eye Devil Steles terrace and soon arrived at the Cosmos Palace.

The little cow took a stroll around the Cosmos Palace with her head shaking left and right as she commented, “Not bad, not bad, as expected of the benefits of an emperor rank godhead disciple.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “If they know your real talent, your benefits would be better than this.”

The little cow grinned, “That may not be the case, who can say they wont butcher and make beef noodles out of me!” The little cow then changed the subject, “Are those so-called Earths beef noodles really that delicious”

Huang Xiaolong had once mentioned to her about the Earths beef noodles when they were eating barbecue meat.

“Of course.” Huang Xiaolong nodded with certainty.

In his past life when he was seventeen and a second-year student at the local high school, his favorite dish had been the beef noodles from the shop opposite his high school.

That shop was named Hundred Tastes Beef Noodles Shop and talking about the beef noodles soup really made him nostalgic.

More importantly, the Hundred Tastes Beef Noodles Shops owner had a daughter who was in the same class with him.

She was the most beautiful girl in his class and she was the most beautiful girl in their school. 

Seeing the reminiscent expression on Huang Xiaolongs face that was close to drooling made the little cow even more curious.

The little cow inwardly decided to visit this Earth in the future and taste the beef noodles Huang Xiaolong had mentioned.

The Cosmos Palaces surroundings were calm and quiet as the night deepened.

Huang Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged inside the Cosmos Palaces secret chamber as a fist-sized Phoenix Fire Crystal hovered in front of him.

Under Huang Xiaolongs influence, the Phoenix Fire Crystal emitted an enchanting ember glow, waves after waves of startling fire element energy filled the secret chamber.

Watching this, he no longer hesitated.

He began circulating his three supreme godheads godforce according to the Grandmist Parasitic Medium first stage method.

The fire element energy from the Phoenix Fire Crystal immediately surged out. 

Huang Xiaolong greedily devoured the fire element energy, like a giant whale drinking water.

The four divine fires inside his body shone brightly, as the chaos spiritual energy fell from the void.

The Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell and the purple grandmist aura dragon emitted a silvery light and a purple light respectively.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong was completely enshrouded by the fire element energy from the Phoenix Fire Crystal.

As flames danced in the air, from afar he resembled a man who had caught fire, and was on the verge of incineration.

The little cow quickly blew out a purple lightning cloud over Huang Xiaolongs head to protect him.

When the little cow blew out a purple lightning cloud to protect Huang Xiaolong, the chaos spiritual energy from the void as well as the phoenix fire element energy from the Phoenix Fire crystal rushed endlessly into its body.

Ribbons of purple lightning crackled around the little cow, especially the lightning destructive force and vitality force interchanging at her tail. 

Time flew away.

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

The fire element energy inside the Phoenix Fire Crystal did not diminish during these three months, instead grew stronger and hotter, like a wrathful tsunami.

Each wave of fire was stronger than the previous one as it roiled out from the Phoenix Fire Crystal.

Huang Xiaolong was beyond shock during this time.

The amount of fire element energy inside this small fist-sized Phoenix Fire Crystal had greatly exceeded his expectations.

His body felt like a burning furnace, and he was on the verge of collapsing from enduring these endless waves of fire energy despite his strong True Dragon Physique. 

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong was even more glad that he did not recklessly refine the Phoenix Fire Crystal.

He couldnt even imagine the state he would be in by this point, if he would have refined the Phoenix Fire Crystal without the support from the little cows purple lightning vitality force.

Another half a month went by, and Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had reached peak mid-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm, and there were signs that hed be able to breakthrough to late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm at any time.

As time flowed, unknowingly, Huang Xiaolong had been in seclusion for half a year.

By this time, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had already reached the late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm and was currently galloping towards the peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm.

Yet the Phoenix Fire Crystal remained as radiant as the sun, continuously releasing waves of fire element energy.

Soon, a year was gone.

After a year of cultivating in seclusion, Huang Xiaolong finally broke through to peak late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm. 

In recent days, the fire element energy from the Phoenix Fire Crystal had begun to weaken gradually. 

Another half a year went by.

The Phoenix Fire Crystal finally lost its brilliance, scattering into ash and disappearing from the secret chamber.

The ember fire waves around Huang Xiaolong slowly disappeared into his body as they were swallowed by him.

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, Huang Xiaolong saw that the little cow was sitting in a corner with her eyes closed, enshrouded in a purple lightning mist.

It seemed like the little cow was on the brink of a breakthrough, thus Huang Xiaolong quietly slipped out from the secret chamber without disturbing the little cow.

Huang Xiaolong slowly stepped out of the Cosmos Palace and look at the twinkling stars in the night sky above.

Coming to a stop, he took a deep breath of the Thousand Spirit Mountains rich spiritual energy, feeling refreshed and happy.

Not only had he broken through to Fifth Order Ancient God Realm in his seclusion during this time, but he was also close to breaking through to peak early Fifth Order Ancient God Realm.

Even Huang Xiaolong himself had not expected that he could reach Fifth Order Ancient God Realm in such a short time.

I wonder hows Li Lu now Huang Xiaolong looked towards the direction of the Brimming Snow Palace.

There was also Yao Chi.

How was her cultivation progressing under Li Chaosheng\'s guidance

Still, the little cow\'s breakthrough was more urgent, therefore, Huang Xiaolong decided to wait until she had successfully broken through before visiting the two girls, in case there was an accident.

The secret chamber\'s door suddenly opened five days later, and streaks of purple lightning zapped through the air as the little cow trotted out with her tail swinging happily.

Huang Xiaolong could tell from the way her tail was swinging that she had also benefited from the Phoenix Fire Crystal and the chaos spiritual energy.

It was obvious to him that the little cow was much stronger than before, but to tell the truth, her smugness right now was asking for a beating.

The little cow suddenly looked bashfully at Huang Xiaolong as she came to his side.

Her head gently nudged his arm, and she whispered in a low voice, “Master, why do you always stare at me like that”

Huang Xiaolong unconsciously quivered, and jokingly snapped at her, “Looking at your smug-cow face!” He leaped onto the little cow and urged, “Lets go to the Brimming Snow Palace.”

Huang Xiaolong set off towards Li Lus Brimming Snow Palace on the little cow, but when he reached the Brimming Snow Palace, there was not a single person in sight.

Li Lu was not there either.

‘Could she be at the Pure Snow Manor at Fortune City Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

With that thought, Huang Xiaolong left the Fortune Divine Kingdom and headed straight to Li Lus Pure Snow Manor at Fortune City, however, the maid at Pure Snow Palace informed him that Li Lu had gone to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield to train a few months ago.

Huang Xiaolong left with surliness.

From Li Lus Pure Snow Manor, he went to Li Chaoshengs Perpetual Peak, but he was bound for disappointment, as Yao Chi was also not around.

A Perpetual Peak female disciple told Huang Xiaolong that Yao Chi had gone to the Fortune Hall to choose tasks.

As Li Chaosheng was also not there, Huang Xiaolong decided to wait for Yao Chi at her courtyard on the Perpetual Peak.

Sometime later, Yao Chi returned.

But Huang Xiaolong could see her sulking even from afar, as if she had suffered some grievances

As Yao Chi got closer, she noticed Huang Xiaolong.

Her face lit up as she called out, “Xiaolong.”

Huang Xiaolong asked playfully to hide his concern, “What happened Who bullied you Tell your disciple, and Ill go give him a good beating.”


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