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As Huang Xiaolong looked at the crimson-haired young man, the crimson-haired young man also looked at Huang Xiaolong following Zheng Weis line of gaze.

When he saw that Huang Xiaolong was just an early Seventh Order Ancient God Realm disciple, a mocking sneer curved up from the corners of his lips.

Just as he was about to speak, Huang Xiaolong was a step ahead of him as he said, “Excuse me, we are not interested in going with you.”

Chang Fang and the disciples behind him blanked for a second.

“Kid, youre not a disciple of the Golden Drums Sect, right” Chang Fang was not angered by Huang Xiaolongs words, instead, he laughed and warned, “Do you know who I am Not to mention, can you even decide on behalf of Zheng Wei and the rest”

Despite the smile on Chang Fangs face, his attitude was evidently condescending.

 There were only a few people who dared to refute Chang Fangs words, given his identity and status in the Clear Spirit World amongst his generation.

Huang Xiaolong said indifferently, “I am not interested in knowing who you are, and I can definitely decide on behalf of Zheng Wei and the rest.”

“Kid, youve got guts.

How dare you to talk like that to my Young Lord!” A disciple behind Chang Fang pointed his finger at Huang Xiaolong and reprimanded.

“Young Lord, allow me to cripple this kid!” The disciple requested respectfully as he took a step towards Chang Fang.

“No need to go as far as crippling, its not good for our reputation.

Give him a hundred slaps as a small penalty.” Chang Fang said casually.

The disciple acknowledged, then he walked towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Punk, consider yourself to be lucky today.” He sneered, but his movements suddenly came to a halt.

In the next second, he plummeted from high in the air, and fell straight into the Ghosts Sea below.

Sp-las--h! Everyone was splattered with water.

Chang Fang and his cronies were astonished, unable to register what had just happened.

But one of the disciples reacted.

In a flicker, he was already scooping out his fellow disciple who had just fallen into the sea.

Everyone watching could see that the disciple was no longer breathing.

There was a thumb-seized blood hole on his forehead with vigorous sword qi.

Everyones astonishment increased.

This sword qi…!

Chang Fang couldnt hide the shock in his eyes.

The disciple who was just killed was a mid-Ninth Order Ancient God Realm.

He had also cultivated an ancient body refining divine art, thus, his physical bodys defenses were shocking.

Yet, he was defeated by a ray of sword light On top of that, he wasnt even able to see who had attacked him

As Chang Fangs shock receded, his face sank.

He looked gloomily at Huang Xiaolong and demanded, “Who are you How dare you kill my Hundred Tribulations Factions disciple!”

In the Clear Spirit World, the Hundred Tribulations Faction stood at the same height as forces like Xiao Family, Chen Family, and Ma Family.

The Hundred Tribulations Faction was definitely number one among the first-rank forces!

However, Chang Fang\'s group was not wearing the disciples robes of Hundred Tribulations Faction at present.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong was unaware of Chang Fang\'s identity.

Then again, even if he would have known Chang Fangs identity, it would have been just the same for Huang Xiaolong.

When Huang Xiaolong hadnt even put the disciples guarding the transmission array in his eyes, then what was more to these mere Hundred Tribulations Faction

“So what Punk, you could still make it if you scram right now.

Or else, if this cow gets angry, Ill whip you to death with my tail.” The little cow had started getting impatient.

“You want to die!” The disciples of the Hundred Tribulations Faction were enraged by the little cows words, but as they were about to attack her, Chang Fangs hand stretched out to stop them. 

Chang Fangs expression was extremely ugly as he looked at the group opposite him as he ordered, “We are leaving!

He could tell that Huang Xiaolong was not as simple as he seemed on the surface.

Although Chang Fang was a mid-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm disciple, inwardly, he was uncertain he could suppress Huang Xiaolong.

Hence, he decided to wait until the end of the Ghost Manors event.

Afterwards he could regrouped with the Elders from Hundred Tribulations Faction and take care of Huang Xiaolong once and for all.

Chang Fang was sure that he would see Huang Xiaolong again as their destination was the same—the Ghost Manor.

Before leaving, Chang Fang looked at Zheng Wei andpraised him through gritted teeth, “You-are-very-good!

His tone was filled with murderous intent.

Zheng Wei paled visibly due to Chang Fangs remark.

Chang Fang\'s group left soon after.

Master, do you want me to annihilate them Void devil beast Xu Baisheng asked Huang Xiaolong respectfully as he watched Chang Fangs group leave.

Not necessary, let them go for now. Huang Xiaolong shook his head, and added, Let\'s see what the situation looks like after the Ghost Manor\'s event.At that time, if this group of Hundred Tribulations Faction still tries to entangle with with his group, then he would definitely squash them to death!

“Yes, Master.” Xu Baisheng nodded.

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived at the center of the Ghosts Sea.

There was an enormous icy-black manor that looked more like a palace.

Dense ghost qi was roiling above the black-ice manor, forming a myriad of ghostly faces of beasts.

This enormous black-ice manor was none other than the Ghosts Manor.

“This is the Ghost Beast God-locked Formation.” The little cow explained to Huang Xiaolong while looking at the Ghost Manor, “This Ghost Beast God-locked Formation is a very powerful ancient formation from the Hells Spirit World.

At the core of this formation are ten thousand ghost beasts, the stronger the strength of the ghost beasts, the more powerful this formation would be.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes glimmered as he looked at the Ghost Manor.

This Ghost Manors Lord actually knows an ancient formation from Hells Spirit World

“If were trapped inside, do you have the confidence to break it” Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow.

The little cow solemnly answered, “That depends on the strength of the ghost beasts within, but with Little Kid Sheng here, there wont be a problem...


Void devil beast Xu Baisheng had a pitiful bitter expression on his face as it seemed like the nickname Little Kid Sheng had stuck very firmly.

A while later, Huang Xiaolongs group entered the Ghost Manor by flying through its entrance.

Once inside, Huang Xiaolong was vigilant, as he had just learnt about the Ghost Beast God-Locked Formation.

They soon arrived at the Ghost Manors front hall along with other sects disciples.

The spacious front hall was already crowded with the Clear Spirit Worlds various sects disciples.

There were at least two to three thousand people.

There were rows of seats, on the left and the right as well as at the center of the hall; a hundred chairs in each row that were mostly occupied.

There were Ancestor God Realm masters, and also the young lords of the Clear Spirit Worlds super forces.

In a corner, Huang Xiaolong saw Guo Jies group from the Burning Sky Sect.

Almost at the same time, Guo Jie, Du Gao, and the rest of the group looked towards the entrance and saw Huang Xiaolong.

“Senior Sister, its that kid!” Du Gao pointed out to Gao Jie.

His voice was filled with incredulity.

“Why is he with the Golden Drums Sects disciples” 

Guo Jie\'s eyes were also filled with confusion.

Maybe he met the Golden Drums Sect\'s disciples on the way, and Zheng Wei was kind enough to let him tag along One of the Burning Sky Sect\'s disciples took a guess.

Was it really like that Guo Jie\'s eyes narrowed, \'Then, why is Zheng Wei walking behind Haung Xiaolong Moreover, Zheng Wei was looking at Haung Xiaolong respectfully, full of astonishment.

Little brother, over here! Though confused, Guo Jie still called out to Huang Xiaolong.

This \'little brother\' remark immediately made Huang Xiaolong the center of attention for everyone in the hall.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly.

He hesitated for a second then nodded at Guo Jie and walked towards the Burning Sky Sect\'s group with Zheng Wei and the rest following behind him.

The hall suddenly broke into an uproar just as Huang Xiaolong was about to step towards Guo Jie\'s group.

It\'s Xiao Family\'s Young Lord Xiao Zhangyu!

And the Hundred Tribulations Faction\'s Young Lord Chang Fang!

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his foot and turned to look towards the entrance.

He saw the crimson-haired young man, whom he had met earlier, walking in with another young man wearing the Xiao Family\'s disciples robe.


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