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Huang Xiaolong was as indifferent as ever.

He didnt even look at Xiao Zhangyu. 

Xiao Zhangyus rage intensified, as Huang Xiaolong ignored him.

He was now more determined to kill Huang Xiaolong in a miserable way, as soon as Huang Xiaolong would step outside of the Ghost Manor!

The ghost guard looked at Huang Xiaolong for a brief second then disappeared in a blur from the hall.

The hall was silent once more, however, everyone could feel the halls lingering oppressive atmosphere.

Guo Jie, Du Gao, and other disciples from the Burning Sky Sect felt uneasy standing beside Huang Xiaolong like there were pins stabbing their bodies.

Especially, the disciples who were standing close to the void devil beast Xu Baisheng shuffled back covetly.

While everyone waited in the front hall,there stood a group of ghost guards inside one of the Ghost Manors many halls.

The ghost guard who had appeared in the front hall was amongst them.

Standing in front of this group of ghost guards was an old man clad in similar black robe, except for the mask.

The old man did not wear any mask, but there seemed to be a dark cloud hanging over the old mans bony face, as if he was withering, while his body exuded a terrifying death qi.

This terrifying death qi was continuously devouring this old mans vitality. 

One couldnt sense almost any vitality from this old man, as if he could drop dead any second.

This old man was none other than the Ghost Manors Lord, called Gui Yue.

Gui Yue sighed heavily in his heart as he looked at the group of the ghost guards in front of him with an extreme reluctance.

These ghost guards were all talented orphans he had taken under his wings in his early days, and had nurtured them through the years.

But they were still too far from his requirements.


None of them could inherit his Ghost Manors Lord position!

Finding a successor who could inherit his position and legacy was one of the main reasons he wanted to accept a personal disciple, a genius disciple.

For, his days were numbered.

At this time, a charming young woman in a red dress stepped into the hall from outside.

Her fiery red dress stood out amongst a sea of black-robed ghost guards.

“Foster Father.” The young woman walked in and greeted Gui Yue.

This charming young woman was named Feng Er, one of the orphans Gui Yue had taken in.

Her talent was the highest among all the orphans he had taken in, thus, Feng Er was also the most favored by Gui Yue.

Unfortunately, she too did not meet his requirements as his successor.

“Which families disciples have come in the front hall” Gui Yue asked.

Feng Er answered, “Xiao Familys Xiao Zhangyu, Hundred Tribulations Factions Chang Fang, One Heaven Gates Zhao Simin, Ma Familys Ma Lin…” She named a string of names in a single breath.

All these were big forces genius disciples of the Clear Spirit World.

“Not bad.” Gui Yue nodded when Feng Er finished.

“Foster Father, since you want to look for a genius disciple with a high Hells bloodline to inherit your legacy, Im afraid Xiao Zhangyu, Chang Fang, and the others are unable to fulfill your requirements.” Feng Er said cautiously.

Gui Yue sighed, “I know it too.”

It was indeed very hard to find someone with a high Hells bloodline in the Divine World.

“If I cant find one this time, I will go to other world surfaces.” Gui Yue said after contemplating the matter.

“Foster Father, your body…” Feng Er was worried.

“Its alright, Foster Father can still last a few years.” Gui Yue waved his hand, ending the subject.


The Clear Spirit Worlds various sects genius disciples arrived at the Ghost Manor one after another.

Huang Xiaolong and the Burning Sky Sects Guo Jie had talked about nothing interesting, while they were waiting for the Ghost Manors Lord.

After the incident earlier, Guo Jie had shown great curiosity towards Huang Xiaolong.

In a short one hour, Huang Xiaolong lost count of the number of questions she had asked, but enough to render him speechless.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly said, “I just offended Xiao Zhangyu, how could you still to talk to me.

Youre not afraid of Xiao Zhangyu

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help feeling curious about this.

Guo Jie blinked her beautiful eyes and said, “You guess”

Huang Xiaolong was completely silenced.

When Huang Xiaolong had no words to answer Guo Jies questions earlier, he had usedYou guess to answer her.

All of a sudden, the people in the front hall stirred as the Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue stepped out from the inner hall with a group of ghost guards behind him.

In an instant, the whole hall quieted down, all eyes were on Gui Yue and Feng Er.

At this time, there was a golden ghost mask on his face, and the thick death qi flowing from his body was completely gone, but there was a powerful pressure from his body, whereas Feng Er was still clad in her blazing-red dress.

She was wearing a ghost mask to conceal her beautiful face, but the curves of her body were hard to hide.

Each of her step exuded temptation.

After seeing that the Ghost Manors Lord had come out, all the experts stood up.

Not even Xiao Zhangyu, Ma Lin, and other young lords dared to remain seated.

To the Xiao Family, Ma Family, and similar forces, the Ghost Manors Lord was a great master.

“Greetings to the Ghost Manor Lord!” Everyone saluted.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yues gaze swept over the faces in the hall and then he nodded.

He proceeded to the master seat at the center of the hall and sat down.

Feng Er, and other ghost guards stood respectfully behind him.

Only then did the experts sit down again.

“Everyone must have heard the reason behind the Ghost Manors appearance.

Correct, this time the Ghost Manor has appeared because I want to accept a personal disciple.” Gui Yue began.

“A personal disciple that could inherit my legacy, any disciple is qualified to participate in the selection as long as they have an emperor rank godhead.”

Various sects disciples revealed disappointed expressions hearing only disciples with emperor rank godhead could enter the selection, including Guo Jie, Du Gao, and others from the Burning Sky Sect. 

At this time, Feng Er took out a crystal ball the size of a human head from her spatial ring.

The crystal ball was colorless and transparent, but its surface was not smooth and rounded like the common crystal ball.

Gui Yue pointed at the crystal ball and said, “I will take the disciple who could make this crystal ball release the ultimate black light as my personal disciple.

My successor would inherit the Ghost Manor, and everything that belongs to the Ghost Manor would be given to him, including the Ghost Manors treasury.”

The crowd exclaimed in excitement.

The Ghost Manors Lord actually wanted to accept a personal disciple to pass on his position! The Ghost Manor Lord! Treasury! Everything belonging to the Ghost Manor!

There was a feverish look in Xiao Zhangyu, Ma Lin, and Chang Fangs eyes, even their breathing had quickened.

No one could maintain a calm expression under the mention of such benefits.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up as he looked at the crystal ball,Ultimate black light

The Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yu then pointed at the spatial ring on his hand and explained, “This is the Ghost Manor Ring.

Inside this ring are all the chaos grade treasures that I had collected over the years, this too will be given to my personal disciple.” He opened the restrictions over the ring and revealed the things inside to everyone.

When Huang Xiaolong saw a fist-sized stone that emitted a yellow glow, his eyes brightened with delight—it was the Deep Sea Crystal!

Inside the Ghost Manor Ring was actually the Deep Sea Crystal he had been searching for over the years.

With this Deep Sea Crystal, he would have all the herbs required to refine the Reverse Incarnation Pill and cure Yao Chis Heart Devil Blood Curse. 

The crystal ball flew to the center of the hall in front of the burning gazes of everyone in the hall.


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