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“Everyone, we can begin now.” As the crystal ball hovered at the center of the hall, Feng Er said moving her cherry red lips.

The hall was extremely quiet, no one wanted to be the first one to go up.

More than half of the people in the hall looked at Xiao Zhangyu, Ma Lin, and Chang Fang.

These three young men were the geniuses of Xiao Family, Ma Family, and the Hundred Tribulations Faction.

But Xiao Zhangyu, Ma Lin, and Chang Fang were silent and steady as a mountain, and seemingly, none of them had the intention to take the lead and step up to try activating the crystal ball.

“Ill go up first!” Roughly three minutes later, a tall brawny man as he stood up.

 There was a nefarious air about him as his green eyes glimmered.

He was called Xiong Dong, the Young Lord of Great Evil Cult, a first-rank force on the Clear Spirit World.

Although Xiong Dongs reputation was not as loud as Xiao Zhangyu, Ma Lin, and Chang Fang, he was one of the Clear Spirit Worlds famous genius disciples.

He was already a Ninth Order Ancient God Realm with a little over a thousand years of cultivation.

Xiong Dong walked towards the crystal ball under the attention of everyone in the hall.

A second after he stood in front of the crystal ball, a dark green light rose from his body.

His momentum soared, and the nefarious qi from his body became more potent.

The dark green light from Xiong Dongs body gradually enshrouded the crystal ball.

A light emerged from the center of the crystal ball, but soon it simply shattered.

Seeing this, Xiong Dong pushed his godforce to the limit.

But, no matter how hard he pushed his godforce, the crystal ball merely issued a small spark before it fizzled away.

It barely lasted a second, thus making ultimate black light a mere fantasy when there was not even a black dot in the crystal ball.

Fifteen minutes later, Xiong Dong could only give up and returned to his seat.

There were no changes to his expression, and he didnt even look disappointed.

It seemed like he was prepared for this result.

Everyone exchanged a look with their companions in silence.

The hall once again fell into silence.

Another few minutes passed when another genius disciple attempted to activate the crystal balls ultimate black light. 

But the result was the same as Xiong Dong.

As the hour passed, the people in the hall couldnt hold back their voices anymore, as five genius disciples had failed!

Xiao Zhangyu was frowning.

It was becoming apparent that releasing the ultimate black light from the crystal ball was ten times harder than he had previously thought.

The five people that had tried so far had failed to bring out even a sliver of black light!

Xiong Dong and the other four people had used darkness element technique to activate the crystal ball.

Logically speaking, their method should have triggered some black light within the crystal ball.

Perhaps, the activation was not related to the technique

All of a sudden, Xiao Zhangyus eyes lit up.

“Im next!” At this time, Chang Fang who was sitting beside Xiao Zhangyu stood up.

Others talking in the hall all quieted down.

Their gazes followed Chang Fang.

Huang Xiaolong too was watching this Young Lord of Hundred Tribulations Faction.

He could see that Chang Fang had a unique physique of darkness element, and his godhead was of yin element nature.

Chang Fang stood in front of the crystal ball.

Suddenly, ripples of black light rushed out from his body as his godforce surged.

In the next second,layers of black cold ice covered the hall with him at its center.

This sight shocked the experts from the Clear Spirit World.

The crystal ball that had barely given any reaction when Xiong Dong and the other four disciples had tried to release its ultimate blake light, suddenly lit up in black light.

Crepuscular rays of back light filled the hall, sending the people in a furor. 

The Ghost Manor Lord who had been watching quietly suddenly sat up straighter.

Chang Fangs face showed his joy and he circulated his godforce even harder.

A few minutes later, there were increased brighter rays of the black light from the crystal ball.

But another few more minutes passed and the crystal balls black light stopped increasing.

Regardless of how much Chang Fang channeled his godforce onto the crystal ball, or how much he displayed his unique physiques power, he was unable to trigger the ultimate black light.

Chang Fang stood there for almost half an hour as he was unwilling to give up, but in the end, he retrieved his godforce with disappointment in his eyes and returned to his seat. 

Voices of astounded experts rose and fell in the hall.

The Ghost Manor Lord also shook his head in disappointment.

He thought to himself,Chang Fang, even though he was the Young Lord of Hundred Tribulations Faction, and a high emperor rank godhead genius with unique darkness nature physique, was unable to trigger the ultimate black light from the crystal ball.

Given this, Xiao Zhangyu, and Ma Lin wont be able to do it as well.

A heavy sigh sounded in his heart.

‘Its fated ah!

Gui Yue sighed again. Could it be that he would have to die without finding a successor to inherit his legacy, despite having lived gloriously for his lifetime

As Chang Fang returned to his seat, Huang Xiaolong stepped out.

At the same time, Xiao Zhangyu also rose from his seat and walked towards the crystal ball, unexpectedly.

All eyes fell onto Huang Xiaolong and Xiao Zhangyu.

Xiao Zhangyu noticed Huang Xiaolong stepping out and was stunned.

Then, he snickered disdainfully, “Punk, didnt you hear clearly what the Ghost Manor Lord had said Only emperor rank godhead genius disciples are qualified to enter the selection.”

“Are you saying that you are an emperor rank godhead genius disciple” Xiao Zhangyus tone was a little bloodthirsty.

“Thats right, kid.

Youre breaking the Ghost Manors rules if youre not an emperor rank godhead disciple.

Are you aware of the consequences for doing that” A Xiao Familys Elder ridiculed.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue frowned, then he gave Feng Er a look.

Feng Er nodded slightly and walked up to Huang Xiaolong.

She was going to inspect Huang Xiaolongs godhead rank.

Huang Xiaolong did not object, and cooperated by allowing the Ghost Manors Feng Er to check his godhead rank.

Feng Er placed her palm on Huang Xiaolongs arm, letting her godforce to flow into Huang Xiaolongs body.

The two of them were standing quite close, as he could smell the scent from Feng Ers body.

After a moment, Feng Er retrieved her hand.

She turned towards the Ghost Manor Lord and confirmed respectfully, “Foster Father, his is a high emperor rank godhead, with the Five Elements Godhead ranked at four hundred and fifty-eighth!”

Everyones eyes widened in astonishment as they looked at Huang Xiaolong, while Xiao Zhangyus face sank.

Huang Xiaolongs godhead was actually the same high emperor rank godhead as him! Moreover, the Five Elements Godhead ranked a little higher than his own godhead.

Guo Jie, Du Gao, and others looked at Huang Xiaolong with shock.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue nodded at Feng Er, then looked at Huang Xiaolong with interest.

Of course, it was only a slight interest though.

In his eyes, Huang Xiaolong had the same high emperor rank godhead like Chang Fang, therefore, his expectation from Huang Xiaolong to trigger the ultimate black light from the crystal ball was remote.

Xiao Zhangyu sneered, “Punk, even if you have the Five Elements Godhead, you wont be able to trigger the ultimate black light from the crystal ball.

Its useless even if you try, youll only make a joke out of yourself.”

‘Make a joke out of yourself The corner of Huang Xiaolongs mouth curved into a smile.

He ignored Xiao Zhangyu and went up to the crystal ball.

The sneer on Xiao Zhangyus face deepened.

He was waiting to see what could Huang Xiaolong possibly do, when he himself was not fully confident that he could trigger the crystal balls ultimate black light.

He didnt think Huang Xiaolong was capable of succeeding.

Huang Xiaolong stepped in front of the crystal ball.

He did not circulate a shred of his godforce, nor did he utilized his True Dragon Physique;instead, he activated the Asura bloodline in his body.

Immediately, the power of his Asura bloodline flooded out from his body and into the crystal ball like great waves.

For everyone in the hall, the crystal ball was akin to an exploding black sun that had awakened after countless years of slumber.

That black light was extremely strong and magnificent!


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