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Huang Xiaolong hesitated, then his face wriggled and changed.

He reverted to his original appearance.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue, Feng Er, as well as the ghost guards eyes widened in surprise.

Until now, none of them had noticed that Huang Xiaolong had altered his features.

“Senior Ghost Manor Lord, I am Huang Xiaolong, a Fortune Gates disciple of Vientiane World, and also the personal disciple of Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor.” Huang Xiaolong disclosed his identity to the Gui Yue.

Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue then laughed, “So, you are Golden Brow and Blood Knifes little disciple.

I have had the chance to meet them once in the past, therefore, we can be considered as old associates, but you can still worship me as your Master even if you are their disciple.”

“Disciple greets Master.” Since Gui Yue didnt mind, and Huang Xiaolong was a decisive person, he stepped forward and bowed in salute to Gui Yue.

Gui Yue laughed heartily, “Good, good disciple, you may rise!” He personally helped Huang Xiaolong to his feet, and scrutinized his new disciple from head to toe, finally nodding in appreciation.

Huang Xiaolong had been transparent in disclosing his true identity before calling Gui Yue his Master, and Gui Yue had liked this about Huang Xiaolong.

“All of you come out, come out and greet the Young Lord of Ghost Manor!” Gui Yue said to Feng Er and all the ghost guards.

Barely a breath passed, and all the hidden ghost guards appeared from the void.

Feng Er and all the ghost guards stepped forward and bowed respectfully to salute Huang Xiaolong, “Greetings Young Manor Lord!”

Huang Xiaolong had them all rise.

Gui Yue indicated Huang Xiaolong to take the seat next to him.

He sighed as he said, “Xiaolong, since I accepted you as my disciple, there are things that I wont hide from you.

I was poisoned by the Poison of Thousand Corpses.

Even though Master has been suppressing the poison with his strength, the Poison of Thousand Corpses has gradually entered my godhead.

I am at deaths door.

At the most, I could live for five more years.”

‘No wonder. Now, Huang Xiaolong realized why the Ghost Manor Lord wanted to pass on his position.

“Master, is there nothing that could detoxify your Poison of Thousand Corpses” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Gui Yue shook his head, and sighed heavily, “I have refined a number of chaos spiritual herbs for more than twenty thousands years, but they have been ineffective.

There is no cure or antidote against the poison, since the poison has now seeped into my godhead.”

“Thats because youre ignorant.” Right at this time, the little cow leisurely walked towards them.


Gui Yue was stunned.

He had lived for tens of thousands of years, but now he was called ignorant by a cow!

“Insolent!” Feng Er and several ghost guards snapped angrily at the little cow.

Gui Yue shook his head, there was a faint smile on his face, and he said, “Its alright.” Then he turned to Huang Xiaolong and added, “This mount of yours really has a big tone.”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but smile wryly, “She is always like this.” He looked at the little cow and asked, “Xiaoniū, do you have a way to deal with the Poison of Thousand Corpses”   

Gui Yue laughed, shaking his head again.

‘How could an Ancient God Realm cow have a way of curing his Poison of Thousand Corpses

The little cow answered Huang Xiaolong, “The Poison of Thousand Corpses has contaminated his godhead at the moment, therefore, I cannot completely cure him...

But I can let him live a few hundred years more.”

“You, what did you just say!” Gui Yue stood up in excitement, even though there was disbelief in his eyes, while he looked at the little cow.

‘Live a few hundred years more!

Feng Er, and all the ghost guards stared at the little cow with fervor.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled and reassured, “Master, if Xiaoniū says she has a way to extend your life for a few hundred years, then she surely can do it.

But, Xiaoniū, you said you have no way to completely cure Master right now, in other words, you have a way in the future”

Gui Yue quivered with anticipation as he looked fixedly at the little cow.

The little cow nodded, “Thats right, later, when my cultivation returns to high-level Ancestor God Realm, I can completely cure him of the Poison of Thousand Corpses.”

Gui Yues breathing quickened, and there was an obvious joy on his face as he stammered, “X-Xiaolong, is, is, is it true”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and reassured, “Dont worry, Master, if Xiaoniū could not do it, she wouldnt have said it out loud.” He turned to the little cow and added, “Xiaoniū, are you planning to help my Master to suppress the Poison of Thousand Corpses right now”

The little cow harrumphed with an extreme unwillingness.

A bitter smile rose to Huang Xiaolongs heart.

‘Looks like the little cow is extremely upset because Feng Er and the ghost guards snapped at her earlier.

“One hundred Ancestor God Realms godheads” Huang Xiaolong offered.

Gui Yue, Feng Er, and the ghost guards had no idea what Huang Xiaolong was talking about.

What does one hundred Ancestor God Realms godheads mean

“Two hundred” Huang Xiaolong increased his offer.

Finally satisfied with her bargain, the little cow walked towards Ghost Manor Lord Gui Yue, with her tail swinging happily behind her.

The ancient lightning character from her forehead flew out, and in an instant, vigorous streaks of purple lightning sizzled above Gui Yues head.

Every time the ancient lightning character completed a circle, streaks of lightning entered Gui Yues body.

Gui Yue noticed that the suppressed Poison of Thousand Corpses within his body has started weakening gradually.


Even though Huang Xiaolong had been confidant about the little cows ability in healing Gui Yue, there was still a shred of disbelief at the bottom of Gui Yues heart,how can an Ancient God Realm cow suppress the Poison of Thousand Corpses when he couldnt. 

But now, he absolutely believed in this little cow.

Feng Er and the ghost guards were staring for any changes in Gui Yues body with eagle eyes.

When they noticed the death qi from Gui Yue had gradually dispersed, their brows loosened with joy.

The wholetreatment went on for three hours.

By the end, the little cow crumbled to the floor in exhaustion, heaving heavily.

Seemingly, she had consumed a lot of godforce.

Gui Yue felt a lightness and comfort that he had not felt for a long time, and there was no longer any lingering death qi coming out from his body.

It was as if he had been reborn.

Joy rushed to his heart and he looked at Huang Xiaolong with a delighted expression mixed with a complicated gaze.

Initially, he had accepted Huang Xiaolong as his disciple just to have a successor to inherit his legacy as well as to take care of the Ghost Manor.

But he had never imagined, even in his wildest fantasies that things would take such a turn.

“Xiaolong…” Gui Yue was lost for words.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “You are my Master, and it is rightly so that Xiaoniū helps to cure your Poison of Thousand Corpses.”

Gui Yue chuckled, “It seems that Im thinking too much.” He then looked at the little cow again.

His earlier contempt was completely gone.

‘An Ancient God Realm cow who was able to detoxify the Poison of Thousand Corpses from his body; how could he dare to treat the little cow with contempt

Not to mention the little cow had said that once her cultivation would return to the high-level Ancestor God Realm, she could completely cure Gu Yue of the Poison of Thousand Corpses.

What does this represent The little cow was surely a reincarnated peerless master.

On the same night, there was a celebration banquet in the Ghost Manor.

There were two main reasons behind this celebration—one was to celebrate Gui Yues new disciple, and the second was to celebrate the hope that Gui Yue would be cured of his poison eventually.

During the banquet, Ghost Manor Lord passed on his position to Huang Xiaolong and gave Huang Xiaolong the Ghost Manor Ring.

Huang Xiaolong tried to refuse, but Gui Yue was adamant .

Thus, Huang Xiaolong accepted the Ghost Manor Lords position and Ghost Manor Ring with a wry smile.

After all, when he would go to the Xiao Family on the Stone Buddha Mainland, it would be much more convenient to get the chaos five-colored heaven refining stone with the Ghost Manor backing him. 

Huang Xiaolong stayed in the Ghost Manor for three months before setting off to the Stone Buddha Mainland.

In these three months, Huang Xiaolongs strength had risen, reaching the peak of early Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

Just half a step more and he would advance to mid-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

Not to mention, as he continued tempering his physical body with the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks everyday, the defenses of the True Dragons Physique and its power improvement were shocking.


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