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Chapter 132: Clear Cloud Pavilion Troubles

The news about the Southern Cliffs City Castellan’s murder reached the Luo Tong Royal City in no time at all.

In the Royal City−Duke Wei’s Mansion.

When Duke Wei Bi heard the news, the surrounding furniture was crushed into powder due to his anger.

“Find the culprit even if you have to flip the Luo Tong Kingdom over−don’t leave any stone unturned, you must discover who this murderer is!” Wei Bi roared in fury.

The hearts of Duke Wei Mansion’s guards quivered in fright as they promptly acknowledged the order.

“Also, throw those Southern Cliffs Castellan Manor guards into the dungeon and interrogate them one by one.

This bunch of dog slaves, several thousand of them could not protect my brother, so what’s the use of keeping them!” Wei Bi’s anger continued to burn.

“In addition, kill those guards that rushed into the room and saw Wei Yang’s death at that time!” With overwhelming killing intent, Wei Bo continued to bark out orders.

Kill those guards who saw Wei Yang’s death Doesn’t that also mean those guards that saw the body of Wei Yang’s concubine

Duke Wei Mansion guards immediately understood their master’s orders, and they left the room after replying, ‘yes, Duke’.

After the guards had left, Wei Bi’s eyes were blood red as he gritted his teeth and spat each word out with hatred, “If I find out who did it, who killed my younger brother, I will cut you into a million pieces and feed it to the dogs!”

While Wei Bi was boiling in hatred, Huang Xiaolong was still making his way back to Luo Tong Royal City.

Two months later, Huang Xiaolong finally arrived.

And the first place Huang Xiaolong stopped at was not Tianxuan Mansion, but the Cosmic Star Academy.

Entering the Principal’s room, Xiong Chu wasn’t there, only Sun Zhang was in the room.

Huang Xiaolong took out the emerald green Iron Crocodile beast core from the Asura Ring.

Sun Zhang nodded his head.

 Looking at the emerald Iron Crocodile’s beast core, he was laughing as he said: “Indeed, this is the Iron Crocodile’s beast core, and you’re now officially a Third Year student.

Me and Xiong Chu would recommend you for the inner courtyard, but we still need to discuss this matter with the inner courtyard Elders before we make the final decision.

Then again, with your talent, joining the inner courtyard shouldn’t pose much of a problem.”

Each year, the number of places allocated for students entering the inner courtyard was restricted to ten.

But, the chosen student candidates were not decided by Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu.

A meeting was held with the inner courtyard Elders, and each candidate must obtain nine out of ten votes of approval.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

For him, it wasn’t important whether or not he entered the inner courtyard.

The reason he wanted to advance into the Third Year was so that he could win the overall Academy competition.

However, when Huang Xiaolong turned around to leave, Sun Zhang suddenly spoke: “The Southern Cliffs City Castellan and his little concubine were killed by you, right”

Huang Xiaolong turned back to look at Sun Zhang, and a tiny light of surprise flickered across his eyes.

How did Sun Zhang know

Sun Zhang smiled, “Don’t look at me like that.

It is just a guess, but I did not expect that it really was you.”

Then, Huang Xiaolong realized that it must be due to the timing.

When he went hunting for Iron Crocodile, it coincided with the Southern Cliffs City Castellan’s death, and thus, Sun Zhang made such assumption.

“I heard Wei Yang’s little concubine has a great figure– her butt was big, is that so” In the next moment, another question popped out from Sun Zhang’s mouth.

Huang Xiaolong was taken aback for he did not expect this question from Sun Zhang.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

Why was this Sun Zhang asking such a question

“That’s right, I killed them.” Huang Xiaolong frankly admitted.

It wouldn’t matter anyways if he confessed.

Of course, Sun Zhang wouldn’t publicize the matter to the outside world.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and left the room, ending the conversation.

Sun Zhang’s mouth was opened as if there were many questions he wanted to ask, but seeing Huang Xiaolong leaving, he could only shake his head and mutter under his breath: “This kid!”

Leaving the Academy, Huang Xiaolong returned to Tianxuan Mansion.

Fei Hou came to see him after getting the news of his return.

Huang Xiaolong asked about matters regarding Tianxuan Mansion for the last couple of months with Fei Hou replying, answering them one by one.

When these matters ended, Fei Hou suddenly said: “Sovereign, there were many instances of conflict between our Nine Tripod Commerce and the Clear Cloud Pavilion in recent days.”

Clear Cloud Pavilion was the biggest trading house of Cloud Sea Kingdom.

It was established over a hundred years ago and its numerous branches covered a vast extent of the land.

Even within the Luo Tong Kingdom, they had no less than a dozen branches.

There were also many forces under their wing.

At that time, when a great treasure appeared in the Enlightenment Lake, Clear Cloud Pavilion also mobilized many people venture over.

“What kind of conflict” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Fei Hou replied respectfully, “Two weeks ago, the Clear Cloud Pavilion Big Dawn County’s branch disciples came to our Big Dawn’s Nine Tripod Commerce, claiming that they wanted to buy one million copies of Nine Tripod’s publication.

When our Big Dawn branch disciple said they didn’t have the supply, the Clear Cloud Pavilion’s disciples attacked and injured our disciples.”

A light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Asking for a million copies of Nine Tripod, it was obvious that the other side clearly came to make trouble.

“Are you sure that their disciples made the first move, injuring our people” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, I am sure!” Fei Hou said with conviction.

“After the Clear Cloud Pavilion’s disciples injured our people, they even slandered our Nine Tripod Commerce, claiming that we should shut down if we can’t even provide one million copies and insulting us with questions like what is the purpose of doing business this way and such.

During this past two weeks, the Clear Cloud Pavilion Big Dawn disciples would go to our shop to make trouble every day, and they’re even injuring our people!”

“Every day they come, clamoring that the Nine Tripod Commerce must supply them with one million copies!”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes became cold.

These Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples came to his Nine Tripod Commerce Big Dawn County branch every day, making trouble and hitting people.

Evidently, they didn’t put the Tianxuan Mansion in their eyes.

Or perhaps, they don’t put him, Huang Xiaolong, and the Marshal Mansion in their eyes!

“Did you investigate clearly what forces this Clear Cloud Pavilion has in the Luo Tong Kingdom!” Huang Xiaolong inquired.

Fei Hou answered: “I have investigated the matter clearly; Clear Cloud Pavilion dared to act so arrogantly because they were backed by the Prime Minister, Wu Feng, Duke Wei Bi, and other high officials such as Li Jian!  This all stems from jealousy of our Nine Tripod Commerce’s profit!”

Prime Minister Wu Feng!

The coldness in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes increased.

No wonder this Clear Cloud Pavilion dared to behave with outright brazenness−behind them was the Prime Minister Wu Feng!

In the Luo Tong Kingdom, Marshal Haotian stands at the top of the military chain of command, and he was a three-generation Marshal with the highest status and position only below the King.

However, this Prime Minister Wu Feng represents the main political force, and just like Marshal Haotian, he was a three-generation minister.

Although his position wasn’t as high as Marshal Haotian’s, the gap was negligible.

Within the Luo Tong Kingdom, one led the political arena and the other spearheaded the military, and both sides were never harmonious! Prime Minister Wu Feng has cautioned King Lu Zhe many times over, claiming that Marshal Haotian holding military power was a great risk to the Luo Tong Kingdom, and he even proposed to have Marshal Haotian’s military authority and position revoked.

There was a high probability that this problem with the Clear Cloud Pavilion was secretly planned by the Prime Minister.

The rise of the Nine Tripod Commerce these past few years, and its bountiful annual profit that was close to a hundred thousand gold coins caused many to go green with envy.

“So, it is this old fogey!” Huang Xiaolong sneered coldly.

But, Huang Xiaolong did not expect that other than Prime Minister Wu Feng, Duke Wei Bi was also one of Clear Cloud Pavilion’s supporters.

He had just killed his blood sibling, that Southern Cliffs City Castellan, Wei Yang.

“What about the other branches Did similar events take place” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Not at the moment.” Fei Hou replied.

“Sovereign, how about I make a trip personally to Big Dawn County to settle this matter”

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Tomorrow, you’re going to come with me.”

Huang Xiaolong had intended to make a trip himself.

If he allowed this matter with Clear Cloud Pavilion to fester, not only would it be detrimental to Nine Tripod Commerce’s future development, it would also affect Huang Xiaolong’s and Marshal Haotian’s reputation.

“Sovereign plans to go as well” Fei Hou was surprised before acknowledging his decision with respect.



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