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When Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was still at the Eighth Order Ancient God Realm, he could only slash out a dozen blood-red knife qi.

But now, with a single slash, there were more than two hundred blood knife qi.

Although the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders had seen Huang Xiaolongs startling battle power more than once, their hearts still shuddered as they witnessed Huang Xiaolong cut a late-Second Order Ancient God Realm Crimson Blossom Python into pieces without much effort.

Based on Huang Xiaolongs battle power they had witnessed so far, it could be predicted that he would be extremely strong after breaking through to Ancestor God Realm. 

Once that happened, Huang Xiaolong might be able to kill an early Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm master with ease!

Huang Xiaolong didn\'t spare the Crimson Blossom Python another look, and continued riding on the little cows back towards the grandmist aura.

But they soon met with a second attack from another magic beast.

It was a peak late-Second Order Ancestor God Realm magic beast, but Huang Xiaolong killed it with the same ease as the previous one.

The group continued to fly onwards following Huang Xiaolongs lead.

The greyish black miasma in the forest got denser the deeper they went.

Luckily, this did not pose a problem for Huang Xiaolongs group because of their strengths as well as the detoxification pills.

But, the deeper they went inside the forest, the frequency of attacks from the magic beasts increased.

Not just that, these beasts also became increasingly powerful.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow could manage to defeat these magic beasts on their own, but at one point, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er had to take over the task.

The Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders were not idle either.

They had formed the Sand Waves Grand Formation to kill Seventh Order Ancient God Realm magic beasts.

As they had started encountering increasingly powerful magic beasts, Feng Er couldnt help asking, “Manor Lord, is there something in particular that youre looking for inside this ancient forest” It was obvious that their path was dotted with magic beasts gathering places.

She couldnt figure out why Huang Xiaolong wanted to go into the depths of this ancient forest, especially taking into consideration the risks of getting attacked by these powerful magic beasts.

“Little Feng Er, you shouldnt inquire into Masters personal matters.” The little cow suddenly looked over her shoulder at Feng Er.

Her thoughts were connected with Huang Xiaolongs thoughts, therefore she knew exactly why Huang Xiaolong was entering into the depths of this ancient forest.

Since it was related to the grandmist aura, the less people knew about it, the better it was.

At the very least, she didnt want any mishap to occur before Huang Xiaolong could successfully merge with the grandmist aura.

Feng Er stopped asking questions at the little cows reminder.

At last, they stopped at the edge of a mountainous area.

The mountain peaks were not very high but the mountain range in itself stretched tens of thousands of li, with dense devil qi roiling around it.

Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

He hadn\'t expected the ancient forest to hide such a mountain range.

Earlier when they were in the air, they hadnt seen this mountain range.

Huang Xiaolong could distinctly sense the grandmist aura beneath this mountain range!

The group whizzed past the dense devil qi and hovered in the air above the mountain peaks. 

Huang Xiaolong summoned out the Sky Dragon Blood Knife and slashed downwards. 

Zheng!! Sparks flew out when the Sky Dragon Blood Knife\'s knife qi struck the mountain peak.

The result stupefied everyone, as Huang Xiaolong\'s knife slash merely left a shallow cut on the mountain peak!

This result was astonishing.

What kind of chaos iron ore was this mountain peak made of Then again, even though this mountain was made of chaos iron ore, it was unexpected that Huang Xiaolongs powerful knife attack would merely leave such a shallow cut.

“Let me try!” Feng Er said when she saw this and stepped forward.

She circulated her godforce to the limit and slashed down with her palm using her godforce.

Instantly, ghost fog roiled madly.

The mountain peak below them shook violently, and gravel rolled down.

But to everyones surprise, there was only a twelve meters long crack.

“What are you staring at Hurry up and attack!” The little cow gave the void devil beast Xu Baisheng a kick in the butt and scolded when she saw him standing idly. 

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng pulled a bitter face, and asked meekly, “Senior Xiaoniu, can, can you not kick my butt in the future”

At the end of the day, he was still a God King Realm master, and being kicked in the butt every other day destroyed his mighty prestige ah!

The little cows face split into an evil grin, “Objection invalid, cannot do that!” She raised her hoof as if she was going to kick him again.

Void devil beast quickly ran forward.

With all his force, his paw chopped down on the mountain peak, like a knife.

He could only vent out his frustration on the mountain peak. 

Weng!! A crisp cracking noise sounded.

The mountain cracked, starting from the mountain peak all the way to the mountain slope.

Although the crack was not big, it was enough for two people to enter.

Huang Xiaolong was delighted.

He quickly ordered Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders, “All of you stand guard outside.

No one is allowed to enter without my permission.”

Feng Er and the rest acknowledged with ayes.

Huang Xiaolong swooped into the mountain crack sitting on the little cows back, and the void devil beat Xu Baisheng following behind them.

The lower they descended within the mountain, the stronger he could sense the grandmist aura.

Upon reaching the belly of the mountain, they realized that it was a completely different world down there! The walls within the mountains belly were covered with a layer of light purple vegetation that was emitting spiritual energy.

Whereas below them, was a flat ground with a several li perimeter.

Huang Xiaolong had the little cow descend on the flat ground, but suddenly he stopped sensing the grandmist aura.

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered.

\'What\'s going on!\'

Huang Xiaolong released his grandmist godforce to every inch of the walls, and even had it penetrate the surrounding walls.

But he was still unable to sense the grandmist aura.

In the end, he even opened his Eye of Hell, yet it was futile.

The little cow was frowning as well.

She was using her own secret technique to explore the surroundings, but she was also failing to detect anything.

Suddenly, the mountain\'s belly space fell into complete darkness with a buzzing silence.

Then, a faint purple glow appeared around Huang Xiaolong and lit up the cave.

Something akin to a small gaseous river was floating in the air around Huang Xiaolong, winding intimately around him like a child jumping up and down.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone with ecstasy.

He hadnt expected for the grandmist aura to suddenly appear in front of him in this manner.

Huang Xiaolong reached out and touched the grandmist aura; he felt its warmth and softness.

Xu Baisheng looked at the grandmist aura, as if he was thinking of something.

He then stammered excitedly, “That-t-t-that, i-i-s grand-grand…!” His words sounded like gibberish.

But his words were cut short as the little cow kicked his butt once again.

“What the heck are you so excited for Shut up, even if you know that that is!”

Void devil beast Xu Baishengs voice was stuck in his throat as he nodded solemnly.

At that moment, the small grandmist aura river turned into a streak of light and disappeared within Huang Xiaolongs body.

Immediately, the familiar feeling of warmth as well as the familiar grandmist aura energy filled his body.

Soon, the small grandmist aura river reached Huang Xiaolongs consciousness.

He quickly sat down and ran the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to refine the grandmist aura river.

Since he had previously refined a purple grandmist aura dragon, refining this grandmist aura river was simple.

Streams of grandmist aura energy flowed out from the grandmist aura river, and started circulating through Huang Xiaolongs entire body and into his three supreme godheads.

Huang Xiaolong entered into an ethereal state, comprehending the law of heaven and earth contained within this grandmist aura.

Both the little cow and void devil beast retreated to the side to protect Huang Xiaolong.

One month came and went by.

The Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders grew impatient and annoyed since Huang Xiaolong hadnt yet come out from the mountain.

Sand Waves Sects Grand Elder Zheng Guowen intentionally approached Feng Er, and asked with a forced smile, “Miss Feng Er, you see, Manor Lord hasnt yet come out after such a long time.

Could it be that they met with an accident Should we go in and take a look


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