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Chen Wenli looked maliciously at Huang Xiaolong out of the corner of his eyes.

His voice carried a hint of bloodthirst as he said, “Little kid, who might you be” But soon, his gaze shifted onto Feng Er who was a step behind Huang Xiaolong, “This is your maid Her face is not bad, loan her to this Young Master for a couple of days.

Ill return her to you after two days!” His eyes were glued to Feng Ers bosom.

Just as Chen Wenli finished speaking, a figure flickered.

Feng Er had struck Chen Wenli across his left cheek.

Chen Wenli was knocked into the air with blood and teeth spurting out from his mouth.

“You!” Chen Wenli was shocked and enraged at the same time, glaring fiercely at Feng Er.

He didnt expect Feng Er to be this strong. How can she be a high-level Ancestor God Realm 

“Young Lord Chen!” The people following Chen Wenli cried out in shock and hastened clumsily to his side.

“Zheng Guowen, you better give me an explanation for this!” Chen Wenli roared as he pushed away the people gathering around him and struggled to get up on his feet.

His sharp gaze was full of killing intent and it was fixed on Huang Xiaolong. 

“Manor Lord, you think…” Zheng Guowen ignored Chen Wenlis threat, and instead, inquired about Huang Xiaolongs opinion on how to deal with Chen Wenli.

When Chen Wenli heardManor Lord, he looked at Zheng Guowen foolishly, and repeated, “Manor Lord”

Seemingly, Zheng Guowen was following this black-haired young mans orders Could it be, Zheng Guowen and the others have…!

Chen Wenli looked carefully at the other members of the group of Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders.

He soon realized that all these Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders were standing respectfully behind this black-haired young man. Were they looking like they barely dared to breathe more than necessary!

“Bring him, well head to the Sand Waves Sect after weve filled up our stomachs!” Huang Xiaolong ordered indifferently.

Gui Yi respectfully acknowledged his order.

He restrained Cheng Wenli without any effort by using the suction force from his palm.

He then placed Chen Wenli over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Chen Wenlis subordinates rushed up to Gui Yi, but they were knocked backwards with just a single palm strike from Gui Yi, even before they could get any closer.

Huang Xiaolong and the others walked away as if nothing had happened.

Hate and fury soared in Chen Wenlis heart as he glared at Zheng Guowen, Chen Zheng, and the rest of Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders.

He gritted his teeth and spat, “You all dare to betray the Sand Waves Sect and serve this puny punk! Youve just signed up for your deaths! Zheng Guowen, if all of you kill this punk right now, and release me, I would plead to my Master on your behalf!”

At these words, the little cow, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, and the others burst out into laughter.

They looked at Chen Wenli like he was an idiot.

Chen Wenli screamed in rage, “Zheng Guowen, you are seeking death!”

Huang Xiaolongs face sank and he threatened coldly, “If he screams one more time, cut off his tongue!”

“Yes, Manor Lord!” Gui Yi acknowledged.

Chen Wenlis anger rose even further at Huang Xiaolongs words.

Just as he was about to bellow at Huang Xiaolong, he saw Gui Yis piercing gaze.

It was enough to leave his mouth agape in fear and he no longer dared to utter a sound.

A while later, Huang Xiaolongs group stepped inside one of the biggest restaurants in Long Sun City.

After their order was served, everyone enjoyed themselves as fragrant wine flowed into their cups.

Chen Wenlis godforce was sealed and then he was thrown into a corner.

His face turned green as the fragrant dishes and wine drilled into his nose.

However, he was smart enough to sit quietly in the corner.

After everyone was fed and watered, except for Chen Wenli, they once again started flying towards the Sand Waves Sects headquarters.

While Huang Xiaolongs group flew in the direction of the Sand Waves Sects headquarters, with the captured Chen Wenli, Chen Wenlis subordinates had already reported the incident to the Sand Waves Sects Elders.

The message was then brought to the three Ancestors.

When Cao Fang and the other two Ancestors heard the report, all three Ancestors were astonished.

“Youre saying that Zheng Guowen, Chen Zheng, and the others have all betrayed Sand Waves Sect in order to serve a black-haired young man!” Cao Fang asked doubtfully as he looked at the several Sand Waves Sects Elders who had just reported to him.

“That is so, Ancestor Cao Fang.

And that group of people has caught Junior Brother Wenli as their hostage!” One of the Elders replied respectfully.

“This matter is reported by his disciples.

At the time of this incident, they were with Junior Brother Wenli, and witnessed they witnessed everything with their own eyes.

This matter is surely real!”

Cao Fang and the two Ancestors exchanged a silent look.

“What do you two think about this” Cao Fangs expression was a little ugly as he asked the other two Ancestors for their opinions. 

One of the Ancestors, Ancestor Deng Qishun spoke solemnly, “There is something strange about this matter.

Zheng Guowen, Chen Zheng, and the rest were the ones who had followed the Sect Chief to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

The Sect Chief has not yet returned, whereas Zheng Guowen and the rest are said to have submitted to a black-haired young man.

On top of that, they actually came back here”

Cao Feng asked the several Elders, “Are Zheng Guowen and the others still in the Long Sun City”

One of the Elders hurried to answer, “No.

They have already left Long Sun City, and now they are flying here to the Sand Waves Sects headquarters with Junior Brother Wenli.”

“”They are coming to our Sand Waves Sects headquarters” Cao Fang and the other two Ancestors exchanged a doubtful look.


All of a sudden, a heavy silence enveloped the hall.

“How many people are there in their group And how much is their strength” Deng Qishun asked.

“Other than Zheng Guowen, Chen Zheng, and other Grand Elders, there are eight demonic beasts in their group.

These beasts\' strengths ranges between low-level to mid-level Ancestor God Realm.

There are also three other people, one woman and two men.

most likely that black-haired young man\'s bodyguards.

It is estimated that they are high-level Ancestor God Realm masters.

One of the men was able to easily capture Junior Brother Wenli.” One of the Elders reported.

“Hmph, Zheng Guowen and those traitors still dared to come back to Sand Waves Sect headquarters!” A coldness burst in Cao Fangs eyes.

“But, what are they coming to our Sand Waves Sects headquarters for” Deng Qishun voiced out the doubt in his heart.

“Well know when they come.” Cao Fang sneered, and a killing intent rippled around his body.

“Since they have dared to come here, they must have a trump card.” Another Sand Waves Sects Ancestor stated.

Cao Feng sneered, “So what I dont believe they have a God King Realm master with them! Of course, even if they have an early First Order God King Realm master with them, we can still suppress him with the three of us and the Sand Waves Sect Grand Formation!”

“Our ancient Sand Waves Sect Grand Formations power is not something juniors like Zheng Guowen can estimate!”

A few hours later...

The Sand Waves Sects Elders reported that Zheng Guowen, Chen Zheng, and the rest of the Grand Elders, as well as the black-haired young man had reached the edge of the desert.

“Lets go out.

Id like to see if this black-haired young man has six arms and three heads.” Cao Fangs eyes glimmered.

A moment later, he tore space and vanished from the hall with Deng Qishun, and Li Ye.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, and the others were a short distance from approaching the Sand Waves Sects headquarters.

Although the Sand Waves Sects headquarters was built on the desert, the surrounding one hundred li radius had been transformed into a green oasis by the Sand Waves Sect.

There were spiritual flowers and spiritual trees everywhere, just like an independent utopia.

“The Sand Waves Sect really knows how to choose a good place.

It wont be a bad idea to cultivate here, once we conquer the Sand Waves Sect.” Huang Xiaolong joked with Feng Er and the others.

Huang Xiaolong had discovered that there was a naturally formed spiritual vein underground.

And it was at least a grade six spiritual vein, maybe even higher.

“Hmph!” A cold harrumph sounded.

“Conquer our Sand Waves Sect Ignorant junior, youve got quite a big tone!”

Suddenly, a light rippled in the path of Huang Xiaolongs group, and Cao Fang, Deng Qishun, and Li Ye appeared.

Lastly, a sea of people rushed out from the Sand Waves Sects headquarters.

These were all of the Sand Waves Sects Elders.


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