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Guo Familys Grand Elders recovered from their shock.

Fury rose to their hearts and all of them circulated their godforce to attack Huang Xiaolong, when an overwhelming momentum burst out from Xiang Xuns body.

The sky threatened to collapse on all of them.

All the Guo Family\'s Grand Elders felt like their breaths were choked in their chest due to this overwhelming pressure.

Their bodies staggered back and they lost balance, but their shocked gazes never left Xiang Xun.

“God, God King Realm master!”

God King Realm master!

At this time, Huang Xiaolong waved his arms as he summoned the Godly Mt.

Xumi and released the Feng Family\'s Patriarch Feng Jingxi, Ma Family\'s Ancestor, and others.

Guo Family\'s Grand Elders looked at the sea tribe\'s Ancestors and Patriarchs who appeared suddenly by Huang Xiaolong\'s side.

None of them reacted for a moment. What\'s going on

Could it be the Ma Family\'s Ancestor and the rest were captured by Huang Xiaolong

But, where were the Guo Family\'s Ancestor and Patriarch

Also, where were the Feng Family\'s Ancestor and Lord Sea God Feng Yingying Why were they not here!

Then, the Guo Family\'s Grand Elders remembered what Huang Xiaolong had said some time back… were their Guo Family\'s Ancestor and Patriarch really killed by Huang Xiaolong!

While these thoughts crossed the Guo Family\'s Grand Elders\' minds, the Feng Family\'s Patriarch, and the rest knelt in front of Huang Xiaolong and saluted, Master, what is your command


All the Guo Family\'s Grand Elders\' eyes widened with horror.

No, no, impossible!

Absolutely impossible! How could our sea tribe\'s Ancestors and Patriarchs submit to a human! How could they submit to you, a Fortune Gate\'s disciple! Huang Xiaolong must have used some kind of illusive technique!

That\'s right, this must be an illusion!

Some Guo Family\'s Grand Elders denied what they were seeing, shaking their heads and screaming in refusal.

Huang Xiaolong snickered coldly.

He ignored these screaming clowns and ordered Feng Jingxi and the rest, “Stand up.

All of you follow me into the city, and assemble all twelve families Grand Elders and Elders at the Sea God Square.

Those that dont follow order, resist, or try to attack me, you all will be the ones to kill them!”

“Yes, Master!” Feng Jingxi, Ma Familys Ancestor, and the others sonorous replies shook the air.

At this point, the Guo Familys Grand Elders had thrown all thoughts of seniority and ranks out of the window as they shouted, “Since you all dared to betray the sea tribe, you must offer your heads to atone for your crimes! All of you will be beheaded on the Sea Gods sacrificial altar! Lord Sea God Feng Yingying would not spare you!”

These few Guo Familys Grand Elders were knocked back with a punch from the Ma Familys Ancestor, and they exploded almost instantly.

Rain of blood scattered to the ground.

“Master has ordered that the sea tribes twelve families Grand Elders and Elders need to assemble at the Sea God Square.

Those who will disobey or resist his order will be killed!” Ma Familys Ancestors sharp gaze swept over the Guo Familys Grand Elders, “All of you better rush to the Sea God Square immediately!”

The remaining Guo Familys Grand Elders were furious and afraid.

But none made any moves.

Another sea tribes Ancestor who had broken through to God King Realm punched out and instantly killed several Guo Familys Grand Elders.

The remaining Guo Familys Grand Elders turned white as a sheet.

Finally, a few of them turned and sped towards the Sea God Square.

Another God King Realm Ancestor also attacked a Guo Familys Grand Elder, and he exploded under the force of his palm.

By this point, the remaining Guo Familys Grand Elders were fleeing for their lives to the Sea God Square.

Huang Xiaolong nudged the little cow to enter the Sea God City.

Xiang Xun, Feng Er, and the rest followed behind.

Upon entering the Sea God City, Feng Familys Patriarch, Ma Familys Ancestor, and the others all contacted their own families Grand Elders and ELders to assemble at the Sea God Square immediately.

As Feng Jingxi and the others issued their order, the various families Grand Elders and Elders who were scattered all over the Sea God City rushed to the Sea God Square.

Above the Sea God City, Huang Xiaolong looked condescendingly at the sea tribes disciples.

“Someone actually has the guts to fly over our Sea God City! This is courting death!”

“Its Huang Xiaolong! Ive seen him in the last God of the Sea Grand Ceremony!”

The sea tribes disciples on the streets were enraged when they raised their heads and saw Huang Xiaolongs group flying over their Sea God City.

These disciples wanted to attack Huang Xiaolong, but their bodies stiffened when they spotted the entourage of sea tribe\'s Ancestors and Patriarchs.

These sea tribe\'s disciples were flabbergasted as they saw the Feng Family\'s Patriarch Feng Jingxi, Ma Family\'s Ancestor, and the others following respectfully behind Huang Xiaolong.

The group sped away... 

When Huang Xiaolong and others flew out of sight, the sea tribe\'s disciples, on the streets, exchanged silent looks while wondering what was going on.

Why would Feng Family\'s Patriarch, Ma Family\'s Ancestor, and the other elders follow Huang Xiaolong More importantly, why did they have the flattering slave expressions on their faces


It must be an illusion!

“Should we follow and take a look” A Feng Familys core disciple suggested.

“Lets follow and take a look!” Some other curious core disciples agreed.

With that decided, a group of disciples started following Huang Xialongs group carefully.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong\'s group reached the Sea God Square.

When they arrived, many of the twelve families Grand Elders and Elders had already assembled in the square.

When they saw Huang Xiaolong, their reaction was similar to the sea tribes disciples on the streets from earlier—attack Huang Xiaolong, but in the next second, their gaze fell on Feng Jingxi, Ma Familys Ancestor and the others behind Huang Xiaolong, and they also froze.

Huang Xiaolong descended onto the square while sitting on the little cow, and walked straight up to the sea God Tower.

Looking at the thousand zhang tall Sea God Tower in front of him, a glint flickered in the depths of Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes.

According to Feng Jingxi and other sea tribe\'s Ancestors and Patriarchs, this Sea God Tower was a top grade chaos spiritual artifact.

Cultivating inside the tower would nurture one\'s soul, and a spirit could remain inside it forever, while growing stronger through absorbing the spiritual energy inside the tower.

A spirit resembled a person\'s soul, and there were generations of Sea Gods residing inside the Sea God Tower.

Some of them were older than a million years.

Even though these generations of Sea God\'s spirits cultivation speed was extremely slow, most of them had the strength of a God King Realm, and a few even had the strength of mid-level God King Realm masters.

However, these Sea God\'s spirits were not able to leave the Sea God Tower; if they were to leave, their spirits would get destroyed and lost forever.

Otherwise, these Sea God\'s spirits would have conquered the Vientiane World long ago.

At this time, the little cow said to Huang Xiaolong, Xiaolong, these Sea Gods spirits are good stuff ah, you refine the Sea God Tower first, then refine all the Sea Gods spirits.

Your strength would improve by leaps and bounds by doing this!”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised, and his eyes shone as he asked, “These Sea Gods spirits are really that good”

The little cow chuckled and said, These Sea God\'s spirits have been cultivating by absorbing the spiritual energy inside the tower for thousands and millions of years.

Therefore, these spirits can be considered as the top grade chaos spiritual creatures.

The energy within them is frightening, which is many times higher than the Seven-colored Metal Fiend Fruit.

Now, do you think they are treasures

Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone with a burning fervor.

He would have never thought that these Sea God\'s spirits would bring him such benefits!


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