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Huang Xiaolong was genuinely surprised by Xu Baisheng\'s sudden exclamation. They had actually bumped into a Void Devil Beast Clan\'s disciple there, in the middle of nowhere 

The Void Devil Beast Clan had always lived in Hells Asura World, and rarely appeared in the Divine World.

“Go check it out!” Huang Xiaolong said solemnly.

Since it was related to Xu Baishengs clans disciple, he couldnt ignore the matter and leave with ease.

“Yes!” Everyone respectfully complied.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng looked gratefully at Huang Xiaolong and thanked him, “Thank you, Master.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, indicating it was alright.

Thus, Xiang Xun directed the Giant Shark Flying Ship towards the source of the energy fluctuations.

As a precaution, Xiang Xun activated the flying ships defensive formation.

At the same time, dim ripples of light spread from the head to the tail of the flying ship, and it quietly vanished from sight.

If no expert was specifically using his divine sense to examine the surroundings, he probably wouldnt be able to detect the Giant Shark Flying Sharks presence.

The Giant Shark Flying Ship soon reached the source of the energy fluctuations.

When they came upon the battle scene, everyone inside the Giant Shark Flying Ships control hall was astonished—there were more than ten sects experts besieging three magical beasts!

Three blood-drenched magic beasts were laden with various sword cuts, blade slashes, and axe marks on their bodies.

There were also irregular claw marks, fist and palm imprints on them.

Their condition looked tragic.

These three magical beasts were the disciples of the Void Devil Beast Clan.

Xu Baisheng was furious and anxious at the same time, as he saw the miserable conditions of his clans disciples, but without Huang Xiaolongs order, he couldnt act recklessly.

“Master, what do we do” Xu Baisheng asked Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong gave Xu Baisheng a reassuring look, and said, “Dont worry, they will be fine.”

Xu Baisheng nodded heavily.

“Xiang Xun, check if there are any experts hiding in the surroundings” Huang Xiaolong commanded Xiang Xun.

Xiang Xun complied and spread out his divine sense to survey the surroundings.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolongs gaze fell onto the group of sects experts. 

He noticed an emblem consisting of nine dragons on two peoples robes, and his eyes narrowed.

“The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace!”

These two peoples attires were similar to that of the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy, whom Huang Xiaolong had seen before.

Thus, he was certain that these two were the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces disciples. 

The little cow added, “Other than the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, theres also experts from the Solitude Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace!”

Four of the Emperor Palaces!

Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the others sucked in a breath of cold air.

Inevitably, they would have to offend these four Emperor Palaces experts in order to save the three void devil beasts.

Even the existence who would have surpassed God King Realm cultivation, would have the guts to become enemies with four Emperor Palaces simultaneously.

As if she was afraid that Huang Xiaolong was ignorant about the Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace, the little cow quickly explained, “Although the Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace cannot be compared to the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace or Solitude Emperor Palace, both of them are still Emperor Palace forces within the top one hundred rankings.”

Even though the Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace were weaker in comparison to the former two forces, they were still considered giants in the Divine World.

Huang Xiaolong frowned at the little cows words.

“Master, there are no hidden experts in the surroundings.” At this point, Xiang Xun retrieved his divine sense and reported to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and a gleam of cold light flickered in his eyes as he ordered, “Get ready to rescue those beasts at my command!”

Everyone complied with hesitation, but there was obvious gratefulness in Xu Baishengs eyes.

In less than a minute, Huang Xiaolong suddenly let out a low bellow, “Attack—!”

As soon as Huang Xiaolongs voice rang, Xiang Xun and void devil beast Xu Baisheng who had been waiting for Huang Xiaolongs order made their moves.

Both of them exerted their most powerful attacks right from the beginning.

Xiang Xuns godforce and Xu Baishengs corrosive devil qi rushed out like a deathly tsunami from the Giant Shark Flying Ship, and swept towards the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace and the other three Emperor Palaces experts.

The four Emperor Palaces experts were completely taken by surprise! Not to mention Xiang Xun and Xu Baishengs strength overwhelmed them to the point of rendering them powerless, even to escape.

All of them were struck by Xiang Xun and Xu Baishengs attacks in the blink of an eye.

Boom! Bang! Explosions rang consecutively.

The four Emperor Palaces experts exploded.

However, after the four Emperor Palaces experts exploded, their scattered pieces of flesh, bones, and blood actually reconverged, squirming together as if a person was about to grow out.

Xiang Xun snorted disdainfully.

Then, his mouth opened wide and blew out Black Infernal Divine Fire, wrapping around the scattered flesh and everything else that remained.

Xu Baisheng too opened his mouth wide and spat out a grayish-green fireball.

This grayish-green fire was one of Xu Baishengs divine arts that was more powerful than the average God King Realm masters internal fire.

In a second, the four Emperor Palaces experts converging pieces of flesh exploded again, whining in agony.

“Who the hell are you all! We are disciples of Solitude Emperor Palace! If you dare to kill us, you wont have a single place to hide in the Divine World!”

“Were disciples of Nine Dragons Emperor Palace!”

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palaces disciples shouted angrily as well.

Their tones were equally threatening to that of the Solitude Emperor Palaces disciples, as they warned Huang Xiaolong about the consequences of killing them; there would be no place in the Divine World for him to hide.

Huang Xiaolong watched silently.

“The Nine Dragons Epoch Body!”

One of the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces peak late-Third Order God King Realm disciples made a last, desperate attempt, and executed the Nine Dragons Emperors unique technique.

Overwhelming dragon force surged out from Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces disciples body, shaking the encirclement of Xiang Xuns Black Infernal Divine Fire.

Xiang Xun snorted coldly.

He let out a heaven-shaking roar, and the surrounding energy bubbled up like boiling water as soundwaves shot straight at the four Emperor Palaces disciples. 

Then again, even though Xiang Xun was a great master since the desolate era, and Xu Baisheng was helping him, it took them a good half an hour to thoroughly annihilate the four Emperor Palaces disciples.

Things happened too suddenly for the three void devil beasts to react.

For a moment, they were unsure of how to react, but in the end, they decided to stay instead of running away. 

After Xiang Xun annihilated the disciples from the four Emperor Palaces, Huang Xiaolong casually waved his hand and collected their spatial rings and divine artifacts, whereas the little cow hurriedly collected the godheads with a gleeful expression.

Kiddo Xiang Xun, good job, now this cow has godheads to munch on. The little cow generously praised Xiang Xun.

Xiang Xun was a little shy from her praise.

Let us go out to meet them. Huang Xiaolong said as he put away the spatial rings into his Ghost Buddha Ring.

He flew out from the flying ship, while the little cow followed right behind him. 

When the three void devil beasts saw Xu Baisheng coming out with Huang Xiaolong, all three were stunned.

Excitement rose to their faces, and they took a few steps in Xu Baisheng\'s direction, You, you are…!

Xu Baisheng raised a claw and made a gesture towards the void, an ancient and mysterious emblem flew out.

When the three void devil beasts saw the emblem flying out from the void, they quivered with excitement, then immediately knelt down before Xu Baisheng, greeting him loudly, “Greetings to the Lord Envoy!”

Before Xu Baisheng was suppressed and sealed under the Devil Prison Mountain, he had been the Void Devil Beast Clans envoy.

He held a very high identity and status in the clan.


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