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Huang Xiaolong and the little cow observed Bei Xiaomei carefully. This young girl with an allowance of ten million low grade-eight spirit stones was surely not a disciple from a regular family; she was definitely someone with a higher status as an Emperor Palaces disciple!

“W-why are-are you all staring at me like that” Bei Xiaomei felt shy as she noticed that Huang Xiaolongs group was looking at her like she was an extinct creature.

“Ten million low grade-eight spirit stones are too little, right If I had known about this auction earlier, I could have borrowed some spirit stones from my big sister.”

Everyone was beyond speechless at her grumbling.

“Is your big sister very rich” Xu Baisheng asked casually.

Bei Xiaomei nodded hard as she answered, “Yes, my sister is Bei Xiaoji! Shes very, very rich!” 

“Bei Xiaoji [1]!” Xu Baisheng and Feng Er looked at her even more strangely. 

Even Huang Xiaolong had a weird expression on his face, as he thought that the name Bei Xiaoji was very, um, unique.

“Not that, ...its Bei Xiaoji!” Realizing everyone had misunderstood her big sisters name, Bei Xiaomei reiterated and explained.

Only then did everyone understand.

Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others had never heard of Bei Xiaojis name.

In this vast Divine World, even Emperor Palaces forces exceeded ten thousand in number, hence it wasnt strange that they had never heard of Bei Xiaoji.

But Huang Xiaolong and the others were surprised when they heard the little cow exclaim, “Your sister is Bei Xiaoji!”

Everyone looked at the little cow curiously. The little cow knows Bei Xiaoji!

Bei Xiaomeis beautiful eyes blinked beautifully at the little cow as she asked, “Little Cowie, you know my big sister”

Little Cowie…!

Green veins throbbed visibly on the little cows forehead, but she finally managed to restrain herself from running amok.

She nodded at Bei Xiaomei and admitted, “I know her, but are you really Bei Xiaojis younger sister” She gave Bei Xiaomei another look from head to toe, as if she didnt believe Bei Xiaomei at all.

Bei Xiaomei puffed up her voluptuous bosom in an imposing manner and said, “Whats real or not I am her younger sister, period.”

The little cow asked another question, “Your father is Bei Lengyang”

This time around, it was Bei Xiaomei who widened her eyes in astonishment and looked at the little cow from head to toe, and from left to right for a long time before saying, “Little Cowie, you actually know my father Bei Lengyang!”

There were a lot of people in the Divine World who had heard her big sister Bei Xiaojis name, but only a handful of people had heard her father Bei Lengyangs name.

The majority of Emperor Palaces also didnt know their father.

The little cow harrumphed angrily as Bei Xiaomei continued to call herLittle Cowie.

“Whats so shocking about someone knowing your father Bei Lengyangs name In the past, even your father used to respectfully call me Senior.”

Bei Xiaomeis mouth was agape as if she had just heard something unbelievable.

She weakly pointed her finger at the little cow and asked, “My father, calls you… Senior” She added as an afterthought, “Senior Little Cowie”

Everyone exploded in laughter.

The little cows face turned green, and she decisively shut her mouth.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled loudly.

However, judging from the little cows reaction, it seemed that Bei Xiaomei had quite the background.

Based on his understanding, if the little cow could still remember Bei Xiaoji and Bei Lengyangs names, then they were likely to be people with high statuses in the Divine World.

The little cow did not say a thing, but Bei Xiaomei was already pulling Huang Xiaolongs hand, and asking him a ton of questions.

However, all her questions were related to theLittle Cowie. She had become extremely curious about theLittle Cowie since the little cow knew her fathers name.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong fell silent, as he was not able to keep up with Bei Xiaomeis tens and thousands of questions.

“Uncle, come one, tell me, where did you buy this Little Cowie I want to buy one too.” Bei Xiaomei shook Huang Xiaolongs arm persistently.

“How about this, you sell Little Cowie to me, okay”

“Uncle, what is this Little Cowies name Why does she know my fathers name”

Bei Xiaomeis voice continued to ring in Huang Xiaolongs ears...

But soon, a voice sounded from the auction stage that was at the other end of the hall.

“The auction begins!”

The voice echoed through the entire auction house building, drowning Bei Xiaomeis voice.

Huang Xiaolong sighed in relief inwardly, as Bei Xiaomeis bombardment of questions had stopped finally.

“Now, we start with the first auction item, the God Killing Excalibur.

This God Killing Excalibur is the ancient God Killing Divine Sects supreme treasure.

Though it has suffered minuscule damage, it is still very powerful.

Minds of those within the Excalibur\'s domain would be affected, suppressing the opponents strength!” The auctioneer introduced.

Bei Xiaomei grumbled, “They have the face to take out a broken high-grade chaos spiritual artifact for this auction...

they really lack culture.

If I had known that these things could be auctioned, I would have brought a bunch of them.”

Huang Xiaolong and the others were totally dumbfounded.

In the end, a certain sects Grand Elder successfully won the bid for the damaged Excalibur for less than one million low grade-seven spirit stones.

The second auction item was brought to the auction stage.

The second item was also a treasure-sword named Azure Peak Sword, also left behind by an ancient sect.

The swords body was bluish-green in color, and it was exuding a penetrating sword qi and murderous aura. 

The Azure Peak Sword was many times better than the God Killing Excalibur.

One after another, items were brought to the stage, and undulating shouts of bids rang in the auction hall.

Huang Xiaolong had remained silent so far as the auction had progressed since he didnt lack the divine armors, chaos spiritual pills, or chaos spiritual herbs.

He had piles of these things inside his spatial ring.

Huang Xiaolong pondered whether he should find a time to sell them off as these things were of no use to him.

Putting them inside his spatial rings was only eating up space.

Bei Xiaomei was also disinterested in the auctions God Killing Excalibur, Azure Peak Sword, and the likes, hence, had remained silent. 

The hour passed by quickly.

“Next, were auctioning something that was consigned by the Thousand Autumns Buddha Sect Chief—three God Kings Buddha Pellet and ten pieces of God Kings Buddha Paste.” The auctioneer announced after selling off a divine armor successfully.

Huang Xiaolong immediately became focused.

Bei Xiaomeis disinterested face brightened immediately.

The slightly noisy auction hall went quiet.

Inside private room number one, Venerable Buddha Sect Chief Chen Xiao, who was accompanying Wang Tong, chuckled happily at the auctioneers announcement.

“Weve waited for so long, its finally here.”

Wang Tongs gaze swept over the auction hall below them and he noted the burning light in everyones eyes.

He smiled faintly and said, “Looks like there would be quite a lot of people bidding for this auction.” His gaze then fell upon Huang Xiaolong.

Due to the little encounter at the auction houses main entrance earlier, he had been paying special attention to Huang Xiaolong from time to time.

Chen Xiao followed Wang Tongs gaze and saw Huang Xiaolong in the auction hall below them, and smiled widely.

“But those people are soon going to find out that the Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste cannot be coveted by the small and insignificant people like them.”

Wang Tong merely smiled.

“According to the Thousand Autumns Buddha Sect Chiefs requirements, these three God Kings Buddha Pellets and ten pieces of Buddha Pastes will be auctioned together.

Furthermore, only grade-eight and above spirit stones will be accepted.” The auctioneer added.

The crowd stirred, as no one had guessed that the Buddha Pellets were going to get auctioned together with the Buddha Pastes.

The auction price of both items was going to be astonishing.

“Among these ten pieces of God Kings Buddha Pastes, five of them were refined from low-level God King Realm masters, three mid-level God King Realm masters, and two high-level God King Realm masters.”

“Each of these three Buddha Pellets is from a late-Seventh Order God King Realm master, an early-Eighth Order God King Realm master, and a mid-Eighth Order God King Realm master respectively.”

“The starting price is five million low grade-eight spirit stones!”

The moment the auctioneer announced the starting price, the people attending the auction sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Five, five million low grade-eight spirit stones!” A Grand Elder from a Royal Buddha Worlds big family stammered.

This price was not scary, but it was f*cking scary!

The exchange rate between high grade-seven spirit stones and low grade-eight spirit stones was ten to one.

Fifty million low grade-eight spirit stones were equivalent to five million high grade-eight spirit stones!

[1] jī 雞- chicken.

The tone is similar to the jī 姬- woman; concubine


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