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The inner sect disciple stared at the testing stone with a dazed expression for a long time.

“The testing stone is broken, right” Zhou Wen couldnt help blurting out.

“Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm in less than a thousand cultivation years is not possible.

Hes not even a supreme godhead genius!”

“Even if he obtained a heaven-defying fortuitous adventure, its absolutely impossible!”

The other disciples also voiced their doubts loudly.

“Your name is Huang Xiaolong From the Vientiane Branch” The inner sect disciple turned to look at Huang Xiaolong, and asked him as he looked at him from head to toe as he asked.

Huang Xiaolong calmly nodded.

“You, follow me.” The inner sect disciple pondered for a moment, and then said to Huang Xiaolong.

He walked towards the Supreme Harmony Halls inner hall with Huang Xiaolong following behind him.

Zhou Wen and other disciples were discussing intensely as they watched Huang Xiaolong disappear into the inner hall.

“That kids bone-age probably exceeds twenty thousand years, so he must have hid his real bone-age with some kind of secret technique in order to qualify for the assessment.”

“Even if he really used some kind of secret technique to alter his bone-age, why would he alter it to be below one thousand years Wouldnt that obviously look more suspicious Maybe his bone-age really is below one thousand years old…” One of the disciples challenged Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen looked at that disciple as he spoke and snorted disdainfully, “Cultivating to Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm with less than a thousand years bone-age Are you saying hes an Emperors reincarnation”

Though some monstrous geniuses with amazing talents were indeed the reincarnation of Emperors, Zhou Wen was adamant and refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong was one of them.

The disciple who had challenged Zhou Wen was unwilling to stand down and retorted, “Maybe he is.”

Zhou Wen had no retort for that.

The disciple in the line behind Huang Xiaolong was a purple-haired female disciple with an unique temperament.

Her eyes glimmered as she stared at the words on the testing stone surface related to Huang Xiaolongs bone-age and fell into contemplation.

In the meantime, after following the inner sect disciple into an inner hall, Huang Xiaolong went inside a chamber that was built of jade stones piled on top of each other.

Inside this chamber, there was an old man with, erm, unique features—short arms but long legs, big ears yet his eyes and nose were small in proportion to his face.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over the old man.

His eyes narrowed as he noticed the ancient symbols on the old mans brocade robe.

Before taking his assessment, Huang Xiaolong had tried to learn as much about the Fortune Emperor Palace as possible, and he had learned that only the Fortune Emperor Palaces Elders robes were inscribed with these symbols.

This old man is a Fortune Emperor Palaces Elder!

Upon entering the jade stone chamber, the inner sect disciple respectfully approached the old man and saluted with reverence, “Elder Bai.”

Surnamed Bai, this surname could be considered as rare.

“What is it” Elder Bai didnt even raise his head as he continued to fiddle with some jade stones, and sounded a little impatient as he went on, “Dont disturb me if theres nothing important.

Im researching some things.”

The inner sect disciple looked pitifully at Elder Bai as he said, “When I was testing this branch disciple for the assessment...

there was a unique situation....” He used the briefest summary to explain Huang Xiaolongs situation to Elder Bai.

“What Bone-age below one thousand years” Elder Bai immediately spun around and raised his head.

His eyes shone as he observed Huang Xiaolong.

With a twirl of his finger, Huang Xiaolong was already standing in front of him, without even realizing it, and Elder Bais was already pinching and checking Huang Xiaolongs bones.

The surprise on his face deepened as if he stumbled upon something unbelievable.

“True Dragon Physique! No, wrong, how can the True Dragon Physique be so strong!” Elder Bais exclamations rang in the jade stone chamber.

The inner sect disciple was astonished hearing that Huang Xiaolong had the True Dragon Physique.

Even though there were some disciples in Fortune Emperor Palace who possessed unique physics within the top one hundred, there were only a few disciples with unique physiques within the top ten!

Moreover, did Elder Bai\'s exclamations suggest that Huang Xiaolong\'s body was more powerful than the True Dragon Physique

While the inner sect disciple was still in shock, Huang Xiaolong explained, “This disciple came across a fortuitous adventure which resulted in some changes to this disciples True Dragon Physique, enabling this disciples physique to evolve continuously.”

A True Dragon Physique that could continuously evolve! Both Elder Bai and the inner sect disciples eyes lit up.

There was a feverish light in Elder Bais eyes as his hands continued to touch Huang Xiaolong like he was studying an ancient treasure.

“Strong, very, very strong!” Elder Bai exclaimed repeatedly, as his fingers pinched Huang Xiaolongs flesh.

Huang Xiaolong felt like there was a group of crows squawking in his mind.

If the disciples waiting outside were to hear the old mans words, a misunderstanding about the situation inside the chamber was inevitable.

The inner sect disciple gazed at Huang Xiaolong with more astonishment as Elder Bais praise for Huang Xiaolongs body increased.

This branch disciple has actually received high praise from Elder Bai!

Among all the outer sect disciples and inner sect disciples, no more than five people had received such a similar praise from Elder Bai.

After a considerable amount of time had lapsed, Elder Bai was still squeezing Huang Xiaolongs flesh while singing praises.

The inner sect disciple had no choice but to interrupt and ask, “Elder Bai, then, his bone-age…”

Only then did Elder Bai wake up from his trance.

He blanked for a moment then answered, “Theres no problem with his bone-age, the testing stones result is correct.”

The answer shocked the inner sect disciple.

Huang Xiaolongs bone-age was really below one thousand years!

“What about his godhead and cultivation” The inner sect disciple couldnt help asking.

“No problem with that as well.” Elder Bai nodded as he answered.

In the next second, his eyes widened as he directed a fierce glare at the inner sect disciple, grumbling with impatience, “I say, are you too idle When did you ever see the testing stone make an error Youve come to disturb this old man because of this Do you think this old man is so free to answer your questions all the time”

The inner sect disciple shook his head dreadfully.

Elder Bai turned back to Huang Xiaolong.

His thin face bloomed into a radiant smile as he said, “Kiddo, your name is Huang Xiaolong, right What do you think about this—want to worship me as your Master It has been a long time since this old man last accepted a personal disciple.”

The inner sect disciple stood agape, frozen momentarily on the spot at Elder Bais words.

He then looked at Huang Xiaolong enviously.

He knew that Elder Bais status in the Fortune Emperor Palace was somewhat special.

His strength was comparable to some Grand Elders, not to mention, Elder Bais status in the Fortune Emperor Palace was even higher than some Fortune Emperor Palaces Grand Elders.

Becoming Elder Bais personal disciple was a dream for many Fortune Emperor Palaces outer and inner sect disciples.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong had just come for registration.

“That…” Huang Xiaolong hesitated.

The smile on Elder Bais face vanished watching Huang Xiaolongs reluctance.

He waved his hand impatiently as he barked, “Get out, get out, who wants to accept you as a personal disciple...

this old man was just muttering out of idleness just now.

Do you really think that I would want you as my personal disciple!”

The inner sect disciple quickly saluted Elder Bai before pulling Huang Xiaolong away hurriedly.

It seemed like the inner sect disciple was very scared of Elder Bai.

After coming out from the jade stone chamber, the inner sect disciple said to Huang Xiaolong warmly, “Junior Brother Huang, its a pity you refused Elder Bai just now.

Elder Bai has a very high status in Fortune Emperor Palace, comparable to some Grand Elders.

Although his behavior is a little weird, there are a lot of us, both the outer and inner sect disciples dream of being accepted as his personal disciple, however, none of us ever succeeded.”

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled and listened to the inner sect disciple.

“Ive heard that after the ranking competition, that will be held in a few months, theres hope of being accepted as a Hall Masters personal disciple as long as you can enter the top one hundred ranking.

Is that right” Huang Xiaolong asked casually.

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