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Everyone in the examination hall watched as Peng Xiao stepped closer to Huang Xiaolong.

Just as she was about to search Huang Xiaolong for his spatial artifact with his Fortune Divine Fruits, Huang Xiaolong reached out and grabbed Peng Xiaos hand.

Her hand was small, soft, and supple to the touch as if he could break it with a little force.

Everyone was stunned, especially Peng Xiao.

Peng Xiao looked dumbly at Huang Xiaolongs hand, and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

She said with a stammering voice, “You, youre fine” Wasnt Huang Xiaolong restrained by her Purple Phoenixs Barriers power How could he move!

How come!

Huang Xiaolong shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, and answered matter-of-factly, “Im fine, naturally.”

Peng Xiao regained her composure almost immediately.

Godforce from her supreme godhead surged throughout her body at a frenzied speed as her right hand shook slightly to break off Huang Xiaolongs grip on her hand.

To her shock, Huang Xiaolongs hand was akin to giant pliers, firmly pinning her hand in place.

She couldnt break free from his grasp at all.

“YOU, let go of me!” Peng Xiao was enraged and embarrassed at the same time.

In the last ten thousand years, no man had ever touched her like this, but now Huang Xiaolong was actually gripping her hand.

What the heck was this

Enraged and embarrassed, Peng Xiao raised her left palm and struck at Huang Xiaolongs chest.

Purple light flew out from Peng Xiaos left hand and landed accurately on Huang Xiaolongs chest.

Once again, Peng Xiao was surprised.

Doesnt Huang Xiaolong plan to dodge She knew very well that her purple phoenixs divine flames could melt even the chaos grade iron ore.

But in the next second, Peng Xiao saw that Huang Xiaolongs chest was unharmed where her palm print had landed! She looked at her left palm in doubt,Did she use her purple phoenixs divine flames in that palm strike

Huang Xiaolong released Peng Xiaos left hand, and patted his chest with his right hand, as if there was dust on his robe.

There were furrows between his eyebrows as he complained, “Couldnt you be a bit gentler with your attack”

Even though his True Dragon Physique had withstood Peng Xiaos attack, he was able to feel throbs of pain in his chest.

Peng Xiao swiftly leaped away from Huang Xiaolong in a fluster, and she looked fearful...

She looked at him like he was a terrifying monster.

Hes unharmed after taking on a full blow of her purple phoenixs divine flames!

Not to mention the guy only has a peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm cultivation realm, if that wasnt a terrifying monster, what else could he be!

“Alright, can you give me those six hundred Fortune Divine Fruits now” Huang Xiaolong asked calmly, looking at Peng Xiao as if nothing had happened, then added, “If not, I would have to attack you.”

Peng Xiao gritted her teeth in anger, and her face turned a little gloomy.

But in the end, she chose to take out six hundred Fortune Divine Fruits from her spatial artifact and handed them to Huang Xiaolong.

As Huang Xiaolong righteously accepted her six hundred Fortune Divine Fruits, Peng Xiaos anger rose again and she glared at him.

“Ill remember you.” She turned and flew away.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head; he didnt mind Peng Xiaos attitude at all.

Being remembered by a supreme godhead beauty didnt sound like a bad thing, did it Then again, it might not be a good thing either…

Huang Xiaolongs divine sense swept over the rankings list shown on his identity token, and the number of his Fortune Divine Fruits had risen to a startling two thousand three hundred and ninety-six!

This number had not only broken Sun Shihais record, but it was twice as much as Sun Shihais Fortune Divine Fruits!

Huang Xiaolong took another glance at the unconscious Fu Feiyu in the distance, before speeding away.

It was pin drop silent inside the examination hall.

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, Zhao Lei, and others were silent for a long time, not knowing what to say.

In the end, it was Li Shan who broke the silence with a sigh, “Such a terrifying True Dragon Physique!”

Everyone nodded inwardly, still in astonishment.

That kid actually took an head-on attack from a late-First Order God King Realm, yet he was unharmed!

They had not forgotten that Huang Xiaolong was merely a peak early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm disciple, so they wondered how terrifying his True Dragon Physique would become once he managed to break through to God King Realm!

“Huang Xiaolong is very good, I like it!” Chen Yirongs face bloomed in appreciation.

The more he watched Huang Xiaolongs performance, the more he fancied Huang Xiaolong as his disciple-in-name.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done about Huang Xiaolongs godhead, that was only a high emperor rank godhead.

This was a regret in Chen Yirongs heart.

At this point, Chen Yirong had already taken Huang Xiaolong as his disciple-in-name.

Fang Gan turned to Zhao Lei and said, “Congratulations, Brother Zhao Lei.

Had I known earlier, I would have joined in the bet, bet Huang Xiaolong won.”

Li Shan laughed heartily as he stated, “I dont have so many low-grade chaos spirit stones.”

Others joined in the laughter.


Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, another month went by.

There was only one day left until the end of the rankings competition.

Huang Xiaolongs Fortune Divine Fruits had exceeded a shocking three thousand five hundred by now!

There were slightly over six thousand disciples in this batch of rankings competition, and the number of Fortune Divine Fruits obtained by Huang Xiaolong was a little over half the number of the participating disciples!

Fang Gan and others looked at the number of Huang Xiaolongs Fortune Divine Fruits, and felt a little speechless.

They had an illusion that the Fortune Divine Fruits were mostly prepared for Huang Xiaolong...

On the last day, Huang Xiaolong stopped searching for other disciples.

As the days had drawn closer to the end of the competition, disciples in the higher positions on the rankings list had gone into hiding, hence, it was not easy to find them.

Huang Xiaolong had already gotten more than three thousand Fortune Divine Fruits, which were enough to last him for a period of time.

Not to mention, he still had quite a lot of low-grade grandmist spiritual pellets remaining inside the cow hair spatial artifact.

With that, the last day of the competition arrived.

Huang Xiaolong and the rest of the disciples were transferred out from the island, back to the same square in front of the Supreme Harmony Hall.

When they appeared on the square, the disciples backed away from Huang Xiaolong, fearing to stay in close proximity to him.

Peng Xiao also kept a certain distance from him, as if he was a harmful bacterium.

Fu Feiyu and Liu Qin seemed fine on the surface when they appeared on the square.

But both of them held their heads low, and hid in a corner of the square, seemingly afraid of Huang Xiaolong spotting them…

Shortly after everyone was back on the square, Luo Yun and a group of Fortune Emperor Palaces inner sect disciples stepped out from the Supreme Harmony Hall.

Upon reaching the square, Luo Yun and the other inner sect disciples were looking at Huang Xiaolong with strange expressions.

“Junior Brother Huang, congratulations for getting first place in this batchs rankings competition, and also for winning the overall first place!” Luo Yun smiled widely as he congratulated Huang Xiaolong.

His behavior was a little more restrained than before in front of Huang Xiaolong.

There were a total of six batches of disciples in the Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples recruitment during this time, and Huang Xiaolong had not only taken first place in his batch, but had also become the overall champion of the six batches of disciples.

The overall champion was also going to receive a bonus reward.

Other inner sect disciples also congratulated Huang Xiaolong warmly.

Huang Xiaolong cupped his fists at them and responded, “Thank you, Senior Brother Luo Yun and Senior Brothers, you are overpraising me.”

An hour later, Huang Xiaolong received the rewards for winning first place for his batch from Luo Yun.

He then left under the watchful complicated gazes from the other disciples.

The rewards for becoming the overall champion were going to be given out three months later by the Supreme Harmony Halls Hall Master.

The Elders, Grand Elders, Hall Masters, Chief of Hall Masters, and even the Fortune Emperor Fang Gan, as well as Ancestor Li Shan, and the other Ancestors were going to be present to accept the disciples of their choices!

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong was going to return in three months.

Initially, Chen Yirong had planned to check Huang Xiaolongs godhead the moment the rankings competition ended, but on second thought, he decided to wait until the day they accept personal disciples.

While Huang Xiaolong was on his way back to his residence in Crimson Crescent City, within the Crimson Crescent City, the little cow, Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the others were looking icily at Zhu Feng!

Zhu Feng was standing proudly at the Edge of the World Manors entrance.

He had brought a large group of Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples with him and they were surrounding the manor.

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