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Chapter 1469: Accommodation Arrangements


Initially, Huang Xiaolong had planned to skip Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao’s grand apprenticeship ceremony, but since Zhao Lei had said so, Huang Xiaolong could only comply, “Yes, Master.”

Zhao Lei chuckled, noticing the reluctance on Huang Xiaolong’s face and said, “This is a rare opportunity.

Many disciples can only dream of attending this ceremony, so why is there reluctance when it comes to your turn”

Huang Xiaolong smiled sheepishly in embarrassment.

Zhao Lei turned to Chen Hao and said, “Chen Hao, accompany your Junior Brother and arrange a cultivation palace for him.

Your Junior Brother has just entered the Fortune Emperor Palace, so tell your Junior Brother all the things he needs to pay attention to.”

Chen Hao respectfully complied, “Yes, rest assured Master.

I will take care of it.”

Zhao Lei spoke a few more words to Huang Xiaolong before sending Chen Hao away with Huang Xiaolong to handle the matters of accommodation.

Huang Xiaolong was still holding the spatial ring containing thirty thousand Fortune Divine Fruits as he stepped out of Zhao Lei’s Augmented Lightning Palace.

Inwardly, he lamented, as worshiping a good Master really had a lot of benefits ah.

During the rankings competition, he had to work so hard to collect those three thousand plus Fortune Divine Fruits.

Yet Zhao Lei had given him thirty thousand Fortune Divine Fruits just like that!

Then again, this was the treatment for a personal disciple, and this kind of a good thing wouldn’t have existed for a disciple-in-name.

Had he worshipped Chen Yirong as Master instead, and become Chen Yirong’s disciple-in-name, how many Fortune Divine Fruits Chen Yirong would have given him Three thousand or five thousand

A while later, Chen Hao and Huang Xiaolong were standing at the entrance of another enormous palace building.

“Snow Moon Hall.”

Someone with a great cultivation had engraved these three words above the palace doors.

These three words were written in ancient text, containing a certain natural law; the words exuded the gentleness of snow, pure and clean akin to the silvery moonlight.

Chen Hao introduced to Huang Xiaolong, “Hall Master Yan Ying is the Hall Master of this Snow Moon Hall.

All Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciples’ cultivation palace arrangements have to go through her, and her identity is a little special.

She is Ancestor Zhou Chen’s disciple-in-name.”

Ancestor Zhou Chen’s disciple-in-name! Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed.

Sun Shihai was accepted by Zhou Chen as his personal disciple, in that case, Sun Shihai could be considered as this Yan Ying’s Junior Brother

As an afterthought, Chen Hao said Huang Xiaolong, “This Hall Master Yan Ying’s personality is a little strange, so when you see her later, act a bit respectful.” There was a slight awkwardness on Chen Hao’s face as he thought about Hall Master Yan Ying’s strange personality.

“I understand, Senior Brother.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

The two of them proceeded to enter the Snow Moon Hall.

Upon seeing that one of the two figures was Chen Hao, the Snow Moon Hall’s Elders quickly brought them to Hall Master Yan Ying.

Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised when he came face to face with the Snow Moon Hall’s Hall Master Yan Ying.

She was uncannily flirtatious, to the point that it made others uncomfortable.

Her clothes barely concealed her body, and one could almost see the skin of her breasts just by looking at her.

Was this woman in front of him really a Hall Master Huang Xiaolong doubted in his mind.

If he would have bumped into Yan Ying in a brothel, wouldn’t he have thought of her as a …

“Hall Master Yan Ying.” Chen Hao took a step forward and cordially bowed slightly in salute.

Huang Xiaolong emulated Chen Hao’s actions and saluted accordingly.

The Snow Moon Hall’s Hall Master Yan Ying smiled flirtatiously, “Ah, it’s Grand Elder Chen Hao.” Other than being Zhao Lei’s personal disciple, Chen Hao had another identity as a Grand Elder of Supreme Harmony Hall in charge of disciples’ receival and submission of tasks.

Yan Ying’s gaze shifted onto Huang Xiaolong after one sentence, and the flirtatious smile on her face deepened.

“This one is Chief of Hall Masters’ newly accepted personal disciple, right What’s his name again Huang Xiaolong, am I right”

Chen Hao replied, “Yes, he is my Junior Brother, Huang Xiaolong.”

Yan Ying sashayed towards Huang Xiaolong and a pungent fragrance from her body assaulted Huang Xiaolong’s nose as she moved closer to him.

On top of that, Yan Ying reached out and rub Huang Xiaolong’s chest with her slender hand.

She spoke in a teasing tone, “The legendary True Dragon Physique is indeed very sturdy and powerful.

I haven’t seen such a powerful body before, so it makes me very tempted to experience how powerful it is.”

Huang Xiaolong was too shocked for words.

Chen Hao was discomfited by Yan Ying’s actions, so he quickly changed the subject, “Hall Master Yan Ying, I brought Junior Brother Huang to have you help him make an arrangement for his cultivation palace, can you…”

Though an outer sect disciple did not have the qualifications to have his own cultivation palace, as Zhao Lei’s personal disciple, Huang Xiaolong could rightly enjoy the same benefits of an elite core disciple.

Yan Ying giggled coquettishly hearing Chen Hao’s words.

“Since he’s the Chief of Hall Masters’ personal disciple, naturally, we have to arrange a cultivation palace for him.” She then summoned one of the Snow Moon Hall’s Elders and ordered, “Go, arrange a place in the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens for Huang Xiaolong.”

But Chen Hao frowned at her words.

There were more than a thousand cultivation palaces in the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens.

Even though some of the cultivation palaces’ location, environment, and amount of spiritual energy were quite good, the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens could only be categorized as lower medium grade amongst the Fortune Emperor Palace’s many cultivation palaces. 

As the Chief of Hall Masters’ personal disciple, such a low-level of accommodation was arranged for Huang Xiaolong

Chen Hao decided to speak up, “Hall Master Yan Ying, I remember the Ancient Banks Palace Gardens still has a lot of empty palaces, am I right”

The Ancient Banks Palace Gardens’ environment was several times better than the Tiger Dragon Palaces Gardens.

Yan Ying smiled enchantingly and said, “Ancestor Zhou Chen had said earlier that the cultivation palaces there would be left to Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao, I cannot overthrow that decision ah.

I hope Grand Elder Chen Hao can empathize with my position.”

Chen Hao wanted to say more but Yan Ying snapped at the waiting Snow Moon Hall Elder, “What are you doing standing there in a daze Hurry up and arrange a cultivation palace in the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens for Huang Xiaolong! Open your eyes and take a good look, as Huang Xiaolong is the Chief of Hall Masters’ personal disciple.

Can you afford the crime of mistreating him”

The Elder complied in a fluster and hastened to say to Huang Xiaolong, “Junior Brother Huang, please follow me.”

Chen Hao couldn’t say anything else after this, hence he took his leave from Yan Ying and left.

Yan Ying watched Chen Hao and Huang Xiaolong leave, and the enchanting smile on her face disappeared.

Her eyes glimmered, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Roughly an hour later, Chen Hao, Huang Xiaolong, and the Snow Moon Hall Elder reached the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens.

Soon, the Elder arranged one of the cultivation palaces at the center, with a better amount of spiritual energy compared to other cultivation palaces.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong had no complaints, the Elder bid farewell and hurried away.

Chen Hao smiled at Huang Xiaolong, “Junior Brother Huang, this Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens is a little mediocre.

Why don’t I tell the Master and have him get you another cultivation palace”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and returned a blase smile, “Senior Brother, it’s fine.

This Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens is many times better than my Edge of the World Manor, so no need to trouble Master for such a small matter.”

Chen Hao hesitated but nodded in agreement in the end.

“Alright then, you stay here for the time being.

Wait until you breakthrough to God King Realm and get promoted to Fortune Emperor Palace’s inner sect disciple.

We’ll definitely get you a better place then.”

Chen Hao stayed for a while with Huang Xiaolong at his new cultivation palace, and mentioned the things Huang Xiaolong needed to pay attention to before leaving to report the results to Zhao Lei.

When Zhao Lei heard Chen Hao’s report that Huang Xiaolong was arranged to stay at the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens, his face sank with displeasure.

The Fortune Emperor Hall had more than a dozen Hall Masters, but Yan Ying was opposing him because she has Ancestor Zhou Chen’s backing.

And this time, she even dared to give his personal disciple a cultivation palace in the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens!


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