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Chapter 147: No Mercy

“The class’s first place” Huang Xiaolong blanked for an instant before smiling amiably at Lu Kai, “That’s right, this time I also want to take the class’s number one spot!”

But then again, there were words hidden within his meaning that Huang Xiaolong did not say aloud.

Not only did he want the class’s first place, he also wanted to win the Third Year’s number one spot, and the Academy’s overall first place!

However, Lu Kai revealed a wry smile hearing his answer: “Sure! Continue being the undefeated number one legend!”

From the first year Huang Xiaolong enrolled in the Cosmic Star Academy, he had been winning the class’s number one spot every year, and by now, after so many years, it turned into Huang Xiaolong’s undefeated legend amongst the Cosmic Star Academy students.

Saying this, Lu Kai suddenly exposed a wretched smile, “Since you are promoted to Third Year, then this Bro can be the class’s number one!”

With Huang Xiaolong advancing to the Third Year, in regards to Second Year Class Six, Lu Kai’s strength was the strongest this year.

Taking the number one spot in the class division was as easy as snapping his fingers.

Initially, when Lu Kai heard Huang Xiaolong was ‘promoted’ to Third Year, he was quite ecstatic.

These past few years, being in the same Second Year Class Six as Huang Xiaolong was a huge pressure, and these same years were the most depressing ones he had in this aspect as the Prince of Luo Tong Kingdom.

Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai chatted as they walked in the direction of the Holy Hall.

“Dude, you are as rich as a kingdom ah!” Lu Kai sighed, “In the Thousand Treasures Auction, you threw over twenty million gold coins without so much as blinking, whereas I don’t even have two million on me!”

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “When you ascend to the throne, everything in the Luo Tong Kingdom will be yours.”

Lu Kai shook his head, “That is too far in the future.”

Though Lu Kai was nominated as the next in line for the Luo Tong Kingdom King’s throne, the first hurdle he need to cross was breaking through to the Tenth Order.

Lu Kai was indeed talented, but the time he needed to advance to the Tenth Order was indeterminable.

Huang Xiaolong just smiled without saying anything.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong, Lu Kai, and the rest arrived at the Cosmic Star Academy’s Holy Hall.

Huang Xiaolong and Lu Kai’s arrival raised a wave of hubbub through the crowd.

Huang Xiaolong’s status has elevated immensely in the Academy, and the Academy’s thousands and thousands of students worshipped him.

 He was a goal they strived for.

Even Huang Xiaolong’s way of dressing and his overall style were imitated by the male students in the Academy.

For example, Huang Xiaolong’s hair was left loose over his shoulders, casually gathered with a soft twine string, and normally, most of his robes were ocean blue.

After the New Year, Huang Xiaolong would be seventeen, and his height had already reached over five foot nine.

His skin was a healthy tan color, paired with the darkest of obsidian pupils, and a he had a tall nose; he was absolutely the epitome of a handsome youth.

Also, there was an elegant, yet dominant aura emanating from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Yes, an elegant dominance that added to his charm, making the hearts of women beat wildly when looking at him.

“Huang Xiaolong!!”

“Huang Xiaolong, I love~~~ you!”

The Holy Hall broke out in an endless echo of passionate shrieks just as the previous years before.

Some female students screamed Huang Xiaolong’s name at the top of their lungs, exactly like the groupies of celebrities on Earth.

“See, you even overshadowed my limelight as the Prince!” Lu Kai complained laughingly at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong let out a faint, helpless smile at Lu Kai’s remark.

However, not everyone in the Holy Hall held goodwill or frenzied excitement at Huang Xiaolong’s arrival.

Quite a number of male students had resentment towards Huang Xiaolong because no one would be happy seeing so many women going crazy over one man in such a manner.

Especially when that woman was someone they had a crush on.

Amongst the different groups of people, a girl dressed in white was also looking at Huang Xiaolong with sparkling eyes, and she was the same person who battled Huang Xiaolong for the Second Year’s first place sometime ago, Chen Caixiu.

Chen Caixiu was promoted to the Third Year Class one year earlier than Huang Xiaolong, but now she was in the same class as Huang Xiaolong: the Third Year Third Class.

“I didn’t expect this freakish man would also advance into the Third Year’s class.” Chen Caixiu murmured under her breath.

There was a cold aristocratic man that was observing Chen Caixiu the entire time, he then shifted his gaze onto Huang Xiaolong.

This young man with good looks was the inner courtyard’s Zhou Teng.

Zhou Teng was the strongest student inside the inner courtyard, and he was hailed as the strongest genius student in the entire Cosmic Star Academy.

Zhou Teng had admired Chen Caixiu for a long time, but the few times he confessed, he was always rejected.

At this point, a pale-faced young man behind Zhou Teng came up behind him with a snicker, “This Huang Xiaolong, just by relying on his Primordial Divine Dragon martial spirit, has become unbounded and arrogant.

Big Bro Zhou, you want some ‘advice’ Why don’t you have Lin Han pay him extra care on the stage later”

Lin Han was a Third Year student in the same class as Huang Xiaolong, and he was currently said to be the strongest student in Third Year Class Three.

Zhou Teng shot a glance at the pale-faced young man and nodded his head slightly, “Go, tell Lin Han as long as he defeats Huang Xiaolong, I will reward him with a mid-Grade Four Spirit Dan!”

“Yes, Big Bro Zhou.”

At this juncture, Huang Xiaolong separated with Lu Kai, Huang Min, and his younger brother, Huang Xiaohai, as they proceeded to different sections of the Holy Hall.

Huang Xiaolong walked in the direction of Third Year Class Three’s spot and was a little surprised seeing Chen Caixiu there.

Huang Xiaolong merely nodded at her in greeting.

However, Chen Caixiu walked up to Huang Xiaolong, smiling as she said, “It’s really unexpected that you would advance to the Third Year so fast.

Now that we are classmates, maybe we will have an opportunity to battle again later.”

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “Then you must be lenient with me.”

Chen Caixiu’s delicate lips curved into a smile, “I should be the one saying this to you.”

The year they battled against each other, she had already broken through to the Ninth Order whereas Huang Xiaolong was only a peak mid-Eighth Order.

Despite that, she was not his opponent.

In Chen Caixiu’s opinion, the Huang Xiaolong that had just stepped into the Ninth Order would be far stronger than her at peak early-Ninth Order.

Far away, Zhou Teng was looking gloomy as he watched Chen Caixiu and Huang Xiaolong talking so familiarly, laughing like they were best friends.

The jealousy in Zhou Teng’s chest was set ablaze.

At this moment, Lin Han strode towards Chen Caixiu and Huang Xiaolong.

“You’re Huang Xiaolong” Lin Han’s eyes scrutinized Huang Xiaolong repeatedly from top to bottom.

“Correct.” Huang Xiaolong acknowledged him with a calm expression.

“I’m Lin Han.” Lin Han stated, “You’ve always been the class number one since you enrolled into the Academy, but this year, your undefeated record comes to an end.”

A strong scent of gunpowder spread in the air.

This attracted the attention of nearby people.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong’s retorted nonchalantly.

Lin Han snickered, “Don’t think because the principal likes you and you have Marshal Haotian as your backer that I will show mercy.

On the battle stage, I will not be the same as some other people, holding back and being lenient with you.” The underlying meaning in his voice was obviously accusing Huang Xiaolong of relying on Marshal Haotian for the first place spot that he acquired every year.

Thus, his opponents were merciful towards him, holding back, giving Huang Xiaolong the opportunity to shine.

Huang Xiaolong detected it, and of course, the people around were also smart enough to understand it.

“I won’t be lenient towards you as well.” Huang Xiaolong answered lightly.

Hearing this, Lin Han snorted coldly, turned around, and left.

“This Lin Han is very strong; Huang Xiaolong, you must be careful later since he is an early-Tenth Order warrior!” Watching Lin Han leave some distance away, Chen Caixiu couldn’t help but caution Huang Xiaolong.

Noticing the worry in Chen Caixiu’s face, Huang Xiaolong smiled reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry, I will.”

Chen Caixiu blushed inexplicably, nodded shyly, then she turned around and left as well.


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