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As Huang Xiaolong took his seat, a stream of Emperor Palace forces masters, Emperors Disciples, disciples, and young lords trickled into the hall.

Some Emperor Palaces forces that had also recruited supreme godhead geniuses some time back, had brought them to attend the ceremony.

Whenever an Emperor of an Emperor Palace or Emperors Disciple arrived, Chen Hao briefly whispered their names, the Emperor Palace they belonged to, famous technique as well as their godheads to Huang Xiaolong.

Some Emperors godheads were concealed, and were a secret, while some other Emperors godheads were no secret at all.

Occasionally, Chen Hao added more information relating to which Emperors and Emperors Disciples were good, which Emperor Palace was on good terms with the Fortune Emperor Palace, and which Emperor Palaces relationship with the Fortune Emperor Palace was only ordinary, so to speak.

“The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Azure Dragon Emperor and Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple have arrived!” The supervisory disciple announced loudly from outside, his voice reverberated through the hall.

Azure Dragon Emperor!

The guests in the hall stood up upon hearing that.

Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, Zhao Lei and the others walked towards the entrance, whilst other Emperors who had already arrived stood up from their seats.

One could see the status of the Azure Dragon Emperor, merely from the crowds action!

Huang Xiaolong saw his Senior Brother Chen Hao and the people around him stand up, therefore, he could only follow and get up on his feet.

“Senior Brother, does this Nine Dragons Emperor Palace have nine Emperors” Huang Xiaolong asked casually.

Chen Hao was surprised by this question, but nodded his head in affirmation.

“Thats right, the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace consists of nine great palaces, each palace has one Emperor, and this Azure Dragon Emperor heads the Azure Dragon Palace which ranks second amongst the nine.

Even though this Azure Dragon Emperors strength cannot be compared to our Fortune Emperor, he is still strong among all the other Emperors; hes a mid-level Emperor Realm.

But no one knows whether he is a Fifth Order or Sixth Order Emperor Realm.”

Nine Dragons Emperor Palace has nine Emperors!

As expected! Even so, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help feeling astounded.

‘Doesnt that mean the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces overall strength is stronger than their Fortune Emperor Palace

As if Chen Hao could see through Huang Xiaolongs thoughts, Chen Hao grinned and explained, “Although the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace has nine Emperors, they only have one high-level Emperor Realm master, whereas our Fortune Emperor Palace has Fang Gan, Ancestor Li Shan and Ancestor Zhou Chen both are also high-level Emperor Realm masters along with our Fortune Emperor.

In a sense, the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace is slightly weaker than Fortune Emperor Palace overall.”

Realization struck Huang Xiaolong.

“Among the Emperor Palaces forces, our Fortune Emperor Palace ranks sixtieth, whereas the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace ranks sixty-sixth.” Chen Hao explained.

“Then our Fortune Emperor Palace and Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces relationship is…” Huang Xiaolong asked the point he was most concerned about.

“There is a certain level of cooperation but cant say that our relationship runs deep.

Then again, a bit better than the ordinary relationship with some other Emperor Palaces.” Chen Hao added, “Oh right, Ive heard that Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple seems to like our Miss Fang Xuanxuan and is courting her.

If the two really come together, then the relationship between our two Emperor Palaces would beextraordinary.

Huang Xiaolong frowned.

There was a blood feud between the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace and the void devil beast Xu Baisheng, so he naturally did not wish for the Fortune Emperor Palace and Nine Dragons Emperor Palace to have too deep a relationship.

On the other hand, he also wondered if Lord Sea God Feng Yingying would come there

He had not heard any news of Feng Yingying after she was taken away by the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces special envoy.

With Feng Yingyings talent, there was a high probability of her being fancied by one of the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces higher echelons, and who knows, maybe, she was already one of the nine palaces Emperors personal disciple.

However, Feng Yingying should still lack qualifications to attend events of this scale.

While Huang Xiaolong was deep in thought, a resounding laughter rang through the hall.

In the next moment, a stalwart figure of a middle-aged man stepped into the hall accompanied by the Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao, right behind him.

This stalwart middle-aged man was none other than the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Azure Dragon Emperor.

Since he is titled as the Azure Dragon Emperor, then is his true body an azure dragon Then, does that mean all the nine Emperors of the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace are related to the dragon clan

A sharp light flickered across Huang Xiaolongs eyes—when he becomes sufficiently strong to deal with the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, to what degree would his True Dragon Physique evolve, after refining all nine Emperors dragon souls

But Huang Xiaolong shook his head inwardly a moment later.

All these were nothing but empty thoughts at that moment.

“Brother Fang Gan, congratulations, congratulations ah, congratulations to Fortune Emperor Palace for receiving two supreme godhead geniuses ah.” As Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei stepped into the great hall, he cupped his fists and greeted Fang Gan in sonorous laughter.

Fang Gan returned the greeting with cupped fists as he said, “Its congratulations to both of us ah; this time the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace has also recruited two supreme godhead geniuses.

When is the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace holding the apprenticeship ceremony I would definitely attend to congratulate.”

Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei chuckled heartily, “Polite, youre being polite! I would be waiting to welcome your arrival at that time.” As he said so, his gaze fell on Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao, who were standing a step behind Fang Gan, Li Shan, and the others.

“Are these two the supreme godhead geniuses the Fortune Emperor Palace has recruited Truly a dragon and a phoenix amongst men.” Chen Jianwei praised whilst smiling amiably.

Fang Gan chuckled in response.

“Uncle Fang.” Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao seized this moment to step ahead, and greeted Fang Gan respectfully.

Fang Gan looked at Chen Zhao and laughed loudly as he said, “Chen Zhao ah, after the apprenticeship ceremony ends, stay a couple days more if you and your father have the time.”

Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao was inwardly delighted hearing the proposal and agreed immediately, “Yes, many thanks, Uncle Fang.”

Chen Jianwei smiled seeing this.

“We would be troubling you then.”

Fang Gan led Chen Jianwei and his group to their seats inside the hall.

Coincidentally, the Azure Dragon Emperors seat was several rows in front of Huang Xiaolongs corner, thus when Chen Zhao looked around after taking his seat, he was surprised to see Huang Xiaolong sitting in a corner not far away from him.

Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei noticed his sons peculiar gaze, and looked in the same direction.

He was baffled when he saw Huang Xiaolong, but sat down silently.

Chen Zhao came to his senses and quickly sat down behind his father.

“You know that Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple” Chen Jianwei asked softly without turning his head.

“Yes, father.

I had met him by chance over a year ago at Brimming Snow City.” Chen Zhao answered, and added, “At that time, he was only a Fortune Emperor Palaces branch disciple.”

Seen by chance Hearing this, Chen Jianwei surmised it was as simple as it sounded.

“If Im not wrong, judging from his robe, hes Zhao Leis personal disciple now,” said Chen Jianwei.

A branch disciple that was accepted by Zhao Lei as his personal disciple, then this kid should be quite talented.

Chen Zhao was genuinely shocked—Zhao Leis personal disciple!

“If the grudge between the two of you is not a big thing, just ignore him.” Chen Jianwei added as an afterthought, and reminded his son, “Fang Gan and Zhao Lei are good brothers.”

Chen Zhaos heart tightened, but replied respectfully, “Yes, father, I understand.” He had indeed thought of teaching Huang Xiaolong a lesson, but now that his father had cautioned him, he could only forget that thought for now.

After all, the most important matter on hand was to successfully woo Fang Xuanxuan.

It would be a great loss to spoil a pot of porridge because of a rat.

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