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A variant True Dragon Physique that can evolve continuously!

Hearing that, everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air.

Huang Xiaolong was still a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm right now, but his True Dragon Physique was already so scary; if he cultivated further, breaking through to Heavenly Monarch Realm, then how powerful would his True Dragon Physique be!

Perhaps he might even surpass the second ranking Thousand Mysteries Celestial Physique, will he

“A True Dragon Physique that can evolve continuously.” Wang Yongsen chuckled, more delighted than shocked as his bloodthirsty eyes fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

“The battle is more interesting this way.

If you would have been as weak as that other Fortune Emperor Palaces rubbish from earlier, how boring the day would be. He paused briefly then added, Don\'t worry, I\'ll let you make three strikes first.

Two strikes remain, make your move!”

As Wang Yongsen finished saying this, he circulated his godforce and employed the Darkness Domain Devil Art.

In an instant, layers of black shadows protected him.

These black shadows formed layers of a big defensive array around Wang Yongsen, and it was many times stronger than the time he had faced Fortune Emperor Palace\'s Sun Shihai or the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace\'s Xie Ming.

Hearts tightened nervously as they watched.

Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, Chen Hao, and the others eyes were full of worry.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had successfully injured Wang Yongsen, it was mainly because Wang Yongsen had not activated his Darkness Domain Devil Art.

But now, could Huang Xiaolong break past the Darkness Domain Devil Art and reach Wang Yongsen

The Darkness Domain Devil Art was the Darkness Domain Archdevil\'s cultivation technique, it\'s infamy resounding through the ages.

Bei Xiaomei\'s hands clenched nervously.

Wang Yongsen smirked coldly at Huang Xiaolong after activating his Darkness Domain Devil Art and said, This time, I hope you can still injure me with one move just like before.

I have not been injured for a long time, so it actually feels quite exhilarating to get injured, I like it!

Wang Yongsen had barely finished his words, when Huang Xiaolongs momentum surged.

Darkness spilled out from Huang Xiaolongs body as his body began to grow, ripping the robe on his back into shreds.

Dark golden scales covered the surface of Huang Xiaolongs skin at rapid speed, leaving only a pair of cold, blood-red eyes.

Sharp bone spikes grew out from both of his arms.

A frigid coldness that seemed to originate from the abyss of hell swept out from Huang Xiaolong\'s body.

“This, this is the Asura bloodline!”

Several Emperor Palaces masters exclaimed upon recognizing Huang Xiaolongs transformation.

Thats right, Huang Xiaolong had activated the Asura bloodlines power inside his body.

The Asura bloodlines power surged outwards like endless waves, as it was completely released.

As Fang Gan, Zhao Lei and the others watched with astonished widened eyes, a bright golden light rippled behind Huang Xiaolong as a thousand shiny golden arms emerged from his back, and Buddhism energy roiled to every corner of the great hall.

“The Godly Xumi Art!” Another wave of exclamations rang in the great hall.

The Godly Xumi Art was one of the Buddha World\'s supreme divine arts.

Where did Huang Xiaolong learn it!

Then, Huang Xiaolong made his move.

Huang Xiaolong appeared right in front of Wang Yongsen in the blink of an eye.

Before Wang Yongsen could react, Huang Xiaolong swung his fist.

The one thousand golden arms punched from behind Huang Xiaolong at the same time.


The power of darkness and Buddhism rose and fell, howling in the great hall.

The two different energies not only rejected, but also complemented each other.

Wang Yongsen saw the black shadows of his defensive arrays created by his Darkness Domain Devil Art burst into dust, and it felt like he had taken one thousand strikes from Huang Xiaolong in a split second time.

This time, it was more than staggering back a dozen steps as he was sent flying into the air.

Bang! A thunderous boom shook the great hall as Wang Yongsen crashed into a stone pillar.

The stone pillar hummed as it shook and swayed.

Wang Yongsen slid limply down the pillar to the floor, and coughed up a mouthful of blood, followed by another.

One mouthful!

Two mouthfuls!

Three mouthfuls! Four…!

The impact wrecking him internally, finally stabilized after he coughed out the fourth mouthful of blood.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at the robe-torn, bloodied Wang Yongsen who was resembling a dirty beggar more than a superior Fiend God Emperor Palace disciple.

It was hard to hide the shock they were feeling on their faces.

Wang Yongsen still ended up injured!

Wang Yongsen was injured despite activating his Darkness Domain Devil Art! And this time, he was heavily injured!

Fang Gan and Zhao Lei were also dumbfounded.

As for Sun Shihai, Azure Dragon Emperors Disciple Chen Zhao, as well as the others who had ridiculed Huang Xiaolong for being a fool were agape.

Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, Li Shan, as well as the purple-haired female disciple Peng Xiao too were flabbergasted by the outcome.

Huang Xiaolongs Senior Brother Chen Hao swallowed with much difficulty, as his throat felt parcher than usual

“Uncle, youre so great!” Bei Xiaomeis nervousness vanished and she cried out with glee while waving her arm in the air.

Then, she added another sentence, “Youre so strong!”

Her actions attracted quite a few eyes.

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless by her choice of words.

Why add anotherYoure so strong afterYoure so great

These ambiguous words will make others misunderstand ah.

While others were still in shock, the beggar-like Wang Yongsen struggled to his feet from the floor.

Though he was standing firmly, his legs were shaking under his weight.

Wang Yongsen was shocked and furious at the same time as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

Thick killing intent roiled in his scarlet eyes, You…!

Huang Xiaolong generously reminded, “You did say that being injured feels exhilarating...

And excuse me, as my hand slipped and I was a little too heavy handed.

But there is still one more strike, should I go on

My hand slipped and I was a little too heavy handed!

There is still one more strike, should I go on

Wang Yongsens fury intensified upon hearing Huang Xiaolongs words and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

He roughly wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth with the back of his sleeve.

After that, he suddenly threw back his head and laughed.

In others eyes, Wang Yongsens face looked distorted and feral as he locked onto Huang Xiaolong.

“Good, very good, excellent! You really did not disappoint me.

I was not planning to kill you, but now, youve angered me, completely and utterly angered me.

Now, I will let you experience the pleasure of death!”

Wang Yongsens momentum soared just as his words fell.

Black light spread out around him.

Blood-red light shone from his pupils and spilled to the whites of his eyes, swirling and expanding further, giving spectators goosebumps.

Although there was still one strike left from the three strikes handicap he had given to Huang Xiaolong, he would really be a pig if he let Huang Xiaolong make that strike! Huang Xiaolongs second strike had heavily injured him, and if he was to take another stroke, wouldnt he be beaten half-dead by Huang Xiaolong

Therefore, he had decided to attack now!

Upon seeing Wang Yongsen\'s eyes turn into two scarlet light vortexes, Zhao Lei seemed to remember something, and shouted at Huang Xiaolong, Xiaolong, watch out! Those are the Fiend God\'s Pupils! Its one of the Fiend God Emperor Palace\'s supreme divine arts, so don\'t look at him in the eye!

Other Emperor Palaces\' masters ashened at Zhao Lei\'s warning.

The Fiend God\'s Pupils was one of the most notorious Fiend God Emperor Palace\'s evil divine arts.The Fiend God\'s Pupils drew those who looked into them into an illusion, entrapping their souls for eternity.

Unless one\'s cultivation realm was a lot higher than the caster, it was impossible to resist against its power.

Despite Zhao Leis warning, his warning had come a step too late.

Huang Xiaolong had already looked into Wang Yongsens eyes.

He immediately felt his head going blank, with complete darkness in front of him, dark shadows pouncing onto him from everywhere.

Upon seeing Huang Xiaolong standing dumbly on the spot, with his eyes out of focus, Wang Yongsen smirked sinisterly.

“Kiddo, go die!” In a flicker, he arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong with his finger pointing straight between Huang Xiaolongs brows.

A black light shot out from the tip of his finger like a chaos blade that was sharp enough to pierce through a Fourth Order God King Realm masters head.

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