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Supreme godforce!

Supreme godforce that belonged only to supreme rank godhead!

Their astonished gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong, as if they were looking at a terrifying monster.

Huang Xiaolong also has a supreme godhead!

First of all, it was already shocking enough that Huang Xiaolong\'s variant True Dragon Physique had the ability to evolve continuously, and now, he had a supreme godhead to boot it! If Huang Xiaolong broke through to Emperor Realm, to high-level Emperor God Realm, at that time, wouldnt it mean…! Thinking of this, everyone gulped silently.

Both Bei Xiaomei and Peng Xiaos eyes widened as big as they could, beyond astonishment, as they watched Huang Xiaolong.

After his shock and feelings of disbelief receded, Fang Gan as the Fortune Emperor Palaces Emperor finally reacted.

He said to Zhao Lei while keeping his gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong, “This kid hid it so deep from us ah!”

It wasnt as if they had never suspected that Huang Xiaolong had a supreme rank godhead, but Chen Yirong had personally checked and confirmed that Huang Xiaolong did not have a supreme godhead.

Thus, Fang Gan and the others determined that Huang Xiaolong\'s godhead was the high emperor rank Five Elements Godhead.

But Fang Gan had been feeling pity about it ever since.

Upon hearing Fang Gans words, Zhao Lei took another look at Huang Xiaolong and suddenly erupted into laughter.

He complained, “This kid even concealed this matter from me, his Master! Wait until the apprenticeship ceremony ends, and see how I pack him up, giving his backside a good beating!”

Zhao Lei laughed even harder after saying that.

His laughter was invigorating, elated, and content, and it was obvious to everyone that Zhao Lei was not planning on giving his little disciple Huang Xiaolongs backside a good beating at all.

Most likely, after the apprenticeship ceremony ended, he would hug Huang Xiaolong and give him kisses all over!

Then again, with a disciple like Huang Xiaolongs talent and potential, which Master would be willing to smack his backside

The various Emperor Palaces\' masters were envious despite their shock, and Zhao Lei received countless jealous looks.

The person with the most complicated feelings was none other than Chen Yirong.

Had he known about this, he would have fought with Zhao Lei to accept Huang Xiaolong as his disciple no matter what; even at the cost of breaking off or battling him, he would have insisted on taking Huang Xiaolong as his personal disciple!

Now, looking at Zhao Lei\'s complacent expression, and listening to Zhao Lei\'s vigorous laughter, Chen Yirong had an impulse to bang his head against the wall, as hard as possible!

While these thoughts and feelings washed over the great hall, Wang Yongsen who was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong almost a hundred meters away, regained his footing.

His blood churned violently, and the blood-red light around him from his Blood-eyed Devil Body shook unsteadily.

Like others, Wang Yongsen was just as shocked and stunned by Huang Xiaolong.

He was shocked that Huang Xiaolong actually had a supreme godhead, and judging from the power of Huang Xiaolong\'s punch in the collision, Huang Xiaolong\'s supreme godforce had completely suppressed his supreme godforce!

Huang Xiaolong\'s supreme godhead ranked higher than his!

But, how was this possible!

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Zhao Lei, and the others did not know about his supreme godhead, but he did ah!

His supreme godhead was the Fiendish Nightmare Godhead which was ranked sixteenth!

And Huang Xiaolong\'s supreme godheads rank was higher than his! Then...!

Thinking of this possibility, Wang Yongsen trembled and couldnt refrain himself from shouting, “Your supreme godhead, is it one of the king of supreme godheads!”

There were distinctions even between the supreme godheads—low, mid, high, and top grade.

The top supreme godheads in the first ten places also had another name, king of supreme godheads!

Upon hearing what Wang Yongsens words, the great hall fell into a hushed silence.

All of them looked at Huang Xiaolong with renewed shock, including Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Sun Shihai, and especially Zhao Lei.

King of supreme godheads!

Everyones hearts trembled recalling what these words represented.

“King, king of supreme godheads, is it really so!” Fang Gan mumbled in shock.

Even though he was the Fortune Emperor Palaces Emperor, he lost his composure at this information.

The king of supreme!

In hundreds and thousands of worlds, each individual with a king of supreme godhead had always risen to the pinnacle of existences!

The Ancient Heavenly Emperor was a genius who had a king of supreme godhead, so was the current Heavenly Emperor!

The Lord of Hell also had a king of supreme godhead!

The Archdevil Lord Wu Tian was also a genius with a king of supreme godhead! And the two most powerful existences in the Demonic World were as well! The Buddha Worlds Supreme Buddha also had a king of supreme godhead!

Each of their names had spread through numerous world surfaces!

But geniuses with the king of supreme godhead were simply rarest of the rare!

Such a genius might not even appear in ten billion years.

But now, Wang Yongsen was actually claiming that Huang Xiaolong has a king of supreme godhead!

“No wonder, no wonder!” Li Shan repeated as if he had understood something.

No wonder Huang Xiaolong had such an amazing battle strength!

No wonder Huang Xiaolong, a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm could suppress the early Second Order God King Realm Wang Yongsen!

No wonder Huang Xiaolongs bone-age was below one thousand years!

Previously, even though Li Shan and the others had suspected something, they were unable to confirm anything.

Essentially, they had not dared to think in this direction.

After all, a king of supreme godhead was simply too rare.

But at this point, everything was clear as a day!

Whereas Chen Yirong, whilst astounded, regret washed over him like a tsunami.

Huang Xiaolong was actually a king of supreme godhead genius ah!

The king amongst supreme godhead geniuses!

Had he known Huang Xiaolong was a king of supreme godhead genius, he would have grabbed Huang Xiaolong to be his personal disciple even if he had to beg.

Alas, everything was too late!

Huang Xiaolong blanked for a split second upon hearing Wang Yongsens words, but he accepted it naturally.

He had never really known what his three supreme godheads were nor their rankings, but he had an inclination.

Just now, he had utilized his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead, then would it mean that his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead ranked within the top ten supreme godheads That made him curious where his Archdevil Supreme Godhead and Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead would rank.

He believed both of them would be far off from the Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead though.

“Really unexpected ah, the king of supreme godhead has appeared again.

Excellent, wonderful, I actually came across a king of supreme godhead disciple, interesting, interesting!” Wang Yongsen became excited upon recovering from his shock.

He smacked his lips as if tasting something delicious.

“I will defeat you today, defeat a monstrous genius who possesses the king of supreme godhead.

Just thinking of this makes my blood scream with excitement.”

At this point, he had stopped thinking about killing Huang Xiaolong.

Not because of Huang Xiaolongs strength but he knew that Fang Gan, Zhao Lei, and the rest of Fortune Emperor Palace wont let him kill Huang Xiaolong after knowing that he had a king of supreme godhead.

The Fortune Emperor Palace would even be willing to go to war with the Fiend God Emperor Palace to protect Huang Xiaolong.

A monstrous genius with king of supreme godhead was worth it for them to do so.

“You seemed to have forgotten that youve only been suffering injuries this whole time.

Do you think you can defeat me” Huang Xiaolong pointed out calmly.

Unless Wang Yongsen has a stronger trump card up his sleeve!

As expected, Wang Yongsen laughed.

“Huang Xiaolong, you are strong, but I have not shown all of my true strength yet! Ill let you know exactly how powerful I am!”

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