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Huang Xiaolong still had to react to enthusiastically being calledUncle, when Bei Xiaomei already leaped out from her seat to embrace Huang Xiaolong.

The faint scent of a young girl wafted into Huang Xiaolongs nose.

Huang Xiaolong felt awkward beingattacked by Bei Xiaomei in front of Elder Fu and the four women.

This girl, doesnt she see all these other people around us

In truth, Bei Xiaomei was too excited to notice anyone else other than Huang Xiaolong.

She even forgot Elder Fus presence.

“Uncle, what took you so long! I missed you so much.” Bei Xiaomei complained in Huang Xiaolongs embrace.

Huang Xiaolong cleared his throat awkwardly and squeezed a smile, “I-is that so I only came out of seclusion not long ago, and came to visit you right away.

I dont want to become a piggy.”

Bei Xiaomei laughed gleefully upon hearing that Huang Xiaolong had brought up thepiggy. Her crisp laughter rang like a melody in everyones ears.

“Thats right! If a piggy were to come visit me in the future, I would not even recognize that its Uncle.” Bei Xiaomei readily agreed.

Huang Xiaolong really did not know what to say.

At this time, Bei Xiaomei took the time to look around and finally noticed there were actually so many people in the inner hall.

Her face reddened slightly and she quickly separated herself from Huang Xiaolongs wide chest.

Bei Xiaomei pretended to be calm as she greeted Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, Li Lu, and Yao Chi.

Her attention then fell on the little cow.

“Little Cowie, youre here too.”

Little Cowie!

Others in the room had a strange expression on their faces at her title for the little cow.

The little cow rolled her eyes at Bei Xiaomei, and sounded disgruntled as she spoke, “I say little girl, you should call me Senior.”

Bei Xiaomei smiled sweetly as she said, “Senior Little Cowie.”

The four women simultaneously erupted into laughter.

The little cow was genuinely depressed.

She protested, “Alright, alright, this cows not going to argue with a little girl like you.

Is your father Bei Lengyang around”

Elder Fu had not left yet, and had merely retreated slightly to the side.

But when he heard the little cow speak out their Presidents full name, he was shocked.

Fang Xuanxuan and Peng Xiao were obviously surprised as well.

Father, Bei Lengyang!

The Silver Fox Commerces Presidents name was Bei Lengyang; Bei Xiaomeis father Does that mean this name the little cow had mentioned earlier at the lobby was the Silver Fox Commerces President

But, how did the little cow know the Silver Fox Commerces President!

Fang Xuanxuan knew that even her father, Fang Gan, didn\'t know the Silver Fox Commerce Presidents real name.

Hearing the little cows question, there was a light of surprise in Bei Xiaomeis eyes.

“Little Cowie, no, Senior Little Cowie, you really know my father”

Elder Fu was just as surprised.

In truth, a moment ago, he was considering if Bei Xiaomei had leaked about her father to Huang Xiaolong, and Huang Xiaolong had mentioned it to his pet mount… but it didnt seem like it!

The little cow raised her jaw proudly as she said, “Its not like knowing your father is a great feat or something.

Here, take this thing and show it to your father and hell come see me.” A light glimmered as a token appeared from the necklace around her neck.

This token was similar to the silver fox token Bei Xiaomei had given to Huang Xiaolong in the past, but Bei Xiaomei and Elder Fu could tell at a single glance that it was not the same token, since the diagram at the center was vastly different!

All of Silver Fox Commerces tokens, regardless of grades, were inscribed with the head of silver fox at the center, whereas the silver token the little cow had taken out was a cows head! It was a cow head on the silver token!

Thecow on the token looked similar to the little cow with slight dissimilarities.

Both Bei Xiaomei and Elder Fu were baffled and surprised.

Their Silver Fox Commerce has such a token

How come they dont know anything about it

Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, and the rest were curious and doubtful.

Relying on this token, the President of the Silver Fox Commerce would personally come to meet the little cow

Isnt that too much an exaggeration

Even if Fang Xuanxuans father, the Fortune Emperor Palaces Emperor Fang Gan came to the Silver Fox Commerce headquarters personally, it would be another matter altogether if the Silver Fox Commerces President was willing to see him.

Much less coming out personally to meet him.

“Senior Little Cowie, your token is a counterfeit copy of our Silver Fox Commerces token, right” Bei Xiaomei took the little cows token, flipping it back and front, then commented, “But its very well made.”

The little cow who had her chest puffed up proudly nearly tumbled to the floor at her words.

“I say, little girl, you dared to say my token is a counterfeit With this cows identity, why would I need to use this kind of lowly trick” The little cow sounded angry as she widened her eyes and gave Bei Xiaomei a stern glare.

Bei Xiaomei laughed instead, “Im just teasing you, dont be so serious.

Of course I know that your token is not a counterfeit.

Who in the Divine World has the guts to counterfeit our Silver Fox Commerces token Not to mention, showing the token in our face”

The little cow was even more depressed now, feeling like she was played by a little girl.

“My father is meeting with a guest right now.

If I abruptly take this token to show him right now, I would disturb him and anger him.

What should I do then” Bei Xiaomei hesitated.

“This token..., would my father be angry if he sees it”

“Just show it to him, if he gets angry, you can ask your Uncle for compensation.” The little cow sounded impatient.


Bei Xiaomei blanked for a while.

She looked at Huang Xiaolong out of the corner of her eyes and blushed as she agreed, “Alright then.”

Huang Xiaolong glared fiercely at the little cow, wondering how he ended up getting dragged into this matter.

Bei Xiaomei had Huang Xiaolongs group wait at the inner hall while she left with Elder Fu with the little cows token to see her father.

At this time, within one of the inner sections opulent halls sat a middle-aged man with an old man.

The middle-aged mans spirited eyes were exuding a majesty, whereas the old mans face was wrinkled with a faint amiable smile as they chatted harmoniously.

The middle-aged man was naturally the Silver Fox Commerces President Bei Lengyang.

The Myriad Swords Emperor Palace ranked fifth among the top ten Emperor Palaces forces, and Zhao Shihai was the Myriad Swords Emperor Palaces strongest Ancestor.

His relationship with Bei Lengyang was very good.

Zhao Shihai had obtained a treasure, so he had brought it over to Bei Lengyang to appraise it while the two exchanged ideas about dao.

The two were immersed in their discussions when Bei Xiaomei appeared suddenly, interrupting their discussion.

Bei Lengyangs face darkened immediately.

Though he usually spoiled his second daughter, she was becoming unrulier by the day, forgetting her manners.

He had already told her that he would be meeting with a guest, and should not be disturbed.

“What is it” Bei Lengyangs tone was heavier than usual.

Bei Xiaomei pouted her mouth, but soon changed it into a sweet smile as she greeted, “Father, Uncle Zhao.”

Zhao Shihai chuckled, “I have not seen you for so long, Xiaomei is growing up beautifully.”

Bei Xiaomei giggled with joy and responded, “Uncle Zhaos mouth is sweeter than mine.”

“Xiaomei, I am discussing some important matters with your Uncle Zhao, if there is nothing urgent, go out first,” said Bei Lengyang.

But his tone was obviously better than moments ago.

Bei Xiaomei quickly said, “Theres someone, no, I mean a cow, wants to see father.

She gave me a token and said after seeing the token you would go see her.”

A cow wants to see me Bei Lengyang was dumbfounded.

He admonished, “Nonsense! Ridiculous!” In his opinion, Bei Xiaomei was playing a prank.

But Bei Xiaomei shoved the little cows token into Bei Lengyangs face and said, “Its this token!”

Upon seeing her action, Bei Lengyang was about to reprimand his daughter, but the words at the tip of his tongue rolled back in as his gaze caught sight of the token.

He was taken over with excitement, and he jumped from his seat, grabbing the token from Bei Xiaomeis hand with his trembling hands.

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