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Fang Xuanxuan took a deep breath, making an effort to calm herself from this recent shock.

However, upon further consideration, should she report this matter to her father And also to her Uncle Zhao


Dont report

Fang Xuanxuans mind turned into a paste as she struggled internally to make decisions.

Similar thoughts hung over Peng Xiaos mind too.

At this time, inside the hall, the little cow said to Bei Lengyang, “You are very curious why I become like this, arent you”

“Lengyang does have this thought.

With Seniors strength, how did…” Bei Lengyang spoke out his thoughts honestly.

The little cow sighed heavily at this subject.

“I was too confident of my strength at that time, and entered the depths of Devil Abyss, and encountered two terrifying monsters!”

Bei Lengyang shuddered.

Two terrifying monsters!

Did these two terrifying monsters destroy Senior Azure Cows body If that was the case, then those two monsters strength was beyond his imagination.

“Frankly, those two monsters did not destroy my body.” The little cow explained noticing Bei Lengyangs expression.

“Though those two were powerful monsters, the two of them together merely battled to a draw against me.

The three of us battled several nights and days, but unexpectedly in the end, the three of us triggered one of the ancient restrictive formations in the depths of Devil Abyss!”

There was fear on the little cows face as she spoke of the ancient formation.

Even though the little cow did not elaborate further, Huang Xiaolong and Bei Lengyang could guess that this ancient formation had destroyed her body, back then.

The little cow went on, “After that formation was triggered, we were caught in an endless chaos thunderstorm.

Those two monsters were lucky and escaped in the nick of time, whereas I was half a second late, and my body was destroyed in that endless violent chaos thunderstorm.

Later on, I resorted to an ancient technique and successfully protected my soul, while escaping.

Even so, my soul suffered great damage.”

“It took my soul several hundred years to heal.

After that, with great effort, I found this suitable body to reincarnate and cultivate again from scratch.”

The little cow sounded extremely depressed as she continued, “Though this body is quite good, it cannot be compared to my past body ah.

Unless I come across a big fortuitous adventure, it would be hard to recover to my peak strength.”

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong finally came to know the reason behind the little cows reincarnation.

He was surprised to know that there was such a terrifying ancient formation in the Devil Abyss depths.

The Ancient Heavenly Court treasure had fallen in the depths of Devil Abyss.

How was he going to search for it

Bei Lengyang quickly responded, “So, its like that, but with Seniors previous life experiences, even though starting from scratch, returning to the peak will only be a matter of time.

Senior need not worry too much.”

The little cow shook her head, dismissing the topic, “Im most clear about my situation.

You dont need to fawn over me to make me happy.” She then added, “I called you to have you help me find some things.”

Bei Lengyang respectfully said, “Senior, please tell me.

As long as its something that is within the Silver Fox Commerces ability, Bei Lengyang would definitely find it for Senior!”

“I want you to find some Extreme Yin Spirit Stones, Ghost Beast Thistle…” The little cow went on and listed several hundred kinds of rare chaos spiritual herbs and things that could help raise ones strength.

As he listened to the things the little cow wanted, Bei Lengyang was slightly baffled.

Based on the little cows current cultivation realm, these things were not suitable for her usage as yet, but he dared not asked any questions.

When the little cow had finished, he respectfully answered, “Rest assured, Senior, Ill send my people to check our Silver Fox Commerces inventory, then send over the things Senior has requested.”

The little cow nodded her head in satisfaction, then looked at Huang Xiaolong tauntingly, “Xiaolong, didnt you want to get materials to repair the Dragon Shark Flying Ship Since your father-in-law is here, you can just tell your father-in-law.

I think he wont charge you a high price.”


Bei Lengyang blanked momentarily.

If someone else would have dared to make such a joke, he would have struck that person down on the spot with a whip of chaos lightning.

But when Bei Lengyang heard the little cows words, he grinned at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Xiaolong ah, I know Xiaomei talks about you everyday.”

Huang Xiaolong had a king of supreme godhead and based on his relationship with the little cow, it could be said that Bei Lengyang was quite satisfied with thisfuture son-in-law.

Huang Xiaolong was a little awkward as he hesitated, “Er, Uncle Bei, its like this, I already have…”

But Bei Lengyang laughed, waving his hand nonchalantly while saying, “Men, right Which master doesnt have a few companions”

Although Huang Xiaolong had not broken through to God King Realm yet, in Bei Lengyangs eyes, not too far in the future, Huang Xiaolong was bound to become a pinnacle existence in the Divine World.

And with the little cows support, Huang Xiaolong could even become…!

Thinking of this, the appreciation in Bei Lengyangs gaze deepened for Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong had no idea what Bei Lengyang was thinking about, however, he felt a shiver running down his spine as Bei Lengyang did not object to Bei Xiaomei and him becoming a couple...

Huang Xiaolong relaxed around Bei Lengyang and gave Bei Lengyang the list of materials he still lacked.

Bei Lengyang noted Huang Xiaolongs materials list.

He right away used his communication talisman to order his subordinate to prepare the things Huang Xiaolong and the little cow wanted and send them to him.

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and Bei Lengyang didnt wait long before Bei Lengyangs subordinate appeared with the things.

As expected of the Silver Fox Commerce, they had all the materials Huang Xiaolong needed.

Despite these materials rarity, the Silver Fox Commerce had everything Huang Xiaolong and the little cow needed.

Bei Lengyang not only had his subordinate send them the requested materials, but he even had them prepared twice the requested quantities.

From the little cows list, Bei Lengyang had everything sent to him from the Silver Fox Commerces inventory.

Bei Lengyang personally handed over the spatial ring containing these materials to the little cow respectfully.

The little cows divine sense swept over the spatial rings space, then nodded with satisfaction.

She didnt feign courtesy and accepted the spatial ring.

She knew that these things were trivial to the Silver Fox Commerce.

“Uncle Bei, I happened to hear the Brightness Emperor Palaces Young Lord mention the Treasures Assembly when we were outside.

May I ask what it is about” Huang Xiaolong asked Bei Lengyang.

Huang Xiaolong was in a good mood since he had all the materials he needed to repair the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

“Oh, youre talking about the Treasures Assembly, is it The Treasures Assembly is actually an event similar to an auction held by the Heavenly Court.

Theres one held from time to time, and the Treasures Assembly this time actually has quite a few good things.” Bei Lengyang went on, “If Xiaolong and Senior Azure Cow want to go, Ill have someone send over a high-grade card.”

“Ill be troubling Uncle Bei then.” Huang Xiaolong was interested, hence he accepted Bei Lengyangs offer.

They were already there at Heavens Avenue after all, and since there was a Treasures Assembly around the corner, Huang Xiaolong was interested in taking a look at it.

Maybe, he could really find something good.

Bei Lengyang laughed, “Nothing troublesome, just a small matter.” Subsequently, Bei Lengyang had his subordinate bring two high-grade cards.

“Xiaolong, you go out first, I need to speak with Kiddo Yang alone.” The little cow said to Huang Xiaolong after some thought.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and went out.

Huang Xiaolong was surrounded by four women just as he stepped out of the hall, bombarded by questions from all four directions.

Bei Xiaomeis ecstatic shouts ofUncle gave Huang Xiaolong a headache.

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