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Looking at a group of baffled faces, the little cow grinned widely, then commented, “I didnt expect that Kiddo Tianwu would have placed such a powerful illusion formation at the end of the maze.

If this cows eyesight would have been a little worse, I would have been cheated by him.”

Illusion formation

While everyone was still in a daze, the little cow trotted a few steps forward and stomped hard on the ground with one of her hooves.

Ripples of purple lightning rolled forth like waves towards the mountain from the ground.

Under the constant purple lightning ripples, bright glimmers came from the mountain in front of Huang Xiaolongs group.

Moments later, the ordinary mountain disappeared before their eyes, revealing a shiny golden mountain instead!

A mountain of gold pebbles!

Sitting on top of this gold pebbles mountain was a huge splendorous palace!

Shiny golden shimmers bedazzled everyones sight for a second.

Huang Xiaolong was quick to notice that this was not an ordinary gold mountain, but some other kind of golden mineral.

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, and the rest subsequently noticed the same thing.

“This is not your ordinary gold, its the Dragon Clans golden dragon stones.” The little cow went on to explain, “The golden dragon stones are claimed to be one the Dragon Clans hardest minerals, suitable for forging chaos spiritual artifacts and above.

It can increase the chaos spiritual artifacts durability and attack power.

In some auction houses, a fist-sized golden dragon stone was equivalent to ten thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

When the little cow mentioned that these golden mineral stones were one the Dragon Clans hardest minerals, none of them paid much attention to her words, but it sent waves of shock when they heard a fist-sized golden dragon stone was worth ten thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Even Huang Xiaolong was a little agape as his gaze fell onto the golden dragon stone mountain.

What is the worth of this golden dragon stones mountain!!

Just this golden dragon stones mountain was enough to send the various Emperor Palaces\' experts in a manic grabbing competition.

“If those Emperor Palaces knew that the Tianwu Treasure had so many golden dragon stones, they would regret till their intestines turned green.” The little cow wondered.

“There are so many golden dragon stones here, did that kid Tianwu moved out the whole Dragon Worlds golden dragon stones here”

The golden dragon stones were scarce to begin with.

It was hard to find them in the Dragon World, much less other parts of the Divine World.

But at that moment, how many golden dragon stones were in front of them At least ten million!

Huang Xiaolong moved his gaze from the golden dragon stones mountain to the huge palace above.

If these valuable golden dragon stones were placed outside, then what could be placed inside the palace

Although Huang Xiaolong did not know what was inside the palace, he was certain that those items would only be more precious than the golden dragon stones.

Huang Xiaolong could not wait any longer and led the rest flying towards the palace on top.

In a dozen of seconds, they descended in the open space in front of the palace.

It was not noticeable earlier when they were far away, but at close distance, they could see the materials used to forge this palace were also rare materials, most probably from the Dragon World.

“Treasure dragon stones, imperial dragon jades, descending dragon wood, sky dragon crystals! The little cow smacked her lips in praise as she uttered several material names in one breath.

I really don\'t know where Kiddo Tianwu found so many Dragon World\'s materials.

Just this palace itself is worth more than the golden dragon stones mountain under our feet!”

The others were astounded at her words.

Worth more than the golden dragon stones mountain!

“Little brat Huang, if you dismantle this palace and the golden dragon stones mountain and sell it outside, you would be richer than Fang Gan.” The little cows eyes shone with mirth as she said this to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, richer He had never really put money in his eyes.

After breaking through to the God King Realm, he would be able to condense grade-ten spirit stones.

Though the grade-ten spirit stones were less valuable in comparison to chaos spirit stones, grade-ten spirit stones were much sought after and commonly used by the Emperor Palaces, thus, he did not lack money at all.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look at the palaces open door, and raised his foot to step inside, but the little cow stopped him, “Wait!”

Huang Xiaolong and the rest stopped at the little cows warning, as they saw her open her mouth and blow out a cloud of purple lightning towards the palaces open door.

In an instant, golden sparks of a formation lit up.

At the same time, the doorways space became distorted and space fissures appeared, clearly proving how powerful the formations power was.

Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, and the others nearly jumped out of their skin in fright.

Had they stepped through the open door recklessly, under that restrictive formations attack, even Xiang Xun probably wouldnt have been able to protect them.

Before they could react, the little cow blew out an even bigger purple lightning cloud.

Sparks from the formation intensified, and deep rumbling crackles rang in the air for some time before they disappeared.

The little cow heaved loudly, “Still fine, still fine.” She turned towards Huang Xiaolong and said, “Little brat Huang, I think all of you better follow behind this old cow in case some of you accidentally bump into something that triggers the formation, or else well be in deep **.”

Looking at the little cows smug face, Huang Xiaolong gave her a fierce glare.

He also had a strong impulse to kick her, but he had to admit that the formations laid out by Tianwu were terrifying.

More importantly, Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, nor any of them, could distinguish these formations other than the little cow.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong and the rest followed obediently behind the little cow and entered through the door.

As they stepped inside, a wide passageway came into their sight.

On both sides of the passageway was a myriad of crystal stones piled high up.

Dragon crystals!

High at the center of the passageway, exuding soft captivating glow was an opulent pearl!

These dragon crystals were reflecting a soft captivating glow from the ceiling—all from the rows and rows pearls!

Pearls, dragon pearls! All of them!

A primordial divine dragons most precious treasure was not its dragon bone, dragon skin, or its dragon horn; it were dragon crystals and dragon pearls!

Dragon crystals were condensed with a dragons blood essence, whereas the dragon pearl was condensed with a dragons source of life.

Both of them brought great benefits to those who refined them.

Huang Xiaolongs throat moved slightly as he looked at the seemingly endless passage decorated with dragon crystals and dragon pearls!

Judging from these dragon crystals and dragon pearls amount of energy, all of them were left behind by the primordial era Dragon Clan!

The little cow was the first to regain her senses, and the first sentence she uttered was, “Your grandmas cow, how many dragon crystals and dragon pearls are inside this place!”

Huang Xiaolong was rendered speechless.

Laughter broke out from the rest of the group by her words.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong leaped onto the little cows back and she walked along the passage with the others.

This passage was longer than Huang Xiaolong had imagined.

By the time they reached its end, half an hour had passed, and they could no longer see the palaces entrance door anymore.

At the end of the passage was a wall made of unknown material, and there were ten dragon pearls mounted on this wall! Each of these dragon pearls were two to three times bigger than the dragon pearls they had seen earlier!

Especially the dragon pearls at the center were exuding the most vigorous aura!

An Emperor Realm masters dragon pearl! Huang Xiaolongs breathing subconsciously quickened.

The little cow stared at the same dragon pearl and said, “Ten Dragons Formation, this is the Tianwu Treasures core formation.”

Huang Xiaolong widened his eyes hearing the little cows words.

He looked again at the ten dragon pearls, more carefully this time, and found the connection between them.

These ten dragon pearls vaguely resembled an ancient Dragon Clans formation.

“Ten Dragons Formation,” the little cow repeated while shaking her head.

“Looks like its not that easy to get our hands on this Tianwu Treasure.”

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