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“Those several men are my food!”

“I want that woman!”

“Leave that cow for me!”

These devilmen were clamoring for ownership from afar.

Their speed was amazing, and in the blink of an eye, they reached Huang Xiaolongs group and attacked their ideal prey.

Their weapons were crudely forged blades, halberds, axes, and long staffs.

Though most of these devilmens strengths were between Second Order to Sixth Order and Seventh Order God King Realm, the power of their attacks was much weaker than most of the magical beasts and evil spirits in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolongs group did not take these attacking devilmen too seriously.

Huang Xiaolong leaped off from the little cows back and dove into the group of the devils without a word.

“Hey, Little brat Huang, we should divide these devils between us.

You cannot snatch fun from this old cow.” Seeing his swift action, the little cow shouted anxiously, and galloped into the group of devilmen.

Even from afar, the little cow whipped her tail towards the group of the devilmen, and a long purple lightning whip appeared across the air.

Over ten Third Order, Fourth Order, and Fifth Order God King Realm devilmen were smacked, flying into the air.

These devilmen exploded to their deaths in midair, and crystal-like, two thumb sized stones dropped to the ground.

The little cow opened her mouth and sucked in these crystal stones in one breath.

Huang Xiaolong had just sent a Sixth Order God King Realm devilman flying with a punch, when he saw the little cow swallowing those crystal stones.

He was astonished, thinking,could these crystal stones be these devilmens godheads

But he could not sense any godforce fluctuations from the crystal stones.

So what were those crystal stones, really

While Huang Xiaolong was in doubt, the little cows tail swept out again, striking seven to eight devilmen.

Then, she opened her mouth and sucked in more crystal stones into her body.

It didnt take long for the little cow to deal with the remaining devilmen at shocking speed.

As the others watched the little cow swallow up the crystal stones with a delicious expression on her face, they were slightly dumbfounded.

“Senior Xiaoniu, those crystal stones, are those crystal stones the godheads of those devilmen” Xu Baisheng couldnt help asking, and added, “Are they tasty”

The little cow glared at him and scolded, “What the fart is a devilmans godhead Those are the devilmens stones from inside their bodies.

Those stones are made by the crystallization of their blood essence, devil essence energy, and a unique energy.

Consuming it can raise your strength.

As for taste, sweet and sour; sourness that reached your bones, and sweetness that fills your hearts.

He...he, the taste is not bad.”

Saying this, the little cow even rubbed her stomach with a satisfied look.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolongs group encountered another group of devilmen.

Xu Baisheng also killed a few devilmen this time, and couldnt wait to throw several devilmens stones into his mouth.

Kacha! Munching noises sounded as Xu Baisheng tried to chew on the devilmens stones, but he felt a sharp pain in his tooth, while the devilmens stones were completely intact.

The little cow erupted in laughter, “Haha, Xu Baisheng you brat, you think anyone is capable of eating these devilmens stones If you have teeth as good as mine, you can, but with your teeth, even if they grow for another ten thousand years, you still wont be able to eat it.

Also, not everyone is capable of refining the energy within these devilmens stone, or the devil essence energy will give you a stomachache!”

Xu Baisheng froze stupidly on the spot.

Xu Jiang, Xu Yong, Xu Shi, and the others were waiting to swallow the devilmens stones in their hands, but they looked dumbfounded at the little cows words.

Huang Xiaolong took another look at the devilmens stones in his hand, then channeled the chaos golden dragon lightning from his forehead.

Lightning flowed down his arm and wrapped around the devilmens stone in his palm.

Under the chaos golden dragon lightnings refinement, the devilmens stone shattered and disappeared, leaving a ball of black energy.

Is this black ball of energy the devilmens blood essence, devil essence energy, and unique energy

Huang Xiaolong then circulated his Grandmist Parasitic Medium to absorb the black ball of energy into his body.

His three supreme godhead devoured the black ball of energy in an instant.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes shone, the blood essence and devil essence energy within this black ball of energy were at a higher level than the surrounding devil qi, and the effect was several times better!

“How is it This devilmens stone is not bad, right” The little cow said after watching that Huang Xiaolong had refined one devilmens stone.

“Its really nice to have a chaos lightning pool ah, I have to chew till rotten before I can swallow, but you absorbed it so easily.

Moreover, the blood essence and devil essence energy are purer after being refined by the chaos lightning, even more potent.”

Huang Xiaolong scoffed in return, “Im sure your purple lightning is not worse than my chaos Golden Dragon Lightning, so dont complain in front of me.”

The little cow chuckled sheepishly and didnt retort, indirectly acknowledging Huang Xiaolongs words.

Huang Xiaolongs group continued flying forward and soon encountered another group of devilmen.

It seemed like these devilmen were everywhere.

“The Floating Twilight Land really has so many devilmen Strangely though, up until now, we have not come across any devilmens settlement.”

Huang Xiaolong expressed the doubt to the little cow.

The little cow chuckled, “Right, you dont know this, these devilmens settlement is not above ground, but its underground!”

“Underground!” Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

“Yes, these devilmens settlements are built deep underground, however, each devilmens settlement has various complicated defensive formations, so hard to get inside.

The smallest settlement has several billions of devilmen, and even if a Heavenly Monarch Realm master dared to enter recklessly, he would die miserably,” said the little cow.

Several billion devilmen!

In general, these devilmen were God King Realm strengths and above.

Imagining a settlement with several billions of God King Realm devilmen made Huang Xiaolongs scalp tingle.

“However, these devilmen cant survive once they leave the Floating Twilight Land.” The little cow added.

“Senior Xiaoniu, is there a Divine Worlds human force established here” Feng Er asked the little cow.

The little cow nodded, “Of course there are.

There are a lot of disciples from several forces, practicing here, who are cultivating evil techniques; there are about several tens of thousands, more or less.

The strongest among them is the Martial Demon Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Emperor Palace!”

“The Martial Demon Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces headquarters are located in the Floating Twilight Land” Huang Xiaolong asked in shock.

The Martial Demon Emperor Palace that ranked sixth!

Though the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace was slightly weaker, it ranked eighteen amongst the top one hundred Emperor Palaces.

The little cow added, “Thats right, the Martial Demon Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces headquarters are here in the Floating Twilight Land.

They are the two absolute powers here, therefore, if it is not necessary, better not run into any conflict with these two Emperor Palaces disciples.”

“Not far ahead is a city built by humans.

The Martial Demon Emperor Palace and Magic Shaman Emperor Palace both have branches there.”

The little cow pointed in a direction.

The group continued to fly towards the direction the little cow had pointed to.

Roughly ten minutes later, the city the little cow had mentioned came into sight.

The city was built on top of a mountain.

As there was no sunlight in the Floating Twilight Land, myriad colors of bright torches lit up the city, from green to purple.

Some flames were red as blood.

The dark background and colorful torches exuded an sinister and eerie feeling.

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